International Symposium on CO2 Reduction in Steel Industry -For the Innovation of Ironmaking by the Partnership on Environment-

The steel industry has a great influence on global warming. In the various countries, new projects and researches have started to decrease CO2 emissions. New ironmaking processes such as top gas recycling, hydrogen reductin and biomass utilization have been proposed. The objective of the workshop is to provide an overview on the developments in progress, latest results and future perspective on this important issue. Useful information on CO2 reduction technology will be presented in this workshop.

Organizing committee
Tatsuro Ariyama(Tohoku Univ.)、Ryo Inoue(Tohoku Univ.)、Shigeru Ueda(Tohoku Univ.)、Koji Saito(NSC)、Akio Fujibayashi(JFE)、Minoru Asanuma(JFE) 

1. Date and time: January 20th, 9:30-17:00, 2012
2. Venue: Otemachi Sankei Plaza 3F, Tokyo, Japan
  9:45-10:10:"Way to Low-carbon Ironmaking" 
 Dr.Tatsuro.Ariyama(Tohoku Univ.)
  10:10-10:50:"-COURSE50- CO2 Emission Reduction Technology in Japan"
 Mr.Nobuyki Takamatsu(NSC)
  10:50-11:30:"Low-carbon BF Technologies with Highly Reactive Burden Materials" 
 Dr.Kanji Takeda(JFE)
  13:00-13:40:"Future Perspective on CO2 Emission Reduction of Chinese Ironmaking Industry" 
 Prof. Yang, Tianjun (Univ. of Science & Tech., Beijing)
  13:40-14:20:"Utilization of Hydrogen in Ironmaking" 
 Dr.Kim, Sung-Man(POSCO)
  14:50-15:30:"Measures to Increase Efficiency and to Reduce CO2 Emissions in Iron and Steelmaking in Europe" 
 Dr. Hans Bodo Lungen(VDEh) 
  15:30-16:10:"Utilization of Biomass in Australia" 
 Dr. Paul Zulli(Bluescope) 
  17:00-18:30:Get together 

4. Entry fee: 5,000JPYen

General Inquiry:
Tatsuro Ariyama, Tohoku University, E-mail :

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