Program of the 141st ISIJ Meeting (March 28-30, 2001)
General Presentation Only

High Temperature Processes

Social Engineering of Iron and Steel Industry

Instrumentation, Control and System Engineering

Production and Utilization Technology

Microstructure and Properties of Materials

Process Evaluation and Material Characterization

Program of Discussion Session

Current Advance in Materials and Process, Vol.14 ,No.1
High Temperature Processes
1   Structural control of steels starting from solidification  S.Mizoguchi
2   The effect of agitation on the solidification of succinonitrile  T.Mizuno… 70
3   The effects of oxide inclusions in steel on MnS precipitation in Fe-Si alloys  H.Hasegawa… 71
4   Proposal of independent two phase growth during solidification  H.Inoue… 72
5   Analysis of dendritic growth with fluid flow in Fe-C alloy using phase- field method  Y.Natsume… 73
6   Methematical modeling of free dendrite growth in Fe-C alloy
    (Numerical simulation of solidification microstructure based on Pseudo- front tracking method-1)  T.Kajitani… 74
7   Mathematical modeling of equiaxed grain structure in continuously cast steel
    (Numerical simulation of solidification microstructure based on Pseudo- front tracking method-2)  T.Kajitani… 75
8   Alumina buildup mechanism in the tundish nozzle during reoxidation of molten steel  K.Sasai… 76
9   Development of submerged entry nozzle to prevent alumina clogging  H.Fujita… 77
10  Influence of total pressure and composition of CO-H2-H2S mixtures on the rate of carburization
    (2CO→[C]+CO2,CO+H2→[C] +H2O)of reduced iron ore in carbide formation in pressurized fluidized bed  T.Koda… 78
11  Influence of H2O,CO2 and N2 addition on kinetics of carbidization of reduced iron in CO-H2-H2S mixtures under
    pressurized condition at 973K and appoach of the rate expression  T.Shibata… 79
12  Determination of rate control step and formularization of rate equation of carbidization from limonite
    in CO-H2-H2S gas mixture  K.Horii… 80
13  Production of activated carbon by exhausts from fly ash melting furnace under the catalytic action of reduced
    iron in fluidized bed  M.Hiura… 81
14  Effect of atmospheric gas composition on reduction of high density carbon composite pellet  Y.Ueki… 82
15  Influence of the properties of carbonaceous materials on reduction,carburization and melting in heating iron
    ore- carbon composite pellets  Y.Iguchi… 83
16   Mechanism of liquid phase forming on iron surface by CO gas carburization  T.Murakami… 84
17  TEM observation of reduction in wustite induced by hydrogen ion implantation  N.Ishikawa… 85
18  Influence of interfacial tension gradient on the behavior of fine liquid particles in liquid under microgravity  H.Segawa… 86
19  Influence of wettability of immersion nozzle on mold powder entrapment in continuous casting process  J.Yoshida… 87
20  Separation of gas and liquid based on wettability difference of a vertically placed Y-junction  Y.Mizuno… 88
21  Separation of gas and liquid based on wettability difference of a horizontally placed Y-junction  Y.Mizuno… 89
22  Enhancement of gas phase heat transfer by acoustic field application  K.Sergey… 90
23  Gas-liquid mass transfer in strongly turbulent flow which simulates wake flow  T.Kumagai… 91
24  Coanda effect on bubbling jets in a mercury bath  K.Sasaki… 92
25  Model experiment on slip velocity of inclusion particle in turbulently agitated liquid  S.Shimasaki… 93
26  Water model experiment on turbulent agglomeration of inclusion particles in molten steel  T.Nakaoka… 94
27  Effect of oxygen top blowing and stirring on desiliconization of hot metal  Y.Morita… 95
28  Effect of initial [Si] content on the lime effeciency on the dephosphorization  N.Sasaki… 96
29  Improvement of hot metal desulfurization by CaO-Mg injection  M.Yamamoto… 97
30  Development of removal technology of slags sticking to the upper part of torpedo car  K.Sakaguchi… 98
31  Development of expendable probe in steel making processes  C.Furuta
32  Development of the dust measurement system for BDF  R.Kawabata… 99
33  Control of cooling condition on CB bottom blowing tuyere by mixture of gases  T.Yamazaki… 100
34  Availability and problem concerning formed coke technology  I.Komaki… 101
35  Control of carbon deposition by atomized water injection into oven free space
    (Development of carbon deposition control technology in the coke oven- 6)  T.Nakagawa… 102
36  Hot repair in the middle part of Mizushima No..2 coke oven  M.Homma… 103
37  Effect of drying method on the dustiness of coal  K.Matsudaira… 104
38  Pyrolysis behavior in rapid heating of tire chips(Recycling of tire chips as carbonaceous materials-1)  T.Sawai… 105
39  Gas reaction by generated hydrocarbon in pyrolysis of tire chips
    (Recycling of tire chips as carbonaceous materials-2)  T.Sawai… 106
40  Rate of coke gasification and application to the high temperature region  Y.Kashiwaya… 107
41  Effects of micro pores on coke reactivity  S.Watakabe… 108
42  Effect of coke pore structure on coke strength  K.Hanaoka… 109
43  Behavior of coke abrasion after CO2 reaction  H.Fujimoto… 110
44  Fissure formation and prolongation in carbonization  K.Uebo… 111
45  Laser Raman measurement of coals  K.Noda… 112
46  The voids analysis of cokes using NMR imaging of gas  K.Saito… 113
47  Formation of dioxins from raw mixture heated in a packed bed reactor
    (Behavior of dioxins in the sintering process of iron ores-10)  K.Kawamoto… 114
48  Effect of hearth layer and bed height on dioxins concentration in the exhaust gas
    (Behavior of dioxins in the sintering process of iron ores-11)  T.Kawaguchi… 115
49  Effect of sucked gas into sintering bed on dioxins concentration in the exhaust gas
    (Behavior of dioxins in the sintering process of iron ores-12)  T.Kawaguchi… 116
50  Trapping of HCl gas to the packed bed of raw materials
    (Behavior of dioxins in the sintering process of iron ores-13)  S.Kuzuhara… 117
51  Equations for accurate prediction of the viscosities of molten CaO-SiO2-Fe2O3-FeO-Al2O3 slags  K.Kogamo… 118
52  Equation for accurate prediction of the viscosities of molten CaO-Fe2O3-FeO-Al2O3 slags containing
    no acidic oxides  Y.Kita… 119
53  Effect of CaF2 on the network structure of steelmaking slags  N.Nabesima… 120
54  Dissolution of solid CaO in CaO-SiO2-P2O5-FetO slag  T.Hamano… 121
55  Evaluation of reactivity of charcoal,cokes and graphite with pure CO2  M.Kawakami… 122
56  Effect of oxygen potential an agglomeration of pulverized iron oxide under a reducing atmosphere  D.Fujiwara… 123
57  Dripping behavior of acidic FetO-CaO-SiO2-Al2O3-MgO slag through iron funnel  K.Shimizuno… 124
58  Reaction between liquid steel and solid oxide phase(Refractories and/or nonmetallic inclusion)  M.Hino
59  Thermochemistry of hot dip galvanizing processes  S.Yamaguchi… 125
60  Thermodynamics for the Al2O3-CaF2-FetO system  S.Ueda… 126
61  Phase equilibria of the CaF2-FetO-P2O5 system  T.Sakata… 127
62  Determination of standard gibbs energy of formation of Cuspidine by EMF method  H.Tabata… 128
63  Activity measurement for the NaCl-Na2CO3 system by EMF method  K.Iwasawa… 129
64  Activity coefficient measurement of Si in molten Cu  T.Miki… 130
65  Deoxidation equilibria of chromium stainless steel with Si and Si-Al  K.Suzuki… 131
66  Sulfer partition of CaO-Al2O3-ZrO2 melts in equilibrium with liquid Fe-Zr  J.Tanabe… 132
67  Zirconium-oxigen equilibrium between CaO-Al2O3-ZrO2 melts and liquid iron  I.Seki… 133
68  Properties and application of microporous insulation materials  H.Sato… 134
69  Formation of dioxins and their transfer in the combustion bed of coke and soil containing PVC  S.Harjanto… 135
70  Soils disposal by the gasification and smeiting system  Y.Matsukura… 136
71  Balloned slag from municipal waste incinerator  K.Yabuta… 137
72  Immobilization of chromium in dissolution of stainless steelmaking slag and sludge  R.Inoue… 138
73  Stabilization of hexavalent chromium in solution by mono-chromate,ettringite and C-S-H gel  H.He… 139
74  Behavior of smelting reduction of Chromium in liquid slag and thermodynamic consideration  E.Shibata… 140
75  Effect of sea water on fluorine dissolution from steelmaking slags  R.Inoue… 141
76  Development of blast furnace slag block  Y.Miyata… 142
77  Granular potassium silicate fertilizer(Development of slow-release potassium silicate fertilizer with steelmaking slag-3)  Y.Yao… 143
78  Various properties of slag block made out of steel-making slag with a note on its merits as marine block  H.Matsunaga… 144
79  Dry disintegration of molten slag by rotary cup atomizer  T.Mizuochi… 145
80  Cement clinker production by utilizing waste heat of molten steel slag  T.Mizuochi… 146
81  Construction of slag granulation equipment and physical properties of slag particle  S.Matsubuchi… 147
82  Construction and operation of the smelting reduction furnace with a coke packed bed for electric arc furnace dust recycling
    S.Masumoto… 148
83  Equipment and operation of dust recycling process  M..Takahashi… 149
84  Recycling technology for steel waste using Hi-QIP process  Y.Sawa… 150
85  Concept of the process and characteristics of high temperature exhaust gas from EAF
    (Development of the direct separation and recovery process of iron and zinc from EAF exhaust gases-1)  M.Yasui… 151
86  Technology for separation and recovery of iron from EAF exhaust gases by coke bed filter
    (Development of the direct separation and recovery process of iron and zinc from EAF exhaust gases-2)  S.Isozaki… 152
87  Heat transfer in mold during high speed continuous casting of steel slabs  T.Watanabe… 153
88  Effect of solidification contraction of mold fluxes on the heat flux in slab casting mold  J.W.Cho… 154
89  Production of several kinds of bar and wire rod by NCR process
    (Development of middle-section bloom CC and high reduction break down process-4)  K.Isobe… 155
90  Development of the mild cooling technology on Bloom continuous casting  Y.Tanaka… 156
91  Improvement of surface quality on high carbon steel in No.3 continuous bloom caster at Kobe works  K.Tsuji… 157
92  Control of flow in square billet CC mold by imposing swirling motion on the nozzle flow  T.Sasaki… 158
93  Swirling effect in immersion nozzle without opposite face on flow pattern in slab mold  K.Tada… 159
94  Swirling effect in immersion nozzle on flow pattern in slab mold  S.Ohtani… 160
95  Mechanical deburring of slitting slab(Effect of mechanism deburring for slitting slabs)  R.Nakagome… 161
96  Continuous casting technology of stainless steel containing boron  T.Ishii… 162
97  Development of imposition technology of pulsative AC electromagnetic field in slub casting  M..Tani… 163
98  Solidification control in a mold with intermittent imposition of moving AC field 98 T.Tanaka… 164
99  Flow control of molten steel in mold with super conducting magnets 99 T.Mochida… 165
100 Superimposition of AC and DC electromagnetic fields in the meniscus area of CC mould(EMC project-4)  J.M.Galpin… 166
101 Prevention of down stream in strand by strand-electromagnetic stirring
    (Quasi-vertical bending technology using strand-electromagnetic stirring-1)  T.Isono… 167
102 Effect of strand-electromagnetic stirring on removing bubbles out of slab
    (Quasi-vertical bending technology using strand-electromagnetic stirring-2)  A.Wakagi… 168
103 Improvement of slab quality by installing in-mold electromagnetic stirrer at NO.4CC- 1st  R.Suzuki… 169
104 Bubble dispersion and mixing in liquid bath by gas injection from slot nozzles  K.Okumura… 170
105 Recent status of development of wide-bandwidth ultrasonic transducer for high temperature use  M.Kuwabara… 171
106 Sonoprocessing of melt for highly effective mixing and separation  M..Kuwabara… 172
107 Mixing time in a bath agitated by plunging jet  M.Iguchi… 173
108 Effect of acoustic cavitation on emulsification of a floating liquid drops and a bulk liquid in ultrasonic standing wave field
    K.Yoshida… 174
109 Process design of immersion nozzle for supplying metal vapor in-situ produced by carbothermic reduction of oxide pellets
    Y.Kobayashi… 175
110 Behavior of magnesium in the desulfurization process of hot metal with magnesium vapor in-situ produced by
    aluminothermic reduction of magnesia  J.Yang… 176
111 Discussion on effect of oxygen on evaporation rates of Sn and Cu from liquid steel  T.Yoshida… 177
112 Electromagnetic separation of nonmetallic inclusion from stirried melt under solidification  T.Koichi… 178
113 A model experiment on coagulation of inclusions by use of electromagnetic vibration  T.Kameyama… 179
114 Pressure control of compression waves in a liquid metal and/or at solid-liquid interface excited by high
    frequency electromagnetic force  Q.Wang… 180
115 3-dimensional magnetohydrodynamic calculation in consideration of heat transfer and solidification  K.Fujisaki… 181
116 Distribution of dispersed particles in composite coating by use of magnetic field  T.Yamada… 182
117 Distribution control of copper in steel using a high magnetic field  M..Seo… 183
118 Strengthening of carbon fibers by applying a high magnetic field in carbonization process  M..Sung… 184
119 Control of crystal orientation by imposition of a high magnetic field on PtFe thin films prepared by PLD  M..Tahashi… 185
120 Continuity of sedimental type magnetite ore deposit in India(Effective use of magnetite ore-5)  Y.Itou… 186
121 Mineralogical properties of Marra Mamba iron ore
    (Evaluation and technology for application of Marra Mamba iron ore-1)  J.Okazaki… 187
122 Evalution of pisolite ores by the distance of penetration of melt 122 J.Okazaki… 188
123 Effect of blending return fine on the melt flow behavior during sintering
    (Development of magnetic segregation feeder at sintering machine-6)  N.Oyama… 189
124 Effect of Al2O3 and MgO addition on liquidus of the CaO-FexO-SiO2 system at low oxygen partial pressure  H.Kimura… 190
125 Wettability and joining of ore with slag  Y.Tsutsumi… 191
126 Effect of paper sludge addition on restraint of pellet bursting  K.Morioka… 192
127 Development of double air segregation feeder at Oita No.1,2 sintering plant  D.Shibata… 193
128 Operation results after revamping sintering plant at Kakogawa works  K.Ano… 194
129 Survey and prospect of research on solid flow in blast furnace  M..Ichida… 195
130 Effect of molten coal ash on coke degradation in high temperature pulverized coal reaction  KHAIRIL… 196
131 Accumulation behavior of fines in non-uniform packed bed in lower part of blast furnace  K.Goto… 197
132 Analysis of movement of particles in raceway  K.Nakano… 198
133 Effect of tuyere shape on raceway phenomena  A.Kasai… 199
134 Injection characteristics of pulverized coal and waste plastics  T.Ariyama… 200
135 Reduction and melting behavior of carbon composite briquettes in shaft furnace  M.Sawayama… 201
136 Analysis of nature convection heat transfer in the steelscrap preheating  W.Tao… 202
137 The strength after partial reduction of commercial iron ore pellets  W.K.Lu… 203
138 Speeding up and simplification of ironmaking process  M..Shimizu… 204
139 Blast furnace ironmaking process with use of prereduced iron ore  Y.Takamoto… 205
140 Basic study on influence of direct reduced iron on blast furnace operation
    (Blast furnace operation with direct reduced iron-1)  K.Kunitomo… 206
141 High direct reduced iron rate operation at Nagoya No.1 blast furnace
    (Blast furnace operation with direct reduced iron-2)  T.Onuma… 207
142 The influence factor on porosity of DRI and the softening-melting test result
    (Production of direct reduced iron by sheet material inserting metallization method-4)  C.Kamijo… 208
143 Development of wet type gunning to throat of blast furnace  A.Sakai… 209
144 Construction and operation of pulverized coal injection system at Fukuyama No.5 blast furnace  S.Kato… 210
145 Direct-use of molten pig iron produced from stainless steelmaking dust  S.Nabeshima… 211
146 Analysis of slag foaming phenomena in chromium ore smelting reduction converter  N.Kikuchi… 212
147 Effect of rare earth metal on inclusion composition in molten stainless steel  A.Katsumata… 213
148 Formation mechanism of inclusions containing spinel(MgO•Al2O3) in SUS304 slab  Y.Ehara… 214
149 Quality improvements in the Al-killed steel at the small cross-section CC  S.Watanabe… 215
150 Effect of REM and Al concentration on the composition of inclusions in Si-Mn killed steel  S.Nabeshima… 216
151 Mechanism of blowing nozzle clogging in deoxidation of molten iron with magnesium vapour in-situ produced
    by reduction of magnesia  J.Y.Shan… 217
152 New decarburizing technology under reduced pressure by CAS-OB  N.Omura… 218
153 Improvement at the productivity of Fukuyama RH degasser 2  Y.Nakamura… 219
154 Development of high speed heating system for ladle
    (Development of ladle heating system matching the converter steel-making process inspection-1)  K.Hara… 220
155 Tapping temperature reduction applying regenerative burner at ladle heater
    (Development of ladle heating system matching the converter steel-making process inspection-2)  H.Nishi… 221
156 Mechanization and labor saving of refractory repair shop for steel making process  Y.Mikami… 222
157 In-situ observation and analysis of slag penetration into MgO refractories  T.Matsushita… 223
158 Influence of carbon concentration in iron on local corrosion of MgO-C refractory at slag-metal interface  T.Matsushita… 224
159 Life improvement of refractories for BOF in Kobe works  S.Kobayashi… 225

Social Engineering of Iron and Steel Industry
160 Chemical and physical properties of iron nails for roofing tiles of the Goeidou in Hongwanji  S.Hirai… 228
161 Industrial heritages as perspective of the future  M..Matsuo… 229
162 Expectation for museum focused on iron and steel industry and technology  M..Mtsuo… 230
163 Total material requirement for iron ore  K.Ijima… 231
164 Numerical simulation for melting process of incinerated ash in multi-smelter  X.Zhang… 232
165 Removal of heavy metals in residual ash from solid waste by wasted PVC  T.Okuda… 233
166 Utilization prospect of slag for agriculture
    (Development of mutual problems between iron steel making and agriculture fishery industries-5)  K.Fujiwara… 234
167 Utilization prospect of slag for fishery
    (Development of mutual problems between iron steel making and agricultural fishery industries-6)  K.Fujiwara… 235
168 New era in the partnership between the university and the industry  T.Okada… 236
169 University-industry partnership -A viewpoint from university side-  S.Takaki… 237
170 Management of cooperative programs between university and industry  J.Kawai… 238
171 Partnership between the university and the industry,and technology licensing organization  Y.Iguchi… 239

Current Advance in Materials and Process, Vol.14 ,No.2
Instrumentation, Control and System Engineering
172 Scattering analysis of lamb waves in a steel plate 172 S.Hirose… 242
173 Development of a detection technique for internal flaws in as-hot-rolled steel sheets using "Ultrasonic Line Sensor"
    (Development of an ultrasonic detector for internal flaws in as-hot-rolled steel sheets in pickling process-1)  H.Takada… 243
174 Practical use of an ultrasonic detector for internal flaws in as-hot-rolled steel sheets using "Ultrasonic Line Sensor"
    (Development of an ultrasonic detector for internal flaws in as-hot-rolled steel sheets in pickling process-2)  T.Yamasaki… 244
175 Development of curburization depth measurement on cracking tubes  Y.Takimoto… 245
176 Inner eddy current probe using uniform eddy current distribution  M.Hashimoto… 246
177 Imaging of fine structures on metallic surface using ac magnetic field and its application to nondestructive evaluation  I.Sasada… 247
178 Electromagnetic nondestructive testing for steel products  T.Sakamoto
179 Automated image processing for quantitative evaluation of fracture surface patterns  M..Tanaka… 248
180 Development of H-section camber meter for inspection line  N.Katayama… 249
181 Information technology and control technology as a passport to the 21st century  S.Shin… 250
182 Control for periodic mold level fluctuation of continuous caster  H.Kitada… 251
183 Process simulation by 3-dimensional numerical fluid dynamics  K.Fujisaki… 252
184 Improvement of model accuracy for hot strip mill tension control by using the recursive least-squares method  K.Asano… 253
185 Automatic combustion control for low emission of dioxins in refuse incineration furnace  M..Tanabe… 254
186 Model predictive control system for energy recovery furnace  N.Tomochika… 255
187 Deterioration diagnosis of main DC motors by break down voltage test  Y.Marutani… 256
188 Estimation of rolling parameters on a cold reversing mill(Analysis of rolling mill data using digital filter-1)  T.Kubo… 257
189 Estimation of thickness variation caused by roll eccentricity
    (Analysis of rolling mill data using digital filter-2)  K.Fujimoto… 258
190 System of plate and hot strip mill(Construction of Nakayama plate and hot strip mill-4)  H.Ono… 259
191 Billet yard management system  T.Hayashi… 260

Production and Utilization Tecnology
192 Microstructure prediction of microalloyed steel in controlled forging-1  Y.Yogo… 424
193 Verification of modeling for prediction of microstructure in hot forming of steels  H.Oda… 425
194 Critical upsetting reduction of 0.5wt%carbon steel deformed repeated shear deformation process  Y.Asada… 426
195 Closing behavior of internal cavities in upsetting by plasticin models
    (Closeing behavior of internal cavities in heavy ingots forging-1)  K.Watanabe… 427
196 Low cost manufacturing process of magnetic scaling rod with form rolling
    (Magnetic scaling rod with transfomation induced plasticity-1)  H.Uemura… 428
197 Improvement of strength of magnetic scaling rod by inner martensite
    (Magnetic scaling rod with transformation induced plasticity-2)  H.Uemura… 429
198 Flexible rolling technology for creation of the inner structure of steel products
    (Improvement of inner structure by direct extrusion with cooling system-2)  J.Yanagimoto… 430
199 Clarification of powder compaction behavior using shape-property controlled particles  S.Mizunuma… 431
200 Development of high strength boride base hard materials  K.Takagi… 432
201 Quantitative analysis of belt conveyor abration aiming at life prolongation  T.Ueki… 433
202 Development of TS590MPa class heavy gauge H-shapes having excellent weldability for building structures  T.Kimura… 434
203 Characteristics of microstructures of welding heat affected zone for ultra fine grained steels  R.Ito… 435
204 Fatigue strength improvement of non-load-carrying cruciform welded joints of ultra-fine grained steel
   by using low-transformation temperature welding material  N.Suzuki… 436
205 Joining between heat resistant alloys and NiAl using a high-temperature exothermic process  K.Matsuura… 437
206 Texture of warm-reduced steel tube  Y.Kawabata… 438
207 The effect of chemical composition and PWHT on toughness of high strength UOE pipe weld metals  R.Muraoka… 439
208 Development of HF welding pipes simulator by electro magnetic and heat conduction FEM  T.Okabe… 440
209 Prediction of cross-sectional shapes of extroll-formed pipe by pushing of rolls and dies  E.Wakamatsu… 441
210 Development of high dimensional accuracy Square coil  T.Sakurai… 442
211 Influence of scale removal by shot blast and pickling on residual stress after drawing  M.Asakawa… 443
212 Rigid-plastic FEM analysis of dry lubrication drawing process in high carbon steel wires  K.Nakamura… 444
213 3D hot plate rolling simulation considering mill deformations-1  Y.Hayashida… 445
214 Development of shape control technology by the predictive type FF-AGC in the plate rolling  S.Nishino… 446
215 Effect of scale deformation at hot rolling on strip surface  H.Okada… 447
216 Construction and outline of plate and hot strip mill(Construction of Nakayama plate and hot strip mill-1)  T.Yoshimura… 448
217 New technology of plate and hot strip mill(Construction of Nakayama plate and hot strip mill-2)  F.Fujita… 449
218 Process control system for plate and hot strip mill(Construction of Nakayama plate and hot strip mill-3)  K.Minato… 450
219 Microstructure modelling of recrystallization in Ti-Nb HSLA steel  N.Nakata… 451
220 Microstructure modelling of austenite-to-ferrite transformation in Ti-Nb HSLA steel  N.Nakata… 452
221 Preparation of TiAl intermetallics rolling specimens  H.Tagami… 453
222 Test rolling of TiAl system intermetallic compounds  T.Obata… 454
223 Wear resistance and resistance to surface roughening of newly developed material for piercing roll with high
    carbon and low hardness  T.Kanayama… 455
224 Development of H.S.S roll with superior sporling resistance T.Kanbe… 456
225 Development of higher performance high speed steel work roll for hot strip mill by centrifugal casting process  K.Yoshihara… 457
226 Development of composite type cermet roll for hot rolling M.Horiuchi… 458
227 Equation of the surface elastic deformation of rolls(Deformation analysis of Rubber-covered roll-2)  F.Fujita… 459
228 Simplified evaluation method of lubricated state in strip cold rolling  M.Ataka… 460
229 Tribology characteristic of rolling lubrication in cold rolling of aluminum alloy material  T.Sasaki… 461
230 Comparison of oil film thickness in cold-rolling with oil-in-water emulsions  T.Hirasawa… 462
231 Flatness control of thin strip in multi-high mill and flatness change in leveling line  S.Hattori… 463
232 Verification of analysis model on gutter of strip
    (Development of controlling technology for gutter of strip in hot dip coating line-2)  K.Naito… 464
233 Development of diagnosis system for strip breakage in the tandem cold rolling mill  G.H.Song… 465
234 A New efficient spread rolling method for wide strip S.Kaneko… 466
235 High strengthening of ultra low carbon IF steel by 6-layer stacked accumulative Roll-Bonding(ARB)process  R.Souba… 467
236 Numerical analysis for the prediction of texture development in rolling process  J.Yanagimoto… 468

Current Advance in Materials and Process, Vol.14 ,No.3
Microstructure and Properties of Materials
237 Phase-equilibria and decomposition in a Ti-45at%Al-10at%Zr alloy  K.Nakai… 544
238 Interfacial microstructure and bonding strength of Ti-Al alloy/steel joints  Y.Morizono… 545
239 Effect of silicon on mechanical properties of Ti-Al- Sn-Zr-Mo-Nb-Si-C heat resistant alloy  A.Suzuki… 546
240 Microstructure and fatigue properties of cast Ti-6Al-7Nb conducted with thermochemical treatments
    for dental applications  K.Matsuda… 547
241 Effect of oxygen solution layer on wear characteristics of surface oxidation treated biocompatible β-type
    titanium alloy in simulated body environment  S.Nakamura… 548
242 Surface reaction layers of biocompatible titanium alloys castings made by dental precision casting mathod  S.Yoshitani… 549
243 Microstructure and tensile property of ultra-fine ferrite+cementite structure in high carbon steels  T.Maki… 550
244 Microstructure and mechanical property of heavily cold rolled pearlite  T.Furuhara… 551
245 Control of cementite morphology in tempered lath martensite  T.Furuhara… 552
246 Production of ultra hypereutectoid steels in powder metallurgy route and its characterization  M..Umemoto… 553
247 Production of bulk cementite in powder metallurgy route and its characterization  M..Umemoto… 554
248 Effect of austenite grain size on ferrite formed by strain induced dynamic transformation  K.K.Um… 555
249 Effects of Si on the strain induced dynamic transformation in plain carbon steel  J.S.Lee… 556
250 The kinetic behaviors of austenite to ferrite transformation during continuous cooling  S..D.Choo… 557
251 Interaction between carbon,,nitrogen and molybdenum in alpha-iron  K.Okamura… 558
252 Modeling bainite transformation with cementite precipitation in steels  M.Azuma… 559
253 One-dimensional nonequilibrium solidification model of a binary alloy splat on substrates  J.Fukai… 560
254 Evolution of aligned microstructures of steels during the γ→α transformation in magnetic fields  K.Maruta… 561
255 Plastic anisotropy in an Fe-C alloy with two- phase microstructures aligned along the direction of the applied
    magnetic fields  T.Morita… 562
256 Effects of magnetic field on martensitic transformations of iron-based ferromagnetic shape memory alloys and
    their giant magnetostriction  T.Fukuda… 563
257 Phase transformation and magnetic properties in Ni-,Co-based heusler compounds  K.Tsuchiya… 564
258 Martensitic trasformation of γ-FeN induced by external magnetic field  T.Koyano… 565
259 Magnetic interaction between pair electrons  S.Watanabe… 566
260 Grain refinement of 3%%Ni steel by accumulative roll-bonding(ARB)process  K.Inoue… 567
261 Properties of eutectoid steel created by repeated shear deformation process  Y.Asada… 568
262 Repeated shear deformation process of various carbon steels Y.Asada… 569
263 TEM observations of ultra low carbon steel deformed by repeated shear deformation process and heat treatment  Y.Kimura… 570
264 Properties of ultra low carbon steel subjected by combined process of shear deformation and rolling  A.Azushima… 571
265 Prediction of flow stress at 103/s for an ultra low carbon steel by the Kocks-Mecking model  J.H.Park… 572
266 Analysis of deformation behavior of two-phase steels using finite element unit cell models  N.Ishikawa… 573
267 Significance of ductile crack at notch root on charpy impact test  E.Takeuchi… 574
268 Effects of striking edge geometries on load-displacement curves in instrumented charpy impact test  S.Morita… 575
269 Microstructural improvement in the HAZ and weld metal of low carbon low alloy steels  Y.Komizo
270 Development of high-pressure low-pressure rotor forgings for high temperature steam turbine  Y.Kadoya… 576
271 Creep damage evaluation of 12Cr turbine rotor steel  S.Otsuki… 577
272 Evaluation of creep deformation behaviour of 2.25Cr-1Mo steel tube taking into account of yield stress  T.Ohba… 578
273 Growth behavior and structure of steam oxidation scale on 12Cr-0.4Mo-2W-V-Nb-Cu steel  N.Komai… 579
274 Creep strength of precipitation strengthened 15Cr ferritic steels at 923 and 973K  Y.Toda… 580
275 A remarkable improvement of creep properties in precipitation hardened carbon-free martensitic alloys  S.Muneki… 581
276 Effect of boron addition on creep characteristics of chromium added carbon-free martensitic alloys  S.Muneki… 582
277 Effect of various factor on the etching properties of invar  N.Yabuta… 583
278 Effect of inclusion on morphology punchability of Fe-42%Ni sheet(Punchability of Fe-42%Ni alloy-1)  J.Watanabe… 584
279 Promotion of MnS precipitation on Fe-42%Ni alloy by steckel mill with controlled hot rolling
    (Punchability of Fe-42%Ni alloy-2)  J.Watanabe… 585
280 (110)[001] Alignment mechanism of secondary recrystallization in grain oriented electrical steel  M.Komatsubara… 586
281 Influence of initial orientation on abnormal grain growth of grain oriented electrical steel  M..Komatsubara… 587
282 Abnormal texture of grain-oriented electrical steel under high cold rolling reduction  Y.Hayakawa… 588
283 Very initiatory grains on the progress of 2ry recrystallisation in 3%silicon iron-II  H.Homma… 589
284 Computer simulation of the effect of inhibition drop rate on secondary recrystallization based on the statistical
    theory of grain growth in Fe-3%Si alloy-2  Y.Ushigami… 590
285 Evolution of nitride precipitates during batch annealing of grain oriented electrical steel  J.S.Woo… 591
286 Low temperature secondary recrystallization in ultra-low carbon 1.7%Si-0.6%Mn steel  I.Tanaka… 592
287 Grain growth in the {100}texture development during decarburization  K.Ueda… 593
288 Simulation model of texture change during grain growth  T.Imamura… 594
289 Tribological studies on strain-induced grain growth-2  M.Takashima… 595
290 Microstructure control of metal powders by thermomechanical processing  K.Ameyama… 596
291 Behavior of grain growth in ultra fine-grained alloys fabricated through mechanical milling  K.Kawasaki… 597
292 Mechanical properties of carbide dispersed and ultra-fine grained austenitic stainless steels  R.Ishibashi… 598
293 Structure of continuously cast slab of high phosphorus 0.1mass%C steel  N.Yoshida… 599
294 Structure of rapid solidification sheet in high P low carbon steel  K.Hirata… 600
295 Effect of alloying element addition on directional pearlite structure in eutectoid steels  K.Fujisawa… 601
296 Effect of Mn and Si on tensile properties of cold-rolled and annealed pearlite in eutectoid steels  W.T.Fu… 602
297 Microstructure of cold-rolled martensite and ferrite in an ultra low carbon steel  S.Iwamoto… 603
298 Microstructure change by rapid heating and tempering of lath martensite in a structual steel  K.Kobayashi… 604
299 Microstructure change of pearlite by heavy cold rolling and annealing  T.Mizoguchi… 605
300 Effect of aging on deformation mechanism of a drawn pearlite steel6
    (Neutron diffraction study on deformation of a high carbon steel-3)  Y.Tomota… 60
301 Nanocrystallization of middle and high carbon steels by ball milling and its aging behavior  M.Umemoto… 607
302 Nanocrystallization process in carbon steels by heavy deformation and its controlling factors  N.Suzuki… 608
303 The effect of alloying additions on the properties of bulk cementite  H.Takaoka… 609
304 Compression behavior of bulk cementite produced by mechanical alloying method  M.Isaka… 610
305 Formation of nanocrystalline ferrite in low-carbon steels by ball milling  J.Yin… 611
306 Influence of alloying elements on the formation of cementite  Z.Liu… 612
307 Effect of compressive stress on inoculated acicular ferrite microstrucuture  J.Y.Suh… 613
308 Effect of nitrogen content on hardenability in Nb-B added steel  H.Asada… 614
309 Effect of Cu addition on microstructure in martensitic Fe-8%Ni alloy  J.Syarif… 615
310 Coarsening phenomenon of coherent precipitates in Fe-Al-V alloy  T.Maebashi… 616
311 Morphologikal change of D03 particles during aging of Fe-Si-V alloy  D.Sakai… 617
312 Crystallography of (MnS+VC)complex precipitate in austenite  T.Kimori… 618
313 Formability of high strength low alloy TRIP sheet steels  K.Sugimoto… 619
314 Effect of morphologies of retained austenite on strain stability in hot-rolled steel sheet  T.Mega… 620
315 Formability of YAG laser welded TRIP steel sheets  A.Nagasaka… 621
316 Change in microstructure after high temperature annealing of martensitic medium C-Si-Mn steels 316 T.Kobayashi… 622
317 Material characterization of TS 590MPa grade dual-phase galvannealed steel  K.Watanabe… 623
318 Effect of tensile strength on fracture mode in spot welded zone of galvannealed steel sheets  H.Kawabe… 624
319 Evaluation of formability in rectangular drawing of steel by one step FEM  Y.Yoshizato… 625
320 Evaluation of shape-fixability in shallow drawing by one step FEM  G.Mano… 626
321 Effect of boron and aluminum content on the planar anisotropy in low carbon batch annealed steel sheets  H.Ito… 627
322 Effects of Mn addition on the properties of Ti-added ultra-low carbon steels  J.I.Kim… 628
323 Intergranular oxidation and subscale in ultra low carbon steel  T.Kizu… 629
324 Hot embrittlement of ultra low carbon steel  H.Nakata… 630
325 Effect of composition of Cu-enriched phase on surface hot shortness in steel  A.Sasanuma… 631
326 Metal fatigue with nanofractgraphy and nanoindentation  S.Matsuoka… 632
327 Ultra-long-life fatigue properties for inclusion-controlled spring steels  T.Abe… 633
328 High-cycle fatigue properties for modified-ausformed SUP12 steels-2  T.Sawai… 634
329 High-cycle fatigue properties for modified-ausformed SCM440 steels  Y.Furuya… 635
330 Effects of crystallographic orientation on fatigue crack growth in Fe-3%Si alloy single crystals  K.Takashima… 636
331 Influence of interstitial content on low temperature fatigue fracture
    (High-cycle fatigue behavior of extra-low carbon steel-1)  O.Umezawa… 637
332 Effect of non-metallic inclusion diameter and test temperature to the rolling contact fatigue life of bearing steel  Y.Kusano… 638
333 Shot-peening process of inner surface of pipe using rebound of shots 333 Y.Harada… 639
334 Influence of tempering temperature on the hydrogen absorption and desorption behavior in a V-added
    martensitic steel  T.Tsuchida… 640
335 Relationship between the microstructure and the hydrogen absorption and desorption behavior
    in a V-added martensitic steel  T.Hara… 641
336 Observation of hydrogen distribution in steels by means of Ag decoration technique/atomic force michroscope  E.Akiyama… 642
337 Hydrogen distribution in the bolts exposed at the Honshu-Shikoku bridges  S.Sakashita… 643
338 Extraction of hydrogen in harmless trapped state to delayed fracture of high-strength steels  K.Takai… 644
339 Observation of hydrogen distribution in tempered martensitic structure with tritium autoradiography  H.Hanada… 645
340 Distribution of hydrogen near a V-notch in tempered martensitic steel at an 800MPa tensile strength level
    (Visualization of hydrogen in steels with hydrogen microprint technique-6)  A.Nagao… 646
341 Evaluation of effect of titanium on delayed fracture of SCM440 steel by SSRT  W.Urushihara… 647
342 Evaluation of effect of vanadium on delayed fracture of SCM440 steel by SSRT-2  W.Urushihara… 648
343 Recent trends and future in technology of painted zinc alloy coated steel sheets  H.Fukumoto… 649
344 Development of color printing precoated steel sheets for floor  K.Kojima… 650
345 Relation between paint composition and solvent popping in polyester/melamine films  H.Kanai… 651
346 Properties of heat resisting coated steel sheet with lubrication  T.Miyoshi… 652
347 The effect of V2O5 pigments for cathodic delamination of polyethylene coating  M.Murase… 653
348 The effect of silane coupling agent for cathodic delamination of polyethylene coated steel pipe  M.Murase… 654
349 Creep properties of oxide dispersion strengthened ferritic steel  H.Okada… 655
350 Microstructures and mechanical properties of hot rolled wires of oxide dispersion strengthened alloys  S.Hamano… 656
351 Change in X-ray integral breadth during creep deformation of 8Cr2WVTa steel M.Tamura… 657
352 Modelling creep damage of martensite recovery(Creep modelling of martensitic heat resistant steels-1)  H.Semba… 658
353 Improvement in creep strength of welded joint of 2.25Cr-1Mo steel by PWHT  K.Kimura… 659
354 Post weld normalizing-tempering heat treatment for creep strength improvement of Mod.9Cr-1Mo steel weldments  K.Tamura… 660
355 High temperature strength of low C 18Cr-9Ni-W,Nb,V,N austenitic stainless steel boiler tubes  T.Ishitsuka… 661
356 Stacking faults in metastable γ'phase formed in a 40Fe-29Ni-22Co-4Nb-2Cr-1Ti-0.5Al-0.5Si superalloy  K.Kusabiraki… 662
357 Metallurgical analysis of serviced CMSX2 single crystal gas turbine bucket  Y.Yoshioka… 663
358 A trial to fabricate a 25mm-thick plate with ultrafine- grained ferrite structure  T.Yamashita… 664
359 Effect of warm deformation temperature on formation of ultrafine-grained ferrite structure for a low carbon Si-Mn steel
    A.Ohmori… 665
360 Analysis of the dislocation structure in warm-deformed steels by the modified Warren-Averbach X-ray profile method  F.Yin… 666
361 Effect of temperature on stress-strain curve for ultrafine-grained steels  N.Tsuchida… 667
362 Strength-ductility balance of the ultrafine-grained ferrite and cementite structure  A.Ohmori… 668
363 Strength and toughness balance of ultrafine-grained low carbon steel  T.Hanamura… 669
364 Improved strength-and-toughness balance of P-added low carbon steel through ultrarefinement of ferrite grain size
    T.Hanamura… 670
365 Toughness of ultrafine-grained ferrite steel plate fabricated by cross-roll rolling  T.Yamashita… 671
366 Precipitation of Z phase and changes in carbides during creep deformation of modified 9Cr-1Mo steel  K.Suzuki… 672
367 Optimization of microstucture for the creep properties by a new thermomechanical heat treatment  H.Hasegawa… 673
368 Effect of Co addtion in creep properties of 9%Cr ferritic steels  K.Yamada… 674
369 Improvement of creep strength by fine precipitation of Ti(C,N)in ferritic heat resistant steels containing Ti  M.Taneike… 675
370 Precipitation site of MX carbonitrides in high chromium ferritic steel  K.Sawada… 676
371 Observation of creep voids in Mod.9Cr-1Mo steel  A.Sasada… 677
372 Effect of magnetic transformation on the microstructural evolution of a high Cr ferritic steel during temper
    treatment in the vicinity of the curie temperature  Y.Murata… 678
373 Effect of Re microalloying on creep strength of high Cr ferritic steels containing W  M.Kamiya… 679
374 Application of the system free energy to the prediction of microstructure evolution in high Cr heat resisting ferrite steels
    T.Koyama… 680
375 Effect of Cr content on the material properties of high Cr heat resistant steel
    (The control of long-term creep strength degradation in the high Cr steel-1)  R.Hashizume… 681
376 Effect of Cr content on the creep strength and microstructural change of high Cr heat resistant steel
    (The control of long-term creep strength degradation in the high Cr steel-2)  K.Miki… 682
377 Investigation on the change in orientation of SUS430 during hot rolling  N.Hirata… 683
378 Effect of microstructure of hot-strips on the ridging of 18%Cr stainless steel sheet  K.Wang… 684
379 Solidification behavior of weld in Ni/304 and Monel/304 clad steels  H.Shimizu… 685
380 Precipitation behavior and crystallography of sigma phase in superaustenitic Fe-22Cr-21Ni-6Mo-0.3N stainless steel  S.J.Kim… 686
381 Effect of non-metallic inclusions and aging conditions on fatigue property of the precipitation hardening
    martensitic stainless steel  S.Isozaki… 687
382 Effect of sulfer content on blanking workability of high strength austenitic stainless steel  S.Suzuki… 688
383 Effect of Nb on the high temperature strength of ferritic stainless steel for automotive exhaust system  M..Kikuchi… 689
384 Microstructure of oxide scales formed on ferritic stainless steels at 1473K in steam  M.Hatano… 690
385 Effect of alloying elements on change in the pitting potential of ferritic stainless steels with the number
    of cyclic measurement  Y.Yazawa… 691
386 Corrosion resistance and recrystallization of Cr-saving stainless steels  K.Hio… 692
387 Effects of solution temperatures on pitting corrosion resistance of austenitic stainless steels in chloride and
    bromide solutions  M.Kaneko… 693
388 Effect of temperature on localized corrosion resistance of highly N-bearing austenitic stainless steels  M.Sagara… 694
389 Corrosion resistance of Fe-Cr alloys produced by nitrogen absorption at solid state  M.Fujisawa… 695
390 Deforamtion behavior below room temperature for a high nitrogen bearing austenitic steel  M..Kanda… 696
391 Effect of welding parameters on friction weldability of high nitrogen stainless steel  I.Woo… 697
392 Preparation of stainless steel containing high nitrogen using mechanical alloying method  R.Okabe… 698
393 Behavior of boron and its effect on micro-structures and properties of steels  K.Shibata
394 Search for irradiation condition in ATE
    (Establishment of the system for ATE using the reactor at JAERI for observation of boron in steel-1)  K.Asakura… 699
395 Search for alternative film and LiNO3 treatment in ATE
    (Establishment of the system for ATE using the reactor at JAERI for observation of boron in steel-2)  K.Asakura… 700
396 Effect of a low content of B on surface hot shortness by Cu in 0.1%C-0.5%Mn steel  M.Kaga… 701
397 Effect of boron content on hardenablity  H.Asahi… 702
398 Effect of boron addition on γ-phase transformation in an Fe- lowC- highCr alloy  K.Toshimori… 703
399 Application of boron for increasing in hardenability of heavey wall castings  S.Nozu… 704
400 Effect of boron on hardenability of heat affected zone in 780MPa grade high tensile strength steel  T.Kamo… 705
401 Effect of MnS morphology on T-direction toughness and chip disposability  Y.Shindo… 706
402 Characteristics of protective coating to retard tool wear formed by CaOAl2O3+(Ca,Mn)S type inclusions  T.Kano… 707
403 Effect of BN addition on machinability of V-microalloyed steel
    (Development of free cutting steel without Pb-3)  T.Murakami… 708
404 Effects of sulfur addition on impact property of bainitic or martensitic steels  N.Tsunekage… 709
405 Effect of cold working and heat treatment on age hardening in copper containing steel  T.Hanyuda… 710
406 Effects of carbon content and ferrite on the delamination occurrence in high carbon steel wire  K.Shimizu… 711
407 Relationship between microstructure and strength of heavily deformed high carbon steel wire  Y.Daitoh… 712
408 Effects of alloying elements on hardness of quenched and tempered cold work tool steel  T.Fujimatsu… 713
409 Effect of Cr and Weq..on hardening temperature range of high speed tool steels  K.Ozaki… 714
410 Analysis of debonding behavior in galvannealed steel sheets  T.Masuda… 715
411 Effects of annealing oxygen partial pressure on wettability of Mn,Si containing steel with molten zinc  I.Hashimoto… 716
412 Mechanism of corrosion resistance of Zn-Al-Mg-Si hot dip alloy coating  M.Kurosaki… 717
413 Effect of silica for corrosion of galvanized steel  H.Ido… 718
414 Verification of mechanism of zinc-iron-group metal alloy plating  H.Fukushima
415 Effect of organic additives on Mg-containing electrogalvanizing for steel sheets  K.Okumura… 719
416 Effect of codeposited S on hardness of Ni electrodeposited on Cu mold for continuous casting  S.Oue… 720
417 Corrosion environment of outdoor exposure sites measured by ACM sensors  H.Kawaguchi… 721
418 Atmospheric corrosion monitoring of Fe-Ni and Fe-Cr alloys using AC impedance method  H.Katayama… 722
419 Development of new weathering steel with high resistance to chlorides  K.Kashima… 723
420 Effect of atmosphere in bright annealing on rust resistance of Fe-36%Ni alloy  Y.Kobayashi… 724
421 Corrosion resistance of stainless steel pipes buried in soils  W.Harada… 725
422 Adhesion of pseudomonas spon silver incorporated stainless steel with a note on the MIC susceptibility and
    antibacterial effect  K.R.Sreekumari… 726
423 Effect of sulfides on corrosion resistance and anti-outgas properties in resulfurized austenitic stainless steels  K.Takano… 727
424 Corrosion resistance of stainless steels in molten chloride containing sulfate salt
    (Corrosion resistance of stainless steels in waste incineration environment-2)  Y.Kawabata… 728
425 Application of wear-resistant thermal spray to turbin housing  K.Sonoya… 729

Process Evaluation and Material Characterization
426 In situ anaiysis of the kaolin in pyrolysis process by infrared spectroscopy  Y.Fujioka… 732
427 Development of monitoring system for moisture on pyrolysis reaction  M.Nishifuji… 733
428 Structural analysis of Fluoride in slag using solid state NMR  K.Kanehashi… 734
429 The mechanism of solvents ingress into rubber using STRAFI imaging  K.Saito… 735
430 Analysis of decarburization phenomena during heating and rolling of billets  K.Uemoto… 736
431 Chemical state and spatial distribution analysis of sulfur and lead in flyash from incinerators  J.Kawai… 737
432 Emission spectrometric analysis using 6.78-MHz glow discharge excitation source  K.Wagatsuma… 738
433 Concentration dependence of relative sensitivity factors of aluminum in glow discharge mass spectrometry  T.Saka… 739
434 Property of DC/Helium glow discharge mass spectrometry  S.Itoh… 740
435 The improvement of analytical accuracy of the direct solid sample analysis for mettaric materials  S.Itoh… 0
436 Determination of trace amount of tin in iron,steel and nickel-base alloy by graphite furnace atomic absorption
    spectrometry  I.Ida… 741
437 Determination of trace amounts of selenium in steel and nickel-base alloy by graphite furnace atomic absorption
    spectrometry  T.Itagaki… 742
438 Determination of trace elements contained in refractory oxides in steels using microwave digestion technique  K.Fujimoto… 743
439 Simultaneous determination of arsenic and antimony by high-power nitrogen microwave-induced plasma atomic
    emission spectrometry coupled with hydride generation method  T.Nakahara… 744

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