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1. Invitation to ISIJ Membership

  We especially invite those interested in ISIJ's activities and those who meet the following requirements for entering ISIJ.
  1. Engineers, researchers, and students who manufacture, process, use, or study iron and steel materials 
  2. Engineers, researchers, and students interested in environmental and energy engineering
  3. Those interested in the history of iron and steel technology
  The Division of Environmental and Energy Technology was inaugurated in April 2004. Those interested in this field are earnestly requested to take this opportunity of entering ISIJ.  Application for membership can be accepted at any time. An application is made from here.For more information on membership, please send E-mail(members@isij.or.jp).

2. Types of Members

Domestic Members(Inside Japan)
TypeQualificationEntrance FeeMembership Due
(for one year)
Honorary MembersMembers recommended by the President in recognition of their distinguished services to the Japanese steel industry--
Patron MembersMembers recommended by the President in recognition of their substantial donation or contribution to ISIJ--
Ordinary MembersIndividuals in Japan900yen9,800yen
Senior MembersIndividuals in Japan900yen4,900yen
Associate MembersIndividuals in Japan, who can exercise approximately the same rights as Ordinary Members. Max. 10 years-4,900yen
Student MembersStudents in Japan-3,000yen

Foreign Members(Outside Japan)
Those members who reside abroad are registered as Foreign members.
TypeQualificationEntrance FeeMembership Due
(for one year)
Foreign Members
Individuals in foreign countries900yen9,800yen
Students in foreign countries-3,000yen
  • When Foreign members return or come to Japan to study or work, they are registered automatically as Ordinary members.
  • When Ordinary members go abroad to study or work, and reside outside Japan, they are registered automatically as Foreign members.
  • Number of members are shown in Table 1 and 2

3. Monthly Journals

One of the following two journals will be sent by sea mail.The latest issue will be sent after confirmation of the remittance. Back issues are not available.
  1. ISIJ International (Papers in English), published on the 15th of each month.
  2. Ferrum (Bulletin in Japanese) and Tetsu-to-Hagané (Papers in Japanese), published on the 1st of each month.
  3. "ISIJ International" and "Tetsu-to-Hagané" are available for free of charge on online.

    Additional subscription are also available by sea mail. You cannot choose the journal same as a monthly.
    Additional subscription fee is as follows;
Additional Subscription Fee (1.1-12.31 (One Year))
 ISIJ International4,727yen
  • "Ferrum" and "Tetsu-to-Hagané" are issued on the same day.
  • As for "Ferrum", we offer you Ferrum Digital Content (Japanese). You are requested ISIJ membership ID and password.
  • Both "ISIJ International (English)" and "Tetsu-to-Hagané (Japanese)" are available for free of charge on online.
  • All of Papers ("ISIJ International", "Tetsu-to-Hagané" and "Ferrum") are to be charged from January 2016.

These journals may be sent by air mail. Additional postage fee for air mail is as follows;
Additional Postage Fee for Air mail (for one year)
America, Oceania,
Middle/Near East
 ISIJ International9,00012,00015,000
ISIJ International & Tetsu-to-Hagané15,00019,00024,000
ISIJ International & Ferrum12,00016,00020,000
Tetsu-to-Hagané & Ferrum*8,00010,00012,000
ISIJ International, Tetsu-to-Hagané & Ferrum*17,00021,00027,000
* "Ferrum" and "Tetsu-to-Hagané" are issued on the same day

4. Current Advances in Materials and Processes (CAMP-ISIJ, Report of the ISIJ Meeting)

CAMP-ISIJ (in Japanese) is published on spring & fall. Members can get them at discount price. Please order in advance at the time of membership renewal in November.“CAMP ISIJ” Price list for ISIJ Members:
Preorder Discount Price (2 CDs)
*accept only set of 2 CD-ROMs (No.1 & 2)
*including Airmail charge & Registration fee of ISIJ Meeting

Middle/Near East
South America
Foreign Members8,527 yen9,127 yen10,127 yen
Foreign Members (Students)4,709 yen5,309 yen6,309 yen
 [Note]*We can accept‘Preorder Dincount Price’ only when you renew your membership before ISIJ Meeting in spring.*When membership application is made after the renewal time, the discount price will be effective from next year.

5. Types of Payment

You could remit us by following methods:
  1. Credit card (VISA or Master)
  2. Bank transfer
  3. Remittance charge
Bank remittance charge should be born by the remitter. So, we recommend to pay by credit card.
 Credit CardFree
 Bank Transfer4,000yen

6. Membership Renewal

The invoice for membership renewal will be sent in November each year.

7. To apply for ISIJ Membership

 · On-Line Application (Individual) ......... An application is made from here.