International Organized Session

High Temperature Processes

2007/3/29 Lecture Room 1
Progress of the electromagnetic processing
Chairperson:H.Yasuda(Osaka Univ.)
9:10∼9:20 Opening remarks
H.Yasuda(Osaka Univ.)
9:20∼9:50 Int.1 (Invited Lecture)  Purification of hot dip galvanizing melt by EM separation
Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ. *Jun Wang, An-ping Dong, Da Shu, Xi-chuan Cai, Bao-de Sun
· · ·  44
9:50∼10:10 Int.2 Continuous solidification of Si from Si-Al melt under the induction heating
The Univ. of Tokyo *T.Yoshikawa(Currently:Osaka Univ.), K.Morita
· · ·  48
10:10∼10:30 Int.3 Joule heat generated by susceptor heating with induction
Tohoku Univ. *Jong-Soo Park, S.Taniguchi, Hokuriku Electric Power Company Engineering Environmental Technology Development Center K.Betsumori, H.Morino, S.Yamada
· · ·  52
10:45∼11:15 Int.4 (Invited Lecture)  Annealing of Nd-Fe-Co-B alloys under a strong magnetic field
Northeastern Univ. *Jianrong Gao, Yikun Zhang, Jicheng He
· · ·  56
11:15∼11:35 Int.5 Lamination of crystal orientated layers of Si3N4 ceramics
Nagoya Univ. Graduate Student *F.Kato, Nagoya Univ. K.Sassa, K.Iwai, S.Asai
· · ·  58
11:35∼11:55 Int.6 Magnetic field effect on the thermal convection of diamagnetic fluid
NIMS *N.Hirota, The Univ. of Tokyo T.Okano
· · ·  59
Chairperson:K.Iwai(Nagoya Univ.)
13:00∼13:30 Int.7 (Invited Lecture)  Phase particles electro-transport in solidifying Bi-Mn alloy with superimposing parallel magnetic field
Shanghai Univ. *Zhongming Ren, Yunbo Zhong
· · ·  60
13:30∼13:50 Int.8 Crystal alignment of various materials using strong magnetic field
Nagoya Univ. *K.Iwai;Graduate Student J.Akiyama, M.Usui, Nagoya Univ. S.Asai
· · ·  63
13:50∼14:10 Int.9 Numerical study of liquid metal two-phase flows under a static magnetic field
Tokyo Metropolitan Univ. *T.Tagawa
· · ·  67
14:10∼14:30 Int.10 (ISIJ Research Promotion Grant)Nucleation and solidification behavior of Fe-C alloys investigated by the AC + DC levitation technique
Osaka Univ. *H.Yasuda, T.Mizuguchi, T.Yoshimoto, T.Nagira, M.Yoshiya
· · ·  68
14:30∼14:40 Concluding remarks
H.Yasuda(Osaka Univ.)

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