Call for Papers ISIJ International, Special Issue on“Ancient and pre-modern production of iron and non-ferrous metals and their crafts”

  A special issue, “Ancient and pre-modern production of iron and non-ferrous metals and their crafts” is to be published on May, 2014. 
  The issue will provide a forum for discussion on the effects of metals on the culture and history with a special focus on Asian materials. Comparative studies and case studies on ancient and traditional metallurgy from other regions can illuminate the interactions between the Far East and the West through South Asia as well as Eurasia.
  The 8th international conference on “the Beginnings of the Use of Metals and Alloys” (BUMA8) will be held in September 10-15, 2013 at Nara city in Japan and is the interdisciplinary gathering of scientists, engineers, archaeologists and historians with a focus on production and use of metals, and an emphasis on cultural interactions and evolutions over time and space especially between the West and the Asian region. The special issue will be planned for the papers in the above-mentioned field.

1. Scope: 
  The following specific topics fall within the scope of this special issue:
(1)Iron and Steel Technology
(2)Copper and Bronze Technology
(3)Precious Metals and Coinage
Casting Technology of Bronze and Iron
Swords and Iron Artifacts
History of Alloys (Brass, Paktong and Shirome)
Ores and Metal Production
Illustrated Technology of Mining and Metallurgy
Experimental Metallurgy, Survey Methods and Conservation

2. Submission of manuscript:
1)Submission deadline is September 13(Fri), 2013.
2)Manuscript should be submitted in a style consistent with the “Instructions for Authors” and “Guide for the Preparation of a Manuscript” of ISIJ International.
3)The manuscript should be submitted via e-mail:
For inquiries, authors should contact the following organizer in advance:
K. Nagata: Chairman of BUMA8, e-mail:

3. Schedule for issue:
   ISIJ International, Vol.54 (2014), No.5 (May 15, 2014)
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