The 159th ISIJ Meeting

March 28(Sun)∼30(Tue), 2010 Tsukuba University

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High-Temperature Processes Social Engineering on Iron and Steel Industry Instrumentation, Control and System Engineering Processing for Quality Products Microstructure and Properties of Materials
Process Evaluation and Material Characterization Environmental and Energy Technology Discussion Sessions International Organized sessions ISIJ and JIM Joint Sessions

The Timetable of the 159th ISIJ Meeting

   March 28(Sun) March 29(Mon) March 30(Tue)
a.m. p.m. a.m. p.m. a.m. p.m.
Room 1
(1B 208)
Fundamentals of sintering process /Agglomeration technology

Ceremony of
conferment of the
honorary membership
and prize awarding

Special lecture



(D)Recent progress in sintering technology for high productivity
Cokemaking technology1· 2
Young engineer session of cokemaking
Room 2
(1B 308)
Refractories1· 2
Young engineer in ironmaking
(D)The present state and problems in the evaluation of physical properties at high temperature
The forefront research on physical properties at high temperature1· 2
The forefront research on physical properties at high temperature3· 4· 5
Room 3
(1B 408)
Scrap· energy /Transport phenomena
(D)Development of material strategy model for resources and environment-3
Fundamentals of reduction /Ironmaking process enabling low carbon consumption /CO2 separation technology
Reformed COG injection into blast furnace/Numeric analysis of blast furnace
Room 4
(1C 210)
Introduction of Novel processing forum activity /Property of cast metals
Continuous casting1· 2
Secondary refining1· 2 /Converter
Fundamentals of solidification 1· 2· 3
Fundamentals of solidification 4· 5
Room 5
(1C 306)
-------- Surface & state analysis1
Surface & state analysis2· 3 /Elemental analysis
Enviromental analysis /Diversified estimation of nonmetallic inclusion particles in steel
Room 6
(1C 310)
Green hydrogen synthesis process and fuel cell
New development of green energy steelmaking
Ironmaking· recycling /Slag· dust
Development of dust-making technology
Room 7
(1C 403)
-------- Ecological improvement of coastal environment using steelmaking slag
Review and landscape of iron and steel making technology in Japan
Hydrogen embrittlement1· 2
Hydrogen embrittlement3
Room 8
(1C 406)
-------- Joining and bonding1· 2
Metal forming /Defects and failure in metal forming
Manufacturing technology of high quality and high functional bar and wire1· 2
Room 9
(1D 201)
-------- Cooling· scale /Rolling· levelling
(D)State-of-the-art technology and challenges for world-leading manufacture of high-precision and high-functionality steel pipes
(D)Fundamental approaches for new demands on work-hardening properties of steels
Room 10
(1D 204)
Ni base superalloys /Austenitic heat resistant steels
Physical metallurgy of heat-resistant steels and alloys
Ferritic heat resistant steels1· 2
Ferritic heat resistant steels3
Room 11
(1E 102)
-------- Mechanical property of low/middle carbon steels
-------- Effects of a high magnetic field on phase transformations and the evaluation of magnetic energy
Mechanical properties and microstructure of hot rolled steel sheet /Mechanical properties and microstructure of cold rolled steel sheet
Room 12
(1E 203)
Diffusion and non-diffusion transformation1· 2
Three dimensional visualization and texture /Recrystallisation
New approaches to the nondestructive evaluation with nonlinear phenomena for degradation of ageing structural materials
Phase transformation· microstructure control /Inclusion· precipitation
Aging· precipitation1· 2
Room 13
(1E 303)
Electrical steel1· 2
Effects of alloying elements on microstructure formation in steels
Stainless steel1
Stainless steel2· 3
Room 14
(1E 401)
Deformation behavior
Fatigue and Fracture1· 2
-------- Mechanical properties of steels 1· 2
Room 15
(Joint Use Facility Bldg.A 101)
Hot-dip coating1· 2
Hot-dip coating3· 4
Recent advances in studies on atmospheric corrosion mechanisms and service life prediction for steels
Surface technology
Room 16
(Joint Use Facility Bldg.A 201)
-------- -------- Clarification of factors on deformation limit of steels by multi-scale analysis
ISIJ and JIM joint session Ultrafine grained materials–fundamental aspects for ultrafine grained structures-1· 2
Ultrafine grained materials–fundamental aspects for ultrafine grained structures-3· 4
Room 17
(Joint Use Facility Bldg.A 203)
-------- (D)Data driven approach to process control: theory and applications

(D)Advanced research and development of sensing technologies for plant safety conditions in steel industry

System /Instrumentation
Process analysis /Control
Room 18
-------- ISIJ and JIM joint session
Titanium and its alloys1· 2· 3
Titanium and its alloys4· 5· 6
ISIJ and JIM joint session Fundamentals and application of microwave processing1· 2
--------   Banquet
Poster session for students
ISIJ Beer Party

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