ISIJ International

The journal ISIJ International first appeared in 1961 under the title Tetsu-to-Hagané Overseas. The title was changed in 1966 to Transactions of The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan and again in 1989 to the current ISIJ International.
This journal published in English is a collection of the papers contributed not only by members but also by researchers in Japan and abroad, and also contains review articles written at the request of the Editorial Board. Editing is done by both the domestic Editorial Board and an international Advisory Board composed of distinguished research authorities abroad. Popular topics and papers presented at the international conferences sponsored by ISIJ are featured.
ISIJ International site Japanese version is here.

The journal provides an international medium for the publication of fundamental and technological aspects of the properties, structure, characterization and modeling, processing, fabrication, and environmental issues of iron and steel, along with related engineering materials.

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