The 152nd ISIJ Meeting

September 16(Sat.)-18(Mon.), 2006  Niigata University (Niigata)

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High Temperature Processes
Social Engineering on Iron and Steel Industry
Instrumentation, Control and System Engineering
Processing for Quality products
Microstructure and Properties of Materials
Process Evaluation and Material Characterization
Environmental and Energy Technology
Discussion Session
International Organized Session
ISIJ and JIM Joint Session

The Timetable of the 152nd ISIJ Meeting

   Sep.16(Sat.) Sep.17(Sun.) Sep.18(Mon.)
a.m. p.m. a.m. p.m. a.m. p.m.
Room1 (D)Innovative development of refining processes in steelmaking by multi phase fluxes
(D)Recent progress on energy recovery and recycling technologies of bio-mass and waste materials for sustainable society
Ironmaking process enabling low energy consumption 1· 2
Sintering process
Room2 Direct reduction process· new iron source/Blast furnace operation
Young engineer in ironmaking 1· 2
Equipment of coke oven/Operation of coke oven
Young engineer session of cokemaking/Fundamental of cokemaking
Investigation of highly functional coke formation mechanisms
Room3 ---------- ---------- Thermodynamics 1· 2
Hot metal treatment/Converter · secondary refining
Improvement of function and efficiency on refining reaction 1· 2
Room4 Slag· dust 1· 2
Transport phenomena 1· 2· 3
Properties of liquid materials
Novel processing forum topics
Steelmaking and other heating process
Room5 ---------- Control of solidification structure 1· 2· 3
Utilization of electromagnetic field functions 1· 2
Continuous casting/Mold powder
Frontier of thermophysical property measurements of high-temperature melts 1· 2
Frontier of thermophysical property measurements of high-temperature melts 3· 4
Room6 ---------- ---------- Beginning and development of the iron-making process in Hokuriku area, Japan
---------- ----------
Room7 Iron and steel resource cycling system
Material recycling and reuse for waste materials/Holonomical application in designing, manufacturing, employing and maintaining technological system-2
---------- Environmental businesses and the present state of assessment in iron & steel industry
Application of hydrothermal reaction to recycling of slag 1· 2
Recycling of slag
Room8 ---------- Young scientist forum
System· control
(D)Application of hybrid control to the steel making process
Recent applications of advanced system technologies in intergrated steel works/Instrumentation
(D)Researches and developments for internal and sub-surface defect inspection
Room9 ---------- ---------- Current technology in temper rolling for mild steel sheet 1· 2
Recent fundamental triborogical research in forming 1· 2/Current technology and new trend in leveling & straightening process
(D)Current and future technologies of flat rolling and subsequent processing for stainless steel sheet
Room10 Symposium on evaluation technology of steel tube formability
---------- Developments of high quality and high functional bar and wire/Fabrication of tublar goods
Ultra fine graind steel/Plate cooling
Room11 ---------- Operation of sheet production/Forming
Recent progresses on the influence of steel side factors on machinability 1· 2
New powder compaction & sintering techniques
---------- ----------
Room12 Fatigue 1· 2
---------- Heat resisting steel · superalloy 1· 2
Heat resisting steel · superalloy 3· 4· 5
Heat resisting steel 1· 2
Room13 New revolution in beta-type titanium alloys
Hot dip coating
Plate· Fracture toughness/Microstructure and deformation behavior
(D)Biofilm and its effect on surface property of structural metals
Structural analysis/Precipitation behavior
Structure and properties
Room14 ---------- ---------- (D)Relation between reliability of strength prediction and microstructure evaluation in steels IV
(D)Availability of nitrogen on improvement in steel properties
Room15(JIM Z) Properties of steel sheets 1· 2
ISIJ and JIM joint session
Titanium and titanium alloys-1· 2 (6)[J1-J10] 9/16(13:20-16:50)
Titanium and titanium alloys-3· 4 (6)[J11-J18] 9/17(9:00-11:50)
Titanium and titanium alloys-5· 6 (6)[J19-J24] 9/17(13:00-15:00)
(Int.)Recent progress of the study on edge corrosion of residential coated steel sheets
(6)[Int.1-12] (9:30-15:25)
Room16 Hydrogen strage property 1· 2
Stainless steel 1· 2· 3
Stainless steel 4/Corrosion
Corrosion/Electroplating · functional treatment/Coating & lining
Electrical steel
Room17 Fracture behavior and its relation to metallurgical factors of structural materials
Phase transformation and phase diagram 1· 2
Structural steel 1· 2· 3
Precipitation and diffusional transformation/Non-diffusional transformation
Room18 ---------- Elemental analysis/State analysis
---------- (D)Advancement of chemical methods of analysis related to iron and steel making by means of flow analysis system
(D)Characterization of iron-relevant materials with complex structure and composition
Room19 ---------- ---------- Hydrogen· biomass technology
Recycling· slag treatment/Byproduct utilization
---------- ----------
Room20(JIM X) ---------- ---------- ISIJ and JIM joint session
Ultrafine grained materials
fundamental aspects for ultrafine grained structures-1· 2

Ultrafine grained materials
fundamental aspects for ultrafine grained structures-3· 4

---------- ----------
   Get together party
Hotel Niigata
   Poster session for students
ISIJ Beer Party
     (4);(5);(6)Issue No. of CAMP-ISIJ
[    ]:Lecture Number
(    ):Lecture Time
pink:ISIJ and JIM joint session
Board Meeting:
Process Evaluation and Material Characterization
Sep.17(Sun.) 11:00-12:00 Room 18
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「Joint symposium on "For our attractive society -Promotion of equal participation of Men and Women"」
Sep. 17  9:30-11:40
Faculty of Education and Human Science Room106   

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