ISIJ Opened Steel Science Portal.

Opening of the new website Steel Science Portal
Providing the latest information about Japan's leading iron and steel science and technology

The new “Steel Science Portal” went online on March 24, 2014 as a portal site offering the latest cutting-edge information about Japan’s iron and steel science and technology primarily for overseas researchers in the field.

This new site posts issues of the journal of the Iron and Steel Institute of Japan and the journals of other institutes in Japan specializing in the steel and materials industry and fields related to the iron and steel. All of the journal articles come with an “Altmetrics” index (Altmetrics (= article level metrics) is the new metrics system for journal media evaluation proposed as an alternative to conventional journal impact factor and personal citation indices and uses data about use from scientific article reference manager tools like Mendeley to calculate impact indices for each article). In addition, this portal posts a full selection of technical newsletters from the main steel manufacturers and iron and steel industry technical news and topics.

The portal also features a very convenient cross search function that will make the site a highly effective tool for researchers and technicians in Japan. We hope you will make use of this new portal in your survey and research activities.

Steel Science Portal

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