Program of the 143rd ISIJ Meeting (March 28-30, 2002)
General Presentation Only

High Temperature Processes

Social Engineering of Iron and Steel Industry

Instrumentation, Control and System Engineering

Production and Utilization Technology

Microstructure and Properties of Materials

Process Evaluation and Material Characterization

Current Advance in Materials and Process, Vol.15 ,No.1

High Temperature Processes

1   Influence of cement addition and sulfur on abnormal swelling during reduction of iron ore pellets S.Hayashi… 93

2   Variation of temperature and pressure in high density carbon composite pellet under various atmospheric
    temperature and gas and mechanism of reaction Y.Ueki… 94

3   Influence of the pore blockade dy Infiltrated liquid slag on reduction behavior of wustite compact M.Nakamoto… 95

4   In-situ observation for ion-oxide reduction infruenced by contact condition between graphite and hematite
    particles using high temperature X-ray diffractometry I.Seki… 96

5   TEM observation of the effect of Ca on reduction in wustite induced by hydrogen ion implantation N.Ishikawa… 97

6   "In-situ" observation on the melting behavior of carbon composite iron ore pellet H.Wibou… 98

7   "In situ" observation of smelting reduction and carburaization by laser scanning microscope K.Ohno… 99

8   The influence of gangune component on carburization and melting of reduced iron N.Ishiwata… 100

9   Effect of partial pressure of carbon monoxide in gas phase on decarburization reaction during dephosphorization of hot metal Y.Hino… 101

10  Continuous dephosphorization of hot metal with tank type reactor A.Fukuzawa… 102

11  Dissolution rate of CaO into dephosphorization slag at hot-metal temperatures T.Hamano… 103

12  Effect of slag composition on desiliconization of hot metal H.Matsuno… 104

13  Influence of operating parameters on desulfurization efficiency of molten iron with Mg vapor produced
    in-situby MgO-Al reaction J.Yang… 105

14  Optimization of desulfurization process of molten iron with Mg vapor produced in-situ by MgO-Al reaction J.Yang… 106

15  Design of immersion nozzle for supplying in-situ produced metal vapor into molten steel-2 Y.Kobayashi… 107

16  Effects of blast furnace operation on mass and energy balance of ironmaking system H.Nogami… 108

17  Exergy analysis of iron and hydrogen co-production system A.Miyazaki… 109

18  Development of recycling technology for various wastes containing Ni and Cr by smelting reduction furnace T.Matsui… 110

19  The sheet forming and charging by the double roll type sheet forming machine
    (Production of direct reduced iron by sheet material insertion metallization method-5) C.Kamijo… 111

20  Development of cold pellet bonded by carbonation of BOF slag N.Tokitou… 112

21  Reduction property of grape-type agglomerate N.Tokitou… 113

22  Reduction degradation behavior of sintered iron ore Y.Takamoto… 114

23  Analysis of combustion behavior of pulverized coal mixture and effect of coal brand N.Tsunehisa… 115

24  Behavior of unburnt char in blast furnace at high PCR A.Murao… 116

25  The voids analysis of cokes using NMR imaging K.Saito… 117

26  Theoretical model on the breakage of coke particle H.Yamaoka… 118

27  Theoretical model on the size degradation rate of cokes H.Yamaoka… 119

28  Investigation of blast furnace hearth brick erosion based on thermal stress analysis A.Shinotake… 120

29  Investigation of relation between blast conditions and tuyere damage K.Nakano… 121

30  Analysis of activation process in lower part of blast furnace by divided-region-model M.Kuwabara… 122

31  Measurement of deadman renewal rate in a cold model of blast furnace K.Toda… 123

32  Influence of particle diameter and liquid properties on liquid hold-ups under initial condition with dry fixed bed F.Fujita… 124

33  Effect of blast furnace profile variation in accordance with furnace volume on operation
    (Effect of blast furnace profile on operation-1) T.Inada… 125

34  Effect of blast furnace profile on inner furnace states(Effect of blast furnace profile on operation-2) T.Inada… 126

35  Numerical analysis of static powder holdup in blast furnace S.Pintowantoro… 127

36  High pulverized coal rate and low blast temperature operation at Fukuyama No.2 blast furnace M.Kuwabara… 128

37  Shift to all pellets operation at Kobe 3 blast furnace(All pellets operation at Kobe 3 blast furnace-1) T.Ohyama… 129

38  Burden distribution control for radius concentration of pellets by time series discharging
    (All pellets operation at Kobe 3 blast furnace-2) A.Sato… 130

39  Thermodynamics of phosphorus in the MnO-SiO2-FetO system Y.Kobayashi… 131

40  Phosphorus distribution between liquid iron and two-liquid CaO-MgO-FetO-P2O5 slag saturated with(Mg,Fe)O T.Tamura… 132

41  Activities of phosphorus in liquid alloys saturated with solid solutions M.Hasegawa… 133

42  Activity mesurement for the NaCl-Na2CO3-Na2SO4 system by EMF method and calcuration of the phase diagram K.Iwasawa… 134

43  Solubility of Cr2O3 in binary and ternary alkaline sulfate melts N.Matsumura… 135

44  Thermodynamics on precipitation of magnesium inclusions and precipitation control by MgO particles H.Suito

45  Physical chemistry of chlorine dissolution into molten slags K.Morita… 136

46  Interaction between silicon and titanium in molten steels M.Ohta… 137

47  The hydroxyl capacity of CaO-SiO2-Al2O3-MgOsatd. based slag S.S.Chul… 138

48  Development of the dephosphorization and decarburization process using BOF-1 H.Hayashi… 139

49  Development of the dephosphorization and decarburization process using BOF-2 M.Suzuki… 140

50  Introduction of thermographic slag detector for BOF Y.Morita… 141

51  Recent progress and future prospects in monolithic refractory technology K.Sawano

52  Improvement of life of lower vessel for Fukuyama No2 RH degasser A.Tsunoda… 142

53  Behavior of inclusion composition and morphology in Si deoxidized molten steel T.Nishi… 143

54  Acceleration of nitrogen and oxygen removal from molten steel by H2 gas injection T.Maeda… 144

55  Effect of sodium-based flux on the morphology of Al deoxidation products K.Kunisada… 145

56  Relation between the formation of chlorinated organic compounds through de novo synthesis and the low
    temperature oxidation of carbonaceous materials H.Sato… 146

57  Development of organic refuse recycling process based on carbonization J.Ishii… 147

58  Numerical simulation of a packed bed waste-melting furnace X.Liang… 148

59  Effect of gas composition on the carbon deposition rate from CO-H2-CO2-Ar gas mixture Y.Itami… 149

60  Gasification and combustion behaviors of combustibles injected into direct melting furnace for municipal solid waste H.Shibaike… 150

61  Development of immobilization of fluorine in dissolution from slag H.Mizukami… 151

62  Morphology of fluorine in steelmaking slag and elution behavior into seawater T.Miki… 152

63  Production of slow-release potassium silicate fertilizer with hot-metal-pretreatment slag
    (Development of slow-release potassium silicate fertilizer with steelmaking slag-5) S.Wakamatsu… 153

64  Development of soillike furtilizer
    (Development of mutual problems between iron steel making and agriculture fishery industries-7) K.Fujiwara… 154

65  Development of bio aid fertilizer
    (Development of mutual problems between iron steel making and agriculture fishery industres-8) K.Fujiwara… 155

66  Numerical analysis of solidification for slag-modeled melt atomized by rotary cup atomizer T.Shimada… 156

67  Acoustically assisted removal of dust particles from high temperature exhaust gas S.Komarov… 157

68  Cold adsorption property of sub-micron particle in carbonaceous packed beds N.Akae… 158

69  Construction of the small-scale pilot plant and operating report1
    (Development of the direct separation and recovery process of iron and zinc from EAF exhaust gases -3) H.Sasamoto… 159

70  Swirl flow effect in immersion nozzle on heat and mass transfer in round billet casting mold
    (Development of swirling flow nozzle for round billet casting-1) S.Yokoya… 160

71  Model experiment of swirling flow immersion nozzle for round billet casting
    (Development of swirling immersion nozzle for round billet casting-2) Y.Tsukaguchi… 161

72  Test of swirling flow immersion nozzle for round billet casting
    (Development of swirling flow immersion nozzle for round billet casting-3) H.Hayashi… 162

73  Swirling effect in immersion nozzle on heat and mass transfer in slab casting
    (Development of swirling flow nozzle for slab casting-1) S.Takagi… 163

74  Design of swirl blade for slab casting(Development of swirling flow immersion nozzle for slab casting-2) T.Harada… 164

75  Water model experiment of swirling flow immersion nozzle in wide slab casting
    (Development of swirling flow immersion nozzle for slab casting-3) Y.Tsukaguchi… 165

76  Evaluation test on alumnina buildup of submerged entry nozzle for continuous casting Y.Awajiya… 166

77  Development of high productivity at Mizushima No.4 continuous casting machine S.Nanbu… 167

78  Numerical calculation of fluid flow and inclusion trajectories in tundish during continuous casting of stainless steel K.J.Joon… 168

79  Surface tension of mold flux K.Harada… 169

80  Importance of insulation properties of mold powder T.Omoto… 170

81  Simplified estimation of breakpoint of continuous casting mold flux K.Sawano… 171

82  Thermodynamics to optimize mould flux for high-speed casting H.Fukuyama… 172

83  Effect of mold powder on molten steel T.Watanabe… 173

84  Mild cooling of solidified shell by crystallization of flux film M.Hanao… 174

85  Behavior of solid phase mould flux film between continuous casting mould and strand A.Yamauchi… 175

86  Effect of coal particle size on coking pressure in coke oven chambers(Study on coking pressure-9) T.Arima… 176

87  Prediction of discharging behavior of packed layer consist of columnar particles A.Michishita… 177

88  Development of diagnosis apparatus for coke oven chamber wall M.Sakaida… 178

89  Development of flame gunning material improved on peeling resistance for coke oven Y.Fukushima… 179

90  A simple simulation on the transfer of dioxins and chlorine component in the sintering bed
    (Behavior of dioxins in the sintering process of iron ores-16) T.Aono… 180

91  Effect of nitrogen bearing materials in the mixture on the dioxin concentration of the exhaust gas
    (Behavior of dioxins in the sintering process of iron ores-17) T.Kawaguchi… 181

92  Analysis of fuel properties factors on dioxins concentration of the exhaust gas
    (Behavior of dioxins in the sintering process of iron ores-18) T.Kawaguchi… 182

93  Behaviors of substances suppressing P5CDFs in sintering bed
    (Behavior of dioxins in the sintering process of iron ores-19) M.Nakano… 183

94  Iron recovery from laterite ore after sulphuric acid leaching by magnetic separation H.Purwanto… 184

95  Recarbonization of lime surface using kiln waste gas S.H.Lee… 185

96  Behavior of gas flow at the wall side part of sinter pallet K.Ichikawa… 186

97  Elucidation of the unevenly sintered phenomena by fuzzy theory J.Shibata… 187

98  Thermo-viewer observation of melting behavior of iron ore sinter M.Kato… 188

99  Interface reaction between CaO-Fe203 type slag and sintered ferrite oxide plate Y.Tsutsumi… 189

100  Effect of CaO addition on the reducibility of FeO-SiO2 slag H.Nakazato… 190

101  Improvement of sinter productivity by adjusting CaO source and coke breeze amounts for granulating systems S.Amano… 191

102  The roles of adsorbed species on the interfacial reaction kinetics of Fe(l)-C-O system Y.Sasaki… 192

103  Mechanisms of iron entrainment into slag due to rising gas bubbles L..Holappa… 193

104  Precipitation and growth of non-metallic inclusions during solidification of steels H.S.Kim… 194

105  Surface tension of molten Fe-S and Fe-4%C-S alloys J.Lee… 195

106  Interfacial reaction of nitrogen dissolution into molten Fe-S alloys J.Lee… 196

107  Thermal conductivity measurement of liquid nickel under microgravity K.Taguchi… 197

108  Surface tension and wettability of liquid Fe-16mass%Cr-O alloys with alumina Z.Li… 198

109  Measurement of the density of liquid Ni-Co alloy by a modified sessile drop method F.Xiao… 199

110  Solid state 19F MAS NMR spectroscopy on CaO-SiO2-CaF2 glasses T.Watanabe… 200

111  Equations for accurate prediction of the viscosities of Li2O-Al2O3-SiO2 melts,
    and acidic and basic behavior of Al2O3 in the melts Y.Toda… 201

112  Equations for accurate prediction of the viscosities of molten coal slags Y.Kita… 202

113  Accurate prediction of the viscosities of SiO2-Al2O3-CaO-MgO melts T.Iida… 203

114  In-situ observation for solidification using transporent organic materials H.Esaka… 204

115  Trial for reducing oscilation marks M.Kudoh… 205

116  "In-situ" observation of precipitation at high temperature in Fe-Cu alloys H.Hasegawa… 206

117  Effect of small amounts of Al,Mg,and Zr addition to the Ti oxide steel melt on behavior of nonmetallic
    inclusions for IAF formation at HAZ K.S.Oh… 207

118  Equipment and operation of twin-drum strip caster at Hikari Works(Twin-drum strip casting technology-1) T.Tanaka… 208

119  Long-time casting technology of twin-drum strip caster at Hikari Works
    (Twin-drum strip casting technology-2) T.Takeuchi… 209

120  High quality products by twin-drum strip caster at Hikari Works(Twin-drum strip casting technology-3) E.Ishimaru… 210

121  The Coanda effect on a single bubbling jet behind a horizontal circular cylinder K.Sasaki… 211

122  Gas-liquid mass transfer from a single stationary bubble in downward flow T.Kumagai… 212

123  Enhancement of degassing with gas injection through ultrasonic vibrating nozzle M.Yosikawa… 213

124  Transient phenomena of stratified liquid-liquid interface in rotating cylindrical container T.Yamaguchi… 214

125  Effect of physical properties of two liquid layers on mold powder entrapment caused by Ar gas in continuous casting mold J.Yoshida… 215

126  Particle dispersion behavior by stirring with impeller Y.Nakai… 216

127  Direct measurement of particle-slip velocity in turbulently agitated liquid S.Shimasaki… 217

128  Waste heat recovery to steel scrap preheating in continuous casting process T.Wang… 218

129  From academic interest to proposal of new processes M.Kawakami

130  Wave excitation in a liquid metal by electromagnetic force and its industrial application K.Iwai… 219

131  The explusive force acting on two particles and the flow around two particles in DC electromagnetic force field T.ogasawara… 220

132  Levitation of melt by simultaneous imposition of static and alternating magnetic fields H.Yasuda… 221

133  Induction pump for high-temperature molten metals using rotating twisted magnetic field
    (Thrust measurement with solid conductors) T.Ando… 222

134  Molten metal stirrer with simultaneous imposition of traveling magnetic fields in vertical and azimuthal directions M.Okubo… 223

135  Electromagnetic and temperature field analysis of molten metal in cold a crucible by FEM K.Nakayama… 224

136  Effect of imposition of magnetic field on directional solidification of Fe-Cu alloy M.K.SEO… 225

137  Crystal orientation of hydroxyapatite by imposition of a high magnetic field K.Inoue… 226

138  The effect of applying a high magnetic field on the strength of carbon fibers in stabilization and carbonization process Y.Kawabata… 227

139  Direct reduction and indirect reduction in wustite-coal char composite pellet heated at elevated temperatures M.Hiura… 228

140  Catalytic effect of iron in carbon gasification reaction of iron-carbon composite pellet and determination
    of reaction rate parameter F.Meng… 229

141  Formation behavior of iron carbide and TiO2 from ilmenite ore by thermochemical reactions S.Hayashi… 230

142  Carbidization rate of ironcarbide pellet with H2-CH4 gas mixture M.Egashira… 231

143  Influence of oxidant gas and pressurization on production of iron carbide pellets with H2-CH4 gas mixtures
    containing traces of H2S S.Hayashi… 232

144  Reduction and carburization behavior of pre-reduced iron ore to various reduction degrees in CO-H2-H2S mixtures K.Yagita… 233

145  Influence of temperature on the iron carbide formation from reduced hematite in CO-H2-H2O-H2S mixtures K.Horii… 234

146  Production of iron carbide with low sulfur content in CO-H2-H2O-H2S mixtures in a pressurized fluidized bed T.Kouda… 235

147  Formation rate of reduced iron and hydrogen by the reaction of iron carbide and steam and the effect of sulfur M.Hiura… 236

148  Production of iron and hydrogen by reactions of iron carbide with water vapor in a fluidized bed T.Kouda… 237

Social Engineering of Iron and Steel Industry

149  Analytic model for GHG emissions from air-conditioners on applying population balance model K.Yokota… 240

150  Analysis of CO2 emission amount from aluminum body cars and ULSAB cars by applying a population balance model K.Kakudate… 241

151  Calculation of total material requirement K.Ijima… 242

152  Environmental evaluation of material recycling by wastes gasification A.Sasaki… 243

153  Co-production technologies into steel industry for reducing environmental impacts-2 H.Yanagisawa… 244

154  The iron and steel institute and the development of British steel industry at the end of 19th century T.Hatsuyama… 245

155  Technical improvement of "Kakuro" for smelting iron-rich slag or iron sand K.Nagata… 246

156  Dechlorination from discarded PVC by using of metal oxide T.Hirano… 247

157  Environmental analysis of Pb-free solder and Pb solder on printed wired board T.Yamaguchi… 248

Current Advance in Materials and Process, Vol.15 ,No.2

Instrumentation, Control and System Engineering

158  EMAT application to measurement technology K.Fujisawa

159  Online precise measurement of Si content for 6.5%Si magnetic steel sheet H.Kato… 250

160  Development of pattern flaw inspection system of steel sheet using polarized light H.Sugiura… 251

161  Principle of three-phase lock-in camera and its amplitude-phase demodulation algorithm S.Ando… 252

162  Reconstruction and analysis of three-dimensional fracture surface morphology based on multi-scale resolution method M.Tanaka… 253

163  Condition diagnosis of machinery using symptom parameters of time domain P.Chen… 254

164  Decision making of inspection time for plant machinery using reliability theory and genetic algorithms R.Zaier… 255

165  Improvement of a gas pressure control for BOF T.Sugihara… 256

166  Development of dynamic re-preset control system for hot strip mill (High precision hot-rolling setup system-3) F.Wang… 257

167  Strip width control for cold tandem mill Y.Kadoya… 258

168  Improvement of tension control accuracy in reverse rolling mills using state feedback control K.Asano… 259

169  The application of linux and database system for blast furnace S.Shimoi… 260

170  Development of process computer system at Mizushima No.4 BF(3R) H.Tominaga… 261

171  Development of operator's training simulator for blast furnace plant T.Izuha… 262

172  Application of the open type control system to continuous casting plants H.Kobayashi… 263

173  Tool of realtime advanced simulator M.Shioya… 264

Production and Utilization Technology

174  Development of plug quick changer of cross herical rolling mill K.Yokomakura… 364

175  Technical application of industrial robots in the pipe producing process S.Itadani… 365

176  Tribology for steel rolling technology A.Azushima

177  Warm rolling with lubricant in the vacuum condition-2 Y.Yoshida… 366

178  An influence of lubricant constituents on characteristics of strip cold rolling T.Aono… 367

179  Role of computer aided quality tailoring technology in progress of information technology concerning
    production technology in steel industry T.Senuma… 368

180  Phase-field model for solidification and crystal growth T.Suzuki… 369

181  Simulation for microstructural prediction of microalloyed steel using controlled forging H.Yoshida… 370

182  High strengthening of high carbon steel wire Y.Oki… 371

183  Deformation and texture formation in low carbon steel sheet by differential speed rolling183T.Yoneme… 372

184  Closing behaviour of internal cavities in stretching by plasticin models
    (Closing behaviour of internal cavities in heavy ingots forging-2) K.Watanabe… 373

185  Tensile properties of hot rolled cast strips for high P low carbon steels K.Hirata… 374

186  Ultrafine grain structure through dynamic recrystallization for SUS304 stainless steel T.Inoue… 375

187  Fine ferrite structure by warm multidirectional deformation S.Torizuka… 376

188  Warm accumulative roll-bonding of ultra low carbon IF steel strip with rapid induction heating N.Kamikawa… 377

189  Dynamic restoration process of Ni-30Fe alloy during hot deformation D.W.Suh… 378

190  Development of density of green compact by shear deformation process K.Aoki… 379

191  Deformation behavior at elevated temperature in ultra fine-grained iron created through mechanical milling treatment K.Kawasaki… 380

192  Relationship between grain refinement and stacking fault energy in MM process H.Inomoto… 381

193  Microstructure and mechanical properties of a mechanically milled high-speed steel powder A.Takemura… 382

194  Effective grain size in brittle fracture for various microstructures of 0.15%C Si-Mn steel T.Hanamura… 383

195  Properties of carbon steel created by repeated shear deformation process and heated Y.Kimura… 384

196  Properties of Si-Mn steel (SMB) and 0.5wt%Ti steel (RE63-1) created by repeated shear deformation process and heated Y.Kimura… 385

197  Mechanical properties of dual phase steels containing fine ferrite by strain-induced dynamic transformation K.K.Um… 386

198  Machinability of ultrafine grained steel S.Yamamoto… 387

199  Rolling method for H-beam with high productivity and precise dimension H.Yamaguchi… 388

200  Fixed outer dimension H-shapes,1000 and 950mm series K.Yamamoto… 389

201  Microstructure evolution in break down rolling of large H-beam Y.Takashima

202  Development of new profile sections and new rolling methods Y.Kusaba… 390

203  Deformation analysis of universal rolling of H-shapes using rigid-plastic FEM S.Hayashi… 391

204  Hot rolling technique of light gauge H steels for general structure T.Muto… 392

205  Profile and shape control atrip rolling F.Fujita

206  Investigation of flatness correction for steel strips by tension leveller M.Ueno… 393

207  New roll force model(High accuracy set-up system for hot strip mill-1) F.Fujita… 394

208  Mathematical modeling for deformation resistance with residual strain effect (High accuracy set-up system for hot strip mill-2) S.Azuma… 395

Current Advance in Materials and Process, Vol.15 ,No.3

Microstructure and Properties of Materials

209  Effect of thermomechanical processing parameteres on texture development and yield strength anisotropy in linepipe steels K.B.Kang… 461

210  Developement of API-X80 grade inducton bend pipe N.Ishikawa… 462

211  Microstructure and properties of composite steel based on iron aluminide alloy N.Masahashi… 463

212  Lining of metal surface with hard material using shot peening Y.Harada… 464

213  Properties of high modulus steels made by ingot metallurgy
    (Development of boride dispersed high modulus steel-6) Y.Nakajima… 465

214  Effect of W and Mo on the coarsening kinetics of MX type carbide in 2%Cr heat resistant steels K.Miyata… 466

215  Microstructure of C-free martensitic alloys at elevated temperatures K.Yamada… 467

216  High temperature measurement of positron lifetime of a Fe-18Ni-9Co-5Mo alloy K.Yamada… 468

217  Effects of boron addition on creep characteristics of Fe-12Ni-5Cr-3Mo carbon-free martensitic alloys S.Muneki… 469

218  Relationship between transformation behavior and creep properties of Fe-11Ni-9Co-10W carbon-free martensitic alloys S.Muneki… 470

219  Evaluation of creep deformation behavior of 2.25Cr-1Mo steel tube taking into account of yield stress-2 T.Ohba… 471

220  Atom probe analysis on the combined effect of Nb and N/C on the softening of deformed austenite
    in Fe-Nb-X alloys (X=N,C) N.Maruyama… 472

221  Slow coarsening of disorder precipitates in Fe-Al-V alloys221T.Maebashi… 473

222  Phase separation into A2+B2+D03 three phases in Fe-Al-Co-Ti alloy H.Araki… 474

223  Control of microstrcture in Fe-Si-V alloys by using elastic constrains D.Sakai… 475

224  Thermal stability of carbides in interstitial-free sheet steels and its application to products development S.Satoh… 476

225  Precipitation behavior of TaC in austenite of 8Cr2WV steel M.Tamura… 477

226  Controlling grain size by reprecipitated oxides in austenitic stainless steel K.Takano… 478

227  Temperature dependence of various charactors in bulk cementite R.Tokumiya… 479

228  Physical properties of cementite measured from bulk cementite M.Umemoto… 480

229  Deformation mechanism in ferrite-cementite steels examined by neutron diffraction A.Kanie… 481

230  Refinement of cementite by rapid-heating tempering of lath martensite T.Furuhara… 482

231  Effect of Cu on strength of sheet steel K.Kishida… 483

232  Strengthening mechanism of Cu bearing martensitic steel J.Syarif… 484

233  Interaction between Cu particles and dislocations in Fe-Cu alloys K.Nakashima… 485

234  Analysis of the bake-hardening properties of Fe-C-B alloys T.Abe… 486

235  Effect of alloy elements and microstructures of 0.5%C-1.5%Mn steel sheet on crack propergation resistance S.Tagashira… 487

236  Effect of striker geometry on ductile-brittle transition curve in instrumented Charpy impact test S.Morita… 488

237  Effect of boron content on impact properties of boron-added steels M.Honda… 489

238  Fracture toughness of the three retired high-intermediate pressure steam turbine rotors
    (Brittle fracture evaluation for the high and intermediate pressure steam turbine rotor-2) H.Uemura… 490

239  Development of high fatigue strength steels for machine structual use K.Toyama… 491

240  Effect of process on hardness and residual stress of carbo-nitrided steels T.Nakamura… 492

241  Shot peening of inner surface of coiled spring using rebound of shots Y.Harada… 493

242  Evaluation of low temperature tempering behavior in medium carbon steels by DSC T.Kouchi… 494

243  Prevention of delamination in high carbon steel wire by controlling secondary ferrite M.Nagao… 495

244  Fracture behavior of inclusions on rolling and drawing S.Kimura… 496

245  Effects of C,P and B on surface hot shortness due to Cu in steel H.Uchino… 497

246  Effect of substrate pretreatment on galvannealing behavior of galvanized steel S.Taira… 498

247  Effect of B in low C steel on the Si,Mn selective surface oxidation behavior, during continuous recrystallization annealing Y.Suzuki… 499

248  Effect of grain-boundary oxidation layer of Si,Mn bearing hot rolled steel, on the Si,Mn selective surface
    oxidation behavior of the cold rolled steel Y.Suzuki… 500

249  Interfacial alloy layer on sheet steel in hot-dip Zn-Al alloy coating Y.Uchida… 501

250  Reaction between Fe and molten Zn through Fe2Al5 phase layer Y.Wakamatsu… 502

251  Influence of steel surface property on galvannealing rate of galvanized steel sheet-2 N.Fujibayashi… 503

252  Hydrogen gas charge and discharge behavior during continuous galvanaizing process M.Sakurai… 504

253  High temperature strength and structure of high Cr martensitic steel H.Nakashima… 505

254  Development of high performance rotor forgings for advanced power plants Y.Tanaka… 506

255  Modelling of creep damage caused by solid-solution depletion(Creep modelling of martensitic heat resistant steels-3) H.Semba… 507

256  Characterization of creep deformation behavior of modified 9Cr-1Mo steel by stress change test H.Hayakawa… 508

257  Analysis of creep deformation process of heat resistant steels using positron annihilation lifetime M.Igarashi… 509

258  Change in the microstructures with W and Re contents in high Cr ferritic steels M.Kamiya… 510

259  Effect of B addition on the precipitation behavior of M23C6,laves phase and MX in 12%Cr steels
    (Effect of boron on creep strengthening in 12%Cr steel-5) K.Miki… 511

260  Stabilization of microstructure near boundaries for up to long times in extremely low-carbon 9Cr steel M.Taneike… 512

261  Creep behavior of the martensitic heat resistant steel aged at 650°C M.Yoshizawa… 513

262  Evaluation of creep properties on Pd added 9% Cr steel at elevated temperatures H.Okada… 514

263  Effects of a new thermomechanical heat treated process on creep properties of high Cr ferritic heat resistant steels H.Okubo… 515

264  Effect of heat treatment under high pressure on microstructure and creep strength of high Cr ferritic steel K.Kimura… 516

265  Influence of tempering temperature on the long-term creep strength properties of a Mod.9Cr-1Mo steel H.Kushima… 517

266  Effects of W-Mo balance on the creep strength of 9Cr steels K.Yokokawa… 518

267  Development and production of 10.5Cr3Co0.7Mo1.8WNbV steel for steam turbine high-temperature bolt Y.Hirakawa… 519

268  Effect of the balance of Mo and W on long-term creep strength of high-Cr ferrific steels with Co Y.Kadoya… 520

269  Microstructures of creep-ruptured 11Cr-0.4Mo-2W-V-Nb-Cu steel A.Sasada… 521

270  Microstructural degradation of heat affected zone in 11Cr-0.4Mo-2W steel due to creep N.Komai… 522

271  Effects of heat treatment and chemical composition on toughness of precipitation strengthened 15Cr steels H.Tohyama… 523

272  Nanocrystallization of carbon steel by ball drop test and structure evolution by aging T.Yasuda… 524

273  Development of ultra-fine grained austenitic stainless steels by mechanical milling R.Ishibashi… 525

274  Effect of strain on mechanical properties and microstructure of plain low-carbon steel martensite cold-rolled and annealed R.Ueji… 526

275  Microstructural homogenization of ultrafine transformed ferrite grains by refinement of prior austenite grains Y.Adachi… 527

276  Grain refining using segregation to austenite grain boundaries in Cu bearing steel Y.Hirai… 528

277  Crystallization process of amorphous Fe-Ni-B alloy by thermomagnetic gravimetry K.Kusabiraki… 529

278  Analysis of Al2O3 scale formed on La-Hf and La-Zr added 20Cr-5Al alloys at early stage of oxidation T.Hoshi… 530

279  Hot corrosion and oxidation resistance of low Cr and high Re containing Ni based superalloys Y.Murata… 531

280  Effect of solution heat treatment on hot corrosion resistance of a directionally solidified Ni-base superalloy A.Okayama… 532

281  Effect of Al and Ti on age-hardenin of Ni-Cr-Mo-Al-Ti alloys with low thermal expansion R.Yamamoto… 533

282  Change in creep among dual phase TiAl alloys with different microstructures M.Yosida… 534

283  Mechanical property and microstructure of low Nb and high Al Ni-Fe base superalloy(IN706) S.Imano… 535

284  Effect of long-time aging on mechanical properties and structural changes of Ni-18Cr-17Co-4Mo-3Al-3Ti alloy D.Saito… 536

285  Metallurgical analysis of serviced CMSX2 single crystal gas turbine bucket-3 Y.Yoshioka… 537

286  Creep of [001]-oriented Ni-20Cr alloy single crystals at low stresses Y.Nakamoto… 538

287  Relations between dislocation substructure and tensile directions in single crystal Ni-based
    superalloy,CMSX-2,crept at 1273K-250MPa(on [001]-[011] line) J.Lee… 539

288  Change in morphology of γ' phase of pre-crept single crystal nickel-based superalloy,CMSX-4,with simple aging N.Miura… 540

289  Stress expornent of minimum creep rate and activation energy for creep of oxide dispersion strengthened
    Ni-based superalloy,MA754 N.Harada… 541

290  Fine-grained Si-steel sheet hoop with cube texture produced by oxide-separator-induced decarburization N.Sano… 542

291  Texture evolution process in doubly oriented Si-steel sheets by oxide-separator-induced decarburization T.Tomida… 543

292  Effect of surface morphology on magnetic properties in grain oriented silicon steel Y.Ushigami… 544

293  Relationship between cold rolling reduction and peak orientation of primary recrystallized texture on grain
    oriented electrical steel T.Toge… 545

294  Analysis of formation mechanism of recrystallization nuclei in polycrystalline α-Fe using high resolution EBSP T.Imamura… 546

295  Estimation of the magnetic induction of electrical steel from texture analysis of the final product Y.Hayakawa… 547

296  Effect of component of insulating coating on weldability of non-oriented electrical steel sheet Y.Komori… 548

297  Development of the high corrosion resistant duplex stainless steel for electron beam welding H.Itoh… 549

298  Effect of Cr,N,Mo and W addition on properties of large-sized duplex stainless steel casting S.Tanaka… 550

299  Effect of Mo on oxidation resistance of 14%Cr ferritic stainless steel A.Miyazaki… 551

300  Anodic dissolution behavior of annealed SUS316L and SUS310S in neutral salt solution T.Saida… 552

301  Roughing treatment of stainless steel sheet by electro-etching T.Shimizu… 553

302  Biomachining of metals using metabolic reaction-1
    (The interaction of metals and microbes and its application to biomachining) Y.Miyano… 554

303  Visualization of deformation-induced martensitic phase in hot-rolled sheet of SUS304 steel H.Hayakawa… 555

304  Visualization of deformation-induced martensitic phase in bend forming for circular pipe of SUS304 steel sheet H.Hayakawa… 556

305  Change in the orientation of equiaxed grains of 16%Cr steels during hot rolling N.Hirata… 557

306  Effect of thermomechanical treatment on anisotropy of strength for
    ultra high strength metastable austenitic stainless steel K.Tomimura… 558

307  Contraction of cold rolled austenitic stainless steels during annealing at low temperature H.Aoyama… 559

308  Effect of mechanical properties on shear drop of stainless steel S.Suzuki… 560

309  Preparation and evaluation of stainless steel containing high nitrogen using mechanical alloying method R.Okabe… 561

310  Processing and microstructural characterization of high nitrogen duplex stainless steel by mechanical alloying method M.Fujita… 562

311  Precipitation behavior of a 18Cr-9Ni-W,Nb,V,N stainless steel T.Ishitsuka… 563

312  Precipitation behavior of type 316 stainless steels with different carbon and nitrogen contents during creep D.Takahashi… 564

313  Precipitation behavior during long-term creep of SUS316 steel H.Tanaka… 565

314  Change in chemical composition of precipitates during long-term creep of SUS316 steel M.Murata… 566

315  Heat-to-heat variation in creep strength of SUS304H TB steel H.Miyazaki… 567

316  Giga-cycle fatigue properties and inclusion orgins for 1800MPa-class spring steels T.Abe… 568

317  High-cycle fatigue properties for modified-ausformed SCM440 steels-3 Y.Furuya… 569

318  Effects of frequency on fatigue properties of Ti-6Al-4V(900MPa class) titanium alloy E.Takeuchi… 570

319  Nanoscopic strength analysis of tempered-martensitic steels H.Hirukawa… 571

320  Point defect creation during fatigue of martensitic steel320H.Shimura… 572

321  High-cycle fatigue properties for modified-ausformed SUP12 steels-3 T.Sawai… 573

322  Fatigue strength of laser processed hot work tool steel Y.Sun… 574

323  Effect of surface treatment on fatigue strength of cold work tool steel D.Yokoi… 575

324  Examination of evaluation of maximum hydrogen content in the environment for high strength bolt steel S.Sakashita… 576

325  Hydrogen trap activation energy and release behavior of high-strength steels K.Takai… 577

326  Mechanical properties of hydrogen absorbed stainless steel wires for spring Y.Fujino… 578

327  Deformation microstructures in hydrogenated low carbon steel T.Endoh… 579

328  Hydrogen embrittlement testing of steels for old pressure vessel using large thick specimen Y.Wada… 580

329  Evaluation of effect of tempering temperature on delayed fracture of SCM440 steel by SSRT W.Urushihara… 581

330  Free cutting brass T.Ando… 582

331  The effect of sulfide morphologies on the machinability of shape-controlled-sulfide free machining steel T.Kano… 583

332  Effect of microstructure and Si content on machinability of plastic mold steels T.Urita… 584  

333  Influence of V carbide on the hydrogen embrittlement and absorption in a V-added martensitic steel T.Tsuchida… 585

334  Hydrogen trapping behavior of Fe-0.4C-X(X:V,Ti) martensiteic steels T.Tsuchida… 586

335  Relationship between hydrogen absorption behavior and microstructure in an isothermally-transformed V-added steel T.Hara… 587

336  Manufacture of Ti-6Al-4V coating by vacuum plasma spraying K.Sonoya… 588

337  Properties of atmospheric purification of photocatalyst-coated steel sheet
    (Development of photocatalyst-coated steel sheet-2) N.Hiroshige… 589

338  Fabrication of corrosion resistant cortings by thermal spray technology S.Kuroda

339  Development of thin organic composite coated steel sheets M.Yamashita… 590

340  Structure of chromate coatings studied by TEM and XANES E.Hamada… 591

341  Corrosion behavior of Mg containing phosphated electrogalvanized steel sheet K.Hamahara… 592

342  Effects of some factors for cathodic delamination of polyurethane coated steel pipe342M.Murase… 593

343  SABI(rust) chemistry and corrosion science of iron and steels T.Misawa

344  R&D and diffusion of corrosion engineering I.Matsushima

345  Effect of Si and Ca on the seaside corrosion resistance of Ni-Cu-Ca-S steel J.HwanGyo… 594

346  Effect of molybdate addition in surface treatment layer on protective rust formation
    (New surface treatment for promoting protective rust formation on weathering steels-4) T.Komori… 595

347  Effect of alloying elements on corrosion resistance of welded SUS304 pipes W.Harada… 596

348  Crystallography of packet structure in upper bainite of Fe-Si-Mn-C alloy T.Moritani… 597

349  Effect of alloying elements on formation of M-A constituent in HAZ of extremely-low carbon bainitic steel K.Ichimiya… 598

350  Effect of ausforming on strength and toughness in low alloy bainitic/martensitic steels T.Sadasue… 599

351  Improvement of HAZ toughness by refinement of bainite
    (Improvement of HAZ toughness in high strength steels under high heat input-1) H.Hatano… 600

352  Development of 590MPa and 780MPa class steel plates for architectural construction
    (Improvement of HAZ toughness in high strength steels under high heat input welding-2) H.Kawano… 601

353  Effect of soluble nitrogen on tensile strength of low alloy steel Y.Kagawa… 602

354  Behavior of boron in 9Cr-3W-3Co ferritic heat resistant steels E.El-kashif… 603

355  Role of boron in preventing intergranular fracture in interstitial free steels E.El-kashif… 604

356  Effect of Nb or Mo on B distribution to B-bearing steel quenched from deformed austenite T.Hara… 605

357  Effects of boron addition on tempering processes in 0.1C-9Cr-3W-3Co steels martensite S.Kobayashi… 606

358  Morphology and growth kinetics of intragranular ferrite formed in association with inclusions M.Enomoto… 607

359  Effect of TiN and (TiN+MnS) on formation of intragranular ferrite K.Ohishi… 608

360  Development of {111} transformation texture in 0.0015C-0.035Ti-1.5mass%Mn steel sheets M.Sudo… 609

361  Fiber microstructure transition with deformation temperature in bixially rolled low-carbon steel bars F.Yin… 610

362  Alloy design based on predictions of atomic configuration H.Onodera… 611

363  Phase equilibria of Fe-rich portion of Fe-Ti-S ternary system H.Mitsui… 612

364  JMA theory for transformations from non-uniform parent grain structures H.Matsuda… 613

365  Simulation of hydrogen evolution behavior in thermal desorption analysis M.Enomoto

366  Some experiences which have made me appreciate researches on steel K.Kunishige… 614

367  Grain refinement of as-cast austenitic microstructure due to dynamic recrystallization and
    subsequent grain growth behavior in steels N.Fujita… 615

368  Effect of cold working and warm working for recristallization on SUS304 M.Katoh… 616

369  Grain growth in austenitic stainless steel weld metal after cold rolling and annealing S.Teraoka… 617

370  Effect of carbon content on static recrystallization of hot deformed austenite in plain carbon steels N.Moriya… 618

371  α-β titanium alloy with extra low flow stress comparable to Gr.2
    (effect of alloy elements on flow stress in Ti-Al-Cr-C alloy system) S.Kojima… 619

372  α-β titanium alloy with extra low flow stress comparable to Gr.2
    (Microstructural change of high carbon titanium alloy by heat treatment) S.Kojima… 620

373  Development of a new beta titanium alloy for golf club heads A.Suzuki… 621

374  Effect of thermomechanical treatment conditions on mechanical properties of β titanium alloys N.Matsukura… 622

375  Effect of Nb content on tensile properties of Ti-Nb-Ta-Zr system powder alloys N.Sakaguchi… 623

376  Effect of microstructure on fretting fatigue characteristics and surface morphology of Ti-4.5Al-3V-2Mo-2Fe J.Takeda… 624

377  Effect of the surface layer of the cold rolled titanium plate on the scale formation by annealing S.Iwasaki… 625

378  Surface coating system for titanium exterior panel E..Yoshikawa… 626

379  Corrosion resistance and formability of titanium co-added platinum group elements T.Yashiki… 627

380  Reduction of titanium oxide and new refining processes using molten salt electrolysis of (CaCl2+CaO) R.Suzuki… 628

381  The effects of thermomechanical processing conditions on microstructure in TRIP-aided annealed martensitic steels A.Hayakawa… 629

382  Effect of microstructure on strength and ductility of TRIP-aided steel sheets with annealed martensite T.Kashima… 630

383  Effect of alloying elements on scale adhesion in mild steel N.Imai… 631

384  Formability of tailored blanks of YAG laser welded TRIP steel sheets A.Nagasaka… 632

385  Improvement of properties in cold roll forming of Zn base alloy coated steel sheet for the buildings C.Maeda… 633

386  Effect of plastic deformation of asperities on press-formability of steel sheets Y.Morikawa… 634

Process Evaluation and Material Characterization

387  Analysis of stainless steel by helium glow discharge mass spectrometry S.Itoh… 660

388  Enhancement factor in the emission intensities excited by radio-frequency-powered glow discharge plasma
    associated with bias-current introduction K.Wagatsuma… 661

389  Analysis of dehydration behavior of aluminium hydroxide Y.Fujioka… 662

390  Separation of trace impurities from high-purity materials with the aid of surfactant-based hydrophobic field T.Kageyama… 663

391  Determination of copper in steels by inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry with gas-phase
    sample introduction technique A.Matsumoto… 664

392  Determination of sulfur in cast iron by infrared absorption method after combustion in high-frequency induction furnace H.Koga… 665


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