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International Exchange

1.International Conference

These international conferences aim at the enhancing the level of iron and steel technologies in Japan, the international exchange of science and technology and information, and friendly relations.
The conferences held since 2005 or planned are shown in Table 1.
2.Bilateral Symposium

These bilateral international symposia aim at promoting exchanges on science and technology and friendly relations between ISIJ and academic societies overseas. At present, such bilateral symposia are held with Verein Deutscher Eisenhuttenleute (Germany), The Chinese Society for Metals (China), Jernkontoret (Nordic countries), and the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (Canada). The symposia held since 2005 or planned are shown in Table 2.
3.Exchanges with Academic Societies Overseas

Technical exchanges on specific themes are being promoted between research departments of ISIJ and related academic societies overseas.
In addition, ISIJ participates in international conferences as a supporting member at the request of organizer and sends representatives and lecturers.