“Steel Science Portal” Website Enhanced

A notice on the enhancement of the “Steel Science Portal” website
disseminating Japanese steel manufacturing technology

“Steel Science Portal” was launched in March 2014 to disseminate the very latest cutting- edge information on steel manufacturing technology in Japan for both domestic and foreign researchers on steel and its related materials. The website has now been upgraded and started to offer new services including ‘alert function’ for informing users of newly-published articles and ‘bookmark function’.

Those who want to use these functions are required to create an account as well as to agree to ‘Terms of Service’ and ‘Data Use Policy’ for the website.

Both these functions are very user-friendly, and you must enjoy upgraded “Steel Science Portal” when searching “ISIJ International,” “Tesu-to-Hagané” and other journals. Just click on the banner below. 

Steel Science Portal

◆ Features of Steel Science Portal

1.Cover nine journals published in Japan
Focusing on the two journals published by The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan, the website also posts an array of seven journals published by other Japanese academic societies on science and technology of steel and its related materials. 

2.Cross-search four scholarly databases
Searches by keywords will return results from J-STAGE, CiNii, ScienceDirect and SpringerLink databases.

3.Optimize search environment based on your history of usage
The website also displays article access ranking, searched phrase ranking and recommended articles. 

4.Provide user-friendly functions (alert and bookmark functions) < - New !

Also link to the latest in technology from leading steel manufacturers, high-profile overseas scholarly journals and news on the steel manufacturing industry and related topics.
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