Call for Papers ISIJ International, Special Issue on "Cutting Edge of Computer Simulation of Solidification, Casting and Refining"

  A special issue, "Cutting Edge of Computer Simulation of Solidification, Casting and Refining" is to be published in February, 2014.
  In the recent decade, the phase field method, the cellular automaton method, and the in-situ synchrotron X-ray imaging technique have remarkably evolved as general tools for the comprehensive understanding of casting, solidification and consequent micro-structure formation. It is highly expected to review the present state of these methods and techniques, and to realize potential pathways for the future developments and applications.
  Solidification and Structure Formation Forum, ISIJ has decided to support "The 3rd International Symposium on Cutting Edge of Computer Simulation of Solidification, Casting and Refining (CSSCR2013)" on May 2013, with a view to enhancing activities in the field concerning simulation methods and experimental techniques for model validation. Thereupon, in cooperation with the symposium organization, the special issue has been planned for the symposium proceedings.

1. Scope:
  The following specific topics fall within the scope of this special issue: 1) Ladle and tundish refining and nozzle clogging modeling, 2) Casting process modeling and macro-segregation modeling, 3) Solidification microstructure modeling by the Phase field method, 4) Solidification microstructure modeling by the Cellular automaton method, including the front-tracking method and the Monte Carlo method, 5) Experimental techniques for model validation (In-situ synchrotron X-ray imaging, In-situ observation with confocal scanning laser microscope (CSLM), solidification under high magnetic field, and others).
2. Submission of manuscript:
  1) Submission deadline is June 28(Fri), 2013.
  2) Manuscript should be submitted in a style consistent with the "authors guide" of ISIJ International.
  3) The manuscript should be submitted via ISIJ International online submission site on the following URL.
  If you have any questions on the operation of electronic submission, please contact the editorial group, ISIJ. (E-mail:
4) For inquiries, authors should contact the following organizer in advance:
  K. Nakajima: Chairman of CSSCR2013, E-mail:
3. Schedule for issue:
  ISIJ International, Vol.54 (2014), No.2 (February 15, 2014) 

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