2018 Sawamura Award

Following four papers are awarded the 2018 Sawamura Award and Guimarães Award.

[Sawamura Award]

・ Microstructure Evolution during Reverse Transformation of Austenite from Tempered Martensite in Low Alloy Steel
ISIJ International, Vol.57, No.3, pp. 533-539
Tomoya SHINOZAKI(Kobe Steel), Yo TOMOTA(NIMS), Tatsuya FUKINO(TSL), Tetsuya SUZUKI(Ibaraki Univ.)

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・ Intra–Particle Water Migration Dynamics during Iron Ore Granulation Process
ISIJ International, Vol.57, No.8, pp.1384-1393
Takahide HIGUCHI(JFE Steel Corporation), Liming LU(CSIRO Mineral Resources), Eiki KASAI(Tohoku Univ.)

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There is a growing demand to use low grade iron ores, i.e., iron ores with high content ratio of gangue (SiO2, Al2O3) or fine ores, etc., as burden of BF from the viewpoints of lack of high grade iron ores or expensive cost. To maintain the stable operation and high productivity of BF in the future, the strength and reducibility of iron ores should be kept by preparing the above mentioned low grade iron ores precisely before charging them into BF. Among the preparation of iron ores, granulation is especially an important process because this process has an influence on the structure and strength of burden. Generally the size of granule grows large by adding water, CaO, coke in the granulation process, but the phenomenon of the intra-particle water migration has been not entirely clear at the time.

In this paper, the intra-particle water migration dynamics was analyzed and simulated in order to clarify the mechanism of iron ore granulation process. To investigate the influence of porous structure on the migration, the authors proposed a new water migration model considered both the pore size distribution and closed pore. It could be explained that the capillary force was larger in iron ores having finer pores and consequently the water migration ratio into closed pores was higher by both theoretical and experimental analysis.

Considering the above achievements, this paper has an academic and a technical significance, and especially promises the ripple effect in the field of iron-making. Thus it is worth of the Sawamura Award.


・ Activities of FexO in Molten Slags Coexisting with Solid CaO and Ca2SiO4–Ca3P2O8 Solid Solution
ISIJ International, Vol.57, No.10, pp. 1725-1732
Kohei MIWA, Ryota MATSUGI, Masakatsu HASEGAWA(Kyoto Univ.)

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In steelmaking processes, there are incentives to reduce slag volume and CaO consumption. The key to meet these requirements is the better understanding of CaO dissolution mechanism into molten slag, which relies on the knowledge of the thermochemical properties of slags and fluxes used for dephosphorization. Attention was focused on the 3-phase assemblage of CaO +Ca2SiO4–Ca3P2O8 solid solution +liquid slag in the quaternary system CaO–SiO2–P2O5–FexO. The liquidus compositions of this 3-phase region were determined at 1 573 K. It is clarified that the contents of SiO2 and P2O5 were very low in these quaternary liquid slags. The FexO activities were also measured at temperatures between 1542 K and 1604 K by using an electrochemical technique involving stabilized zirconia electrolyte, and the results support the reaction mechanism between solid CaO and molten slag. Moreover, it is technically valuable to have estimated the phosphorus distribution ratios from present experimental data.

That is, the phase equilibria and the activity of FexO, which are necessary to estimate phosphorus behavior in utilizing 2CaO・SiO2 solid solution as an absorbent of phosphorus, were measured and clarified precisely. It has much academic value from the viewpoints of advanced experimental technique, understanding of phase equilibria, and prospect of phosphorus distribution ratio and its concept of derivation. The paper apparently has an absolute value with an academic and a technical significance, and thus it is worth well the Sawamura Award.


・ An Online Rolling Model for Plate Mill Using Parallel Computation
ISIJ International, Vol.57, No.11, pp. 2042-2048
Takayuki OTSUKA, Masashi SAKAMOTO,Yasuyuki TAKAMACHI, Yasuhiro HIGASHIDA, Yuji SEGAWA, Shohta TAKESHIMA(Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation)

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[Guimarães Award]

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