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ISIJ Meeting

The ISIJ Meeting is one of the most important events which is held every year in autumn and fall for 3 days. Receiving more than 1,500 participants, over 600 papers for regular presentations and about 80 papers for discussions are presented from Japan and abroad each time. The symposia, primarily of invited lectures on specific themes selected by the Technical Divisions, are also held at the same time.

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Instructions for the 181st ISIJ Meeting

  • How to attend on online meeting
    Manual for presenters
    Manual for Audiences
    Contents guideline for online meeting presentation
  • CAMP-ISIJ(Participants only) March 2 to 22, 2021
  • The Timetable of the 181st ISIJ Meeting(PDF)
  • Program of the 181st ISIJ Meeting (PDF)


The 181st ISIJ MeetingMarch 17-19, 2021virtual online meeting

Meeting Cancellation Policy of ISIJ Meeting

For more information on ISIJ Meeting, please send E-mail(academic@isij.or.jp).