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Information of New Publication (English language)

Cold Rolled Steel Sheets -Technology and Products in Japan - 

A manual under a title of "Cold Rolled Steel Sheets" was published in a Japanese version in 1996, and has received a favorable response from numerous users in a wide variety of positions and fields, including engineers at production departments of cold rolled steel sheets, persons responsible for designing, purchasing and form processing on the customer side, those responsible for sales and technical service on the steel producer's side and employees at trading companies.
An English translation of "Cold Rolled Steel Sheets" is now being published according to the basic policy at the Iron and Steel Institute of Japan, which is intended to contribute to worldwide activities in the iron and steel industries.


    Manufacturing Processes and Equipment for Cold Rolled Steel Sheets
    Quality Control of Cold Rolled Steel Sheets
    Guidelines for Applications
    Remarks on Trade
    Standards for Cold Rolled Steel Sheets  

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