International Organized Sessions

March 27  Room17

Effects of alloying elements on microstructure formation in steels and other materials
13:00∼13:05 Opening remark    M.Enomoto(Ibaraki Univ.)
13:05∼14:50    Chairperson:M.Enomoto(Ibaraki Univ.)
Int.1 (Invited Lecture)
Methods to represent the interface conditions during austenite to ferrite transformation
KTH *John Agren
···  460
Int.2 (Invited Lecture)
Effect of temperature and composition on the transition from paraequilibrium to local equilibrium during ferrite growth in the Fe-Mn-C system
McMaster Univ. *Hatem S.Zurob · Christopher R.Hutchinson · Gary R.Purdy, Inst. Nationale Polytechnique de Grenoble Yves Brechet, CEA-Grenoble Armand Beche
···  461
Int.3 (Invited Lecture)
Analysis at the nanometer scale of the austenite/ferrite interface during transformation in a model alloy Fe-C-Mn
Arcelor-Mittal R&D *M.Goune, Institut des materiaux de Rouen F.Danoix · O.Thuillier · D.Blavette
···  463
15:00∼15:50    Chairperson:S.S.Babu(Ohio State Univ.)
Int.4 Influence of magnetic field on ferrite transformation in an Fe-C-Mn alloy
Ibaraki Univ. *M.Enomoto · N.Hosokawa · G.Zhang · M.Kagayama, NIMS Y.Adachi
···  467
Int.5 Integrated models for predicting the effect of manganese fluctuation on the phase
transformation of industrial hot-forging steels
Toyota Central R&D Labs.,Inc. *K.Tanaka · M.Hara · Y.Yogo · K.Nakanishi, CENIM-CSIC Carlos Capdevila
···  469
16:00∼17:15    Chairperson:I.Ohnuma(Tohoku Univ.)
Int.6 Kinetics of reactive diffusion in a binary system with temperature dependence of solubility
Tokyo Inst. of Tech. *M.Kajihara
···  471
Int.7 Effect of the addition of niobium and titanium on the diffusion behaviour at the interface between Ni-based self-fluxing alloy coatings and a steel plate
Kyushu Inst. of Tech. *T.Tokunaga · M.Ohmichi(Now: Nisshin Steel Co.,Ltd.) · H.Ohtani · M.Hasebe
···  472
Int.8 Growth behavior of compound layer during reactive diffusion between solid Fe and liquid Al
Tokyo Inst. of Tech. *Y.Tanaka · M.Kajihara
···  473

March 28  Room17
9:00∼10:35    Chairperson:H.Zurob(McMaster Univ.)
Int.9 (Invited Lecture)
Intrinsic interface mobility characterizing the ausetenite-to-ferrite phase transformation in low alloyed steels
Montanuniversitat *Ernest Gamsjager · Yuhong Liu
···  474
Int.10 (Invited Lecture)
The critical limit of the massive transformation in Fe-Mn
Royal Inst. of Tech. *Annika Borgenstam
···  477
Int.11 Incomplete transformation of bainite in microalloyed high strength low alloy steels
Tohoku Univ. *T.Furuhara · K.Takahashi · G.Miyamoto
···  479
10:45∼12:10    Chairperson:M.Kajihara(Tokyo Inst. of Tech.)
Int.12 (Invited Lecture)
Elemental partitioning characteristics across transformation interfaces during thermo-mechanical-magnetic processing-challenges and future direction
Ohio State Univ. *Sudarsanam Suresh Babu, Special Metals Corp. R.A.Jaramillo, Oakridge National Lab. G.M.Ludtka · M.K.Miller
···  480
Int.13 Growth of cementite with alloy partitioning during tempering of martensite
Tohoku Univ. *G.Miyamoto · T.Furuhara
···  484
Int.14 Effect of intercritical annealing time on γ → α transformation during cooling in  cold-rolled dual phase steels
JFE *Y.Toji · K.Nakajima · T.Yamashita · K.Okuda · H.Matsuda · K.Hasegawa
···  486
13:10∼14:35    Chairperson:T.Furuhara(Tohoku Univ.)
Int.15 (Invited Lecture)
On the role of elastic energy in the growth of precipitates from solid solution
McMaster Univ. *G.Purdy · M.Greenwood · Yan Li · N.Provatas
···  488
Int.16 Modelling and characterisation of M4C3 precipitation and cementite dissolution during tempering of Fe-C-Mo-V martensitic steels
NSC *S.Ymasaki · S.Yoshida · D.Hirakami, Univ. of Cambridge H.K.D.H.Bhadeshia
···  490
Int.17 Change in precipitates distribution of Nb-bearing cold-rolled high strength steel sheet under slowly-heated annealing condition
JFE *T.Kobayashi · Y.Ono · T.Fujita · Y.Nagataki · Y.Funakawa
···  494
14:45∼15:35    Chairperson:M.Goune(Arcelor-Mittal R&D)
Int.18 Influence of Si on cementite precipitation in upper bainite
NSC *M.Azuma · N.Fujita · M.Takahashi, Arcelor-Mittal R&D Thierry Iung
···  496
Int.19 Development of 780MPa grade steel plate by microstructural control containing M-A through the on-line heating process
JFE *K.Ueda · S.Endo · S.Mitao · N.Shikanai · T.Ito
···  500

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