Request for Permission to Use Copyrighted Articles from the ISIJ

This is a request for permission to use copyrighted articles found inTransactions of the Iron and Steel Institute of Japan,Tetsu-to-Hagané Overseas, andTetsu-to-Hagané Abstracts, published by the Iron and Steel Institute of Japan (ISIJ) before July 31, 1980.

The ISIJ has uploaded articles published in ISIJ International and its predecessor,Transactions of the Iron and Steel Institute of Japan (articles published since 1981) on J-STAGE since 2006 but not articles published before 1980 because the copyrights belong to the respective authors.

We hope to upload articles published in the Transactions of the Iron and Steel Institute of Japan before 1980 and in addition its predecessors,Tetsu-to-Hagané Overseas and Tetsu-to-Hagané Abstracts, in order to more widely disseminate the valuable results of these articles. Since free access to our publications and the number of scholarly quotations from previous publications has increased in recent years, we now request permission to use copyrighted articles from the respective authors.

With regard to articles published in the above international journals before July 31, 1980, we ask the authors to seek approval for the use of copyrighted articles on behalf of the ISIJ.

If you would like to decline the licensing agreement, please contact the ISIJ Secretariat by February 28, 2019 (on email, please include the (1) author’s name, (2) article title, (3) volume, issue, and page number of the article).

If the agreement is declined, we will refrain from uploading the articles on J-STAGE. If no offer is forthcoming, a general assembly affirming consent to use the articles will be held, and copyrighted articles will be uploaded to J-STAGE. However, if objection arises after the decision has been made, we will remove the articles from J-STAGE.

Conventionally, this procedure should be proposed to each of the authors individually. However, we recognize that there may be extenuating circumstances, and we request that you follow the procedure as detailed above.

Please contact the following offices regarding requests/inquiries.

Contact: Editorial Group, The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan
Email:  FAX: 03-3699-5934
Tekko Kaikan (5th Floor), 3-2-10 Nihonbashi Kayabacho, Chuo-ku Tokyo, 103-0025

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