Program of the 142nd ISIJ Meeting (September 22-24, 2001)
General Presentation Only (Program;PDF)

High Temperature Processes

Social Engineering of Iron and Steel Industry

Instrumentation, Control and System Engineering

Production and Utilization Technology

Microstructure and Properties of Materials

Process Evaluation and Material Characterization

Program of Discussion Session

Current Advance in Materials and Process, Vol.14 ,No.4

High Temperature Processes

 1  Quantitative analysis of circulating solid velocity field in raceway M.Sawayama…841

 2  The measurement of solid temperature in a race way using two colors thermometers by CCD camera S.Matsuzaki…842

 3  Control of CO2 peak point by dual lance air curtain method M.Ichida…843

 4  Analysis of phenomena at lower part in blust furnace by sampling at tuyer level-2 Y.Hayasaka…844

 5  Development of waste plastics recycling process using coke ovens K.Kato…845

 6  Fundamental experiments on the H2 gas injection into the lower part of a blast furnace shaft T.Usui…846

 7  Consideration and practice of science, technology and strategy for minimizing CO2 emission in Chinese
    steel industry D.Cang…847

 8  Evaluation of emerging iron and steelmaking-an LCA approach L.Wibberley…848

 9  Dezincing behavior from iron and steelmaking dusts by microwave heating K.Nishioka…849

10  Recycling of shredder residue in ironmaking process H.Hiroha…850

11  Numerical simulation of the moving bed furnace for iron scrap melting R.Takahashi…851

12  Scrap and dust treatment technology for multi-function reducing-melting furnace M.Naito…852

13  Influence of sulfur activity on the reforming reaction during production of iron carbide
    with CO-CH4-H2-H2S mixtures in fluidized bed T.Kouda…853

14  Energy and pollutants reducing technologies in new ironmaking processes at POSCO I.O.Lee…854

15  Estimation of the clearance between coke-cake and oven wall S.Aizawa…855

16  Investigation into the coke oven walls in Kakogawa applying the mobile chamber width measuring system N.Takayama…856

17  Hot repair in the chamber end part of Mizushima No.1 coke oven M.Homma…857

18  Combustion chamber of observation and repair equipment in Yawata No.4 coke oven S.Ikemoto…858

19  Replacement of the collecting main of Hokkai No..5 coke oven S.Koizumi…859

20  Effect of coal maceral on the heating of coal by oxidation K.Matsudaira…860

21  Evaluation of fusibility of coal blend by using dynamic viscoelastic measurement T.Takanohashi…861

22  Effect of coal bulk density on coke properties(Development of coke strength estimation technology-4) T.Arima…862

23  Effect of the size of added plastic on coal carbonization S.Nomura…863

24  The operation results of waste-plastic recycling process using coke oven A.Sano…864

25  Control of CO2 reactivity and pore structure of coke H.Fujimoto…865

26  Effect of coke pore structure on coke strength after CO2 reaction K.Hanaoka…866

27  Effect of intense magnetic field on heat transfer around solidification front T.Kozuka…867

28  Control of molten steel flow in a continuous casting machine by imposing static magnetic field parallel
    to the slab width direction M.Morishita…868

29  The effect of electromagnetic vibration on collision and combine of inclusions S.Niwa…869

30  Effect of a high magnetic field on formation of carbonaceous mesophase spherules T.Torii…870

31  Effects of a high magnetic field on growth modes in vapor deposited films M.Ishihara…871

32  The removal of lead and nickel from copper with melting slag J.Shiino…872

33  The effect of H2 gas addition on the carburization of pure iron by CO R.Asano…873

34  Non-isothermal gravimetric investigation on kinetics of carbothermic reduction of chromium oxide K.Okumura…874

35  Effect of a supersonic jet on liquid surface D.Nakazono…875

36  Effect of high temperature field on the supersonic jet behavior I.Sumi…876

37  Acoustic cavitation assisted mixing of liquid in tank reactor M.Furukawa…877

38  Model experiment on ultrasound assisted decomposition of chemical substance in waste water N.Kawakita…878

39  Swirling flow effect in immersion nozzle in square billet continuous casting mold K.Sasaki…879

40  Suppression of mold powder entrapment in continuous casting mold using immersion nozzle
    with elliptic cross section J.Yoshida…880

41  Numerical prediction of microstructure evolution during initial stage of solidification
    using a phase-field model M.Ode…881

42  The phase field model for ternary alloys using regular solution approximation H.Kobayashi…882

43  Calculation model of growth of MnS precipitates in Fe-Si alloys H.Hasegawa…883

44  Effect of solute elements on the dendrite arm spacing in Fe-based alloys B.Wu…884

45  Influence of NaF addition to the system cuspidine-CaF2 H.Takahasi…885

46  Influence of Na2O on the equilibrium between mold flux composition and cuspidine M.Hanao…886

47  Fluorine elution from mold flux Y.Yamamoto…887

48  In-situ observation of argon bubble entrapment by soliditifying shell H.Esaka…888

49  Outline of national project on application of electromagnetic force to continuous casting of steel K.Ayata…889

50  Development of imposition technology of pulsative AC electromagnetic field in slab casting M.Tani…890

51  Flow control of molten steel in mold with super-conducting magnets Y.Kishimoto…891

52  Improvement of hot ductility in cotinuously cast strand by ferrite precipitation control Y.Itoh…892

53  Evaluation of mold flux consumption in continuous casting of steel based on cold model experiments S.Itoyama…893

54  Effect of the flux flow on the oscillation mark depth T.Ohkuma…894

55  Measurement of critical strain for formation of the transverse crack of ultra low carbon steel Y.Awajiya…895

56  Cause of scale-shaped crack formation by applying hot-scarfing K.Isobe…896

57  High temperature deformation behavior of peritectic carbon steel H.Mizukami…897

58  Influence of gas flow and deadman renewal on accumulation of fines on deadman surface K.Goto…898

59  Effect of slag solidification on mass and heat transfer phenomena in deadman T.Nishimura…899

60  Numerical analysis on unsteady heat transfer in lower part of blast furnace taking account of melting
    or re-solidification Y.Kashihara…900

61  Estimation of phenomena of burden descending in furnace by cellular automata method T.Imaizumi…901

62  Estimation of blast furnace slag viscosity at the time of solid-phase precipitation T.Orimoto…902

63  Prediction of carbon dioxide from blast furnace by using of the metallic burden T.Sato…903

64  Blast furnace operation of pulverized coal rate 210kg/T at Fukuyama Works M.Kuwabara…904

65  Flow behaviour of blast furnace taphole streams and their effect on trough refractory wear H.Qinglin…905

66  Effect of SiO2 on the reduction of CaO-containing wustite T.Inami…906

67  Gaseous reduction of iron oxide powder packed bet with H2-CO mixtures T.Yonezawa…907

68  Low temperature Moessbauer effect in χ-iron carbide F.Mase…908

69  Simulation regarding the mutual stimulate effect of reduction and gasification
   in iron ore-char composite pellet M.Hiura…909

70  Products during mechanical milling of iron oxide and graphite mixture H.Suzuki…910

71  Reduction behavior of hematite-graphite mixture with alkaline- earth metal oxide S.Kikuchi…911

72  Development of a ladle degassor J.Aoki…912

73  Re-oxidation behavior of molten steel by slag K.Fuchigami…913

74  Effect of slag properties on reduction rate of chromium in Cr2O3 containing slag by carbon in liquid metal K.Miyamoto…914

75  Construction of hot cyclone dust collector for chromium ore smelting reduction furnace S.Nabeshima…915

76  Influence of composition of refining slag on composition of inclusions in SUS304 slab Y.Ehara…916

77  Variation of inclusion composition in SUS304 stainless steel deoxidized with aluminum H.Todoroki…917

78  Deoxidation behavior in the creation of high nitrogen-bearing stainless steel by pressurized ESR method
   with Ca- bearing flux Y.Kobayashi…918

79  Effect of Al and O contents on the size distribution of alumina inclusions just after deoxidation M..Wakoh…919

80  Deoxidation equilibrium of Cr-Ni stainless steel with Si K.Suzuki…920

81  Phase equilibria between SiO2 and iron-chromite solid solution,and deoxidation of liquid Fe-Cr alloy
   with Si T.Nagasaka…921

82  Thermodynamics on the FeO•Cr2O3 solid solution T.Nagasaka…922

83  Phase equilibria in CaO-MgO-FetO-P2O5 slag saturated with MgO T.Tamura…923

84  Activity measurements of Al2O3 and SiO2 in the Al2O3-SiO2-TiOX system M.Ohta••• 924

85  Determination of standard gibbs energy of formation of cuspidine by transpiration method H.Tabata…925

86  Affecting factors on the measurement of thermal diffusivity of molten slag using double hot thermocouple
   technique Y.Kashiwaya…926

87  Measurment of refractive indices for alkali silicate melts by ellipsometry T.Yagi…927

88  Examination of Faraday's law of electrolysis in reactions between Na2O-SiO2 melts and thermal plasma Y.Nakada…928

89  Viscosities of CaO-SiO2-Al2O3 slags N.Saito…929

90  Viscosity measurements and calculations for blast furnace type slags Y.Kita…930

91  Accurate prediction of the viscosities of steelmaking slags T.Iida…931

92  Influence of permeation water on bonding of blast furnace slag fine aggregate H.Mitsufuji…932

93  Investigation of attached organisms on carbonated steelmaking slag
   (Development of large carbonated steelmaking slag blocks-7) T.Isoo…933

94  New compound K2Ca2Si2O7 contained in silicate fertilizer
   (Development of slow- release potassium silicate fertilizer with steelmaking slag-4) E.Hamada…934

95  Recovery of chromium from slags by Fe-C-Al-Si melts T.Nakasuga…935

96  Dissolution behavior of the constituents from converter slag K.Shitogiden…936

97  Stability diagram of nutritions dissolving from steelmaking slags into seawater T.Miki…937

98  Stability diagram of environmentally regulated elements dissolving from steelmaking slags into seawater T.Miki…938

99  Effects of MgO based glass addition on the dusting of stainless steel slag
   (Development of control process of stainless steel slag dusing-3) N.Sakamoto…939

100 Atomization of slag-modeled melt by rotary cup atomizer T.Natsui…940

101 Promotion of pulverization by various rotary cup atomizers T.Mizuochi…941

102 Application of steelmaking slags to pile foundation A.Nishiwaki…942

103 Developement of EAF refining slag block Y.Kamiya…943

104 Adsorption property of nanometer particles by the carbonized RDF N.Akae…944

105 Thermite reaction of EAF dust with Al dross in insulated sleeve M.Mori…945

106 Dust recycling technology by dust treatment facilities at Kashima Steel Works T.Ookubo…946

107 Interface reaction and joining of ore with slag Y.Tsutsumi…947

108 Effect of flux composition on agglutination strength of hematite Y.Kuroki…948

109 Viscosity of primary formed melt in sintering process S.Machida…949

110 Development of estimation model for thermal properties of sinter K.Nishioka…950

111 Zone wize mineralogical characteristics of Marra Mamba type fine ores
   (Characteristics of Marra Mamba type-iron ore-1) Y.Hida… 951

112 Assimilation properties of Marra Mamba iron ore
   (Evaluation and technology for application of Marra Mamba iron ore-2) J.Okazaki…952

113 Development of new granulation method adding the paper sludge T.Matsumura…953

114 Improvement of the sintering operation using the slitting plate of the upper layer T.Jinno…954

115 Improvement of sinter yield with adding coke breeze from the screw feeder M.Matsumura…955

116 Operation results of coke upper charging method at Kakogawa sintering plant S.Ishiwaki…956

117 Improvement of sinter yield at the surface layer of sintering bed S.W.Kim…957

118 Increasing productivity of No.5 sintering machine at NKK Fukuyama Works K.Yamashita…958

119 Effect of Cu in mixture on dioxin concentration in the exhaust gas
   (Behavior of dioxins in the sintering process of iron ores-14) T.Kawaguchi…959

120 Measurement on the vertical distribution of copper content by a quenching pot test
   (Behavior of dioxins in the sintering process of Iron ores-15) M.Nakano…960

121 In-site observation of reduction behavior of ironoxide by graphite using high temperature XRD method I.Seki…961

122 Temperature measurement on the reaction surface of an iron oxide-graphite facing pair M.Kanbe…962

123 Influence of the operating condition of HI-QIP on DRI productivity N.Ishiwata…963

124 Separation of Ni from laterite ore by sulfuric acid leaching H.Purwanto…964

125 Development of control system for hot metal process at Fukuyama Works S.Wakamatsu…965

126 Improvement of hot metal pre-treatment center in Chiba Works T.Yamauchi…966

127 Development of techniques for putting desiliconization flux into torpedos in advance H.Tsurumaru…967

128 Dephosphorization of Fe-C-P melts at 1623K by potassium ferrite Y.Sasaki…968

129 Effect of flux on dephosphorization of hot metal T.Murai…969

130 Effect of the feeding rate of iron oxide and hot metal temperature on the hot metal dephosphorization rate
   in torpedo car Y.Hino…970

131 Effect of hydrocarbon gas on hot metal desulfurization by CaO based flux N.Kikuchi…971

132 Numerical simulation of BOF top blowing jet Y.Tago…972

133 BOF refining technology for lhot metal with low manganese content J.S.Kim…973

134 Behavior of (T.Fe) in BOF slag Y.Kanzaki…974

135 Design of waste heat recovery system in a LD converter N.Maruoka…975

136 Measurement of oxidation of MgO-C refractories with thermobalance Y.Ayabe…976

137 Improvement of slab casting productivity at NKK Fukuyama Works K.Kameda…977

138 Simulation of sliding nozzle gate movements for steel continuous casting N.Kubo…978

139 Improvement of techniques for sequental casting of different grade at Mizushima No.2 continuous casting
   machine T.Takeda…979

140 Development of high quality steel production technique in the No.4 CCM at Kakogawa Works K.Sumida…980

141 The tendency for freckle formation in Inconel 718 K.Morita…981

142 Development of Ca less casting on 220⌈ middle bloom CC R.Kakimoto…982

143 Rockwool from municipal waste incinerator K.Yabuta…983

144 Kinetics on the carbon deposition from CO-H2-CO2 gas mixture with iron catalyst M.Nagaike…984

145 Factors affecting to the dioxins formation during oxidation of carbonaceous materials at low temperatures S.Kuzuhara…985

146 The effect of CO2 on properties of charcoal absorbent from waste wood
   (Synthetic utilization of waste wood by combination of smelting of metal-6) T.Kitamura…986

147 Development of sludge recycling technology by 10t/d smelting reduction furnace
   (Development of recovery technology of valuable metal contained in industrial sludge) T.Uchiyama…987

148 Behavior of zinc during smelting reduction of industrial sludge by electric resistance furnace
   (Development of recovery of metal contained value from industrial sludge-7) K.Iwasaki…988


Social Engineering of Iron and Steel Industry

149 Engineering ethics and code of ethics for engineer K.Kuroda…990

150 Market trend forecast of iron material seen from social economy T.Hoshiba…991

151 Management analysis of iron and steel enterprise in fundamental industries K.Iwasaki…992

152 Analysis of competition power in electric furnace steel industries based on financial report H.Iwasaki…993

153 Rules and history of underground construction of Tatara furnace K.Nagata…994

154 The technology of cascade utilization of mixed fluoric-nitric acid for cleaning H.Uesugi…995

155 Analysis of CO2 emission from passenger cars by using a population balance model K.Kakudate••• 996

156 Co-production technologies into steel industry for reducing environmental impacts H.Yanagisawa…997


Current Advance in Materials and Process, Vol.14 ,No.5

Instrumentation, Control and System Engineering

157 Automatic diagram scheduling system for steel-making process S.Fujii…1000

158 Gain-scheduled tension and looper control in the hot strip finishing mill Y.Iijima…1001

159 Tension and looper control of hot strip mill based on CDM H.Ikeda…1002

160 Construction of advanced dust smelting furnace(The low cost design of the control device) S.Hirata…1003

161 Chamber wall condition measurement technique
   (Development of wall roughness monitoring system in coke oven chamber-1) T.Ashida…1004

162 Continuos molten steel temperature measurement using radiation thermometry M.Sugiura…1005

163 Development of continuous temperature analysis system in continuous casting process Y.N.Kim…1006


Production and Utilization Tecnology

164 Frictional coefficient in tube hydroforming and its effect on deformation M.Kojima…1008

165 Numerical simulation of the tube hydroforming process
   (Friction effect on deforming behavior during hydroforming of square cross section) M.Fukumura…1009

166 Effect of material properties on forming limit in tube hydroforming Y.Hashimoto…1010

167 Measuring methods and characteristic values of mechanical properties of tubes used for hydroforming Y.Shinohara…1011

168 Effects of strain on the microstructure formation of steel tube M.Aratani…1012

169 Improvement on inner surface quality of weldable 12%Cr seamless pipe T.Nakahashi…1013

170 New roll groove dressing machine of stretch-reducer T.Kimura…1014

171 Development of H-beam web off-center gauge M.Matsumoto••• 1015

172 Concentration analysis of lubricant additives for cold rolling by FT-IR A.Azushima…1016

173 Oil film and anti-seizure property in emulsion rolling T.Hirasawa…1017

174 Development of new rolling oil for tin gauge cold rolling S.Sugimoto…1018

175 Influence of hot rolling oil and rolling conditions on lubricated property T.Hiruta…1019

176 Practical application of roll seizure prevention technology with grease-type hot rolling lubricant H.Ihara…1020

177 Development of non-oil type lubricant for hot rougher rolling T.Inoue…1021

178 Warm rolling with lubricant in the vacuum condition Y.Yoshida…1022

179 Construction and operation of No.2 reheating furnace at NKK Fukuyama No.1 hot strip mill
   (Application of high temperature air combustion to a slab reheating furnace-1) Y.Suzukawa…1023

180 Application of regenerative burner system to a large scale slab reheating furnace
   (Application of high temperature air combustion to a slab reheating furnace-2) Y.Suzukawa…1024

181 Application of regenerative burner to a batch-type slab reheating furnace I.Mori…1025

182 Application of regenerative radiant tube burner to Fukuyama #3 continuous annealing line I.Mori…1026

183 Influences of temperature and atmosphere on the oxidation behavior and descalability of SUS304
   hot-rolled strip T.Oshima…1027

184 Effect of cooling rate and sintered carbon on mechanical properties of nickel molybdenum pre-alloyed
    powder H.Suzuki…1028

185 Several properties of Cu-W/Cu composite affected by infiltrating conditions T.Baba…1029

186 Fabrication of metal-alumina functional graded pipes by planetary slip casting H.Kobayashi…1030

187 Properties and microstructure of SiC ceramics that liquid face sintering were using HIP treatment Y.Mori…1031

188 Aluminizing of steel by liquid coating method K.Murakami…1032

189 High strengthening sintered Fe-Ni alloy steels H.Miura… 1033

190 Analysis on warm compaction behavior K.Kondoh…1034

191 Magnetic properties of flaky-shaped iron powder for dust cores N.Nakamura…1035

192 Eutectoid transformation originated from dispersed oxide particles K.Kasuya…1036

193 Characterization of cast strips for high P low-carbon steels K.Hirata…1037

194 Cast structure of high P low C steels cooled by several 10K/s T.Higuchi…1038

195 Influence of solidification mode on structure of continuously cast high phosphorus 0.1mass%C steel N.Yoshida…1039

196 Development of on-line control system for mechanical properties on the plate rolling mill H.Fujiuchi…1040

197 Development of predictive type FF-AGC in plate rolling S.Nishino…1041

198 Development of on-line control system for thickness,flatness and material property on plate rolling T.Tanemoto…1042

199 Development of on-line residual stress guarantee system of TMCP steel plate Y.Kobayashi…1043

200 In-situ observation of γ/α phase transformation in low carbon steel by laser microscopy T.Hanamura…1044

201 Relationship between thickness of pancake γ and thickness of grain boundary α S.Torizuka…1045

202 Effect of shear deformation on development of fine-grained ferrite structures T.Inoue…1046

203 Manufacture of duplex stainless steel large forging T.Wada…1047

204 Production of heavy section steel plates through forging and plate rolling process using continuously cast
   slabs-4 K.Araki…1048

205 Microstructural change by heavy deformation after reheating for cast slabs of 0.1mass% carbon steel T.Yamashita…1049

206 Mechanical properties of warm rolled steel plates with ultrafine-grained ferrite and cementite structures A.Ohmori••• 1050

207 Effect of diffusion of {100}parallel to the ND plane on the Charpy impact properties in low carbon steels T.Hanamura…1051

208 Fatigue properties of ultrafine-grained low carbon steels-2 T.Sawai…1052

209 Experimental investigation into characteristic of camber control in sheet bar rolling M..Eto…1053

210 Development of high response hydraulic looper in tandem hot strip mill A.Chamoto…1054

211 Development of high wear resistance cast iron roll with carbide enhanced matrix K.Hayashi…1055

212 Transcription mechanism of roll surface roughness on the strip surface T.Aono…1056

213 the edge-break phenomenon by skin pass rolling Ko.Hung.Suk…1057

214 Cutting characteristics of TiAl system intermetallic compounds H.Tagami…1058

215 Effect of ferrite morphology on delayed fracture properties in high strength steel
   (Improvement of toughness in high strength steel by thermo mechanical treatment-1) J.Kodama…1059

216 Fatigue properties of high strength spring steel wire E.Abe…1060

217 Relationship between prior γ grain size and fatigue strength in high strength oil tempered wire H.Izumida…1061

218 Susceptibility of hydrogen in Si-enriched high carbon steel wire Y.Fujino…1062

219 Temperature analysis of a thin wire in fluidized bed patenting T.Hamada…1063

220 Effect of intermediate cooling after hot-deformation on the proeutectoid cementite evolution at the grain
   boundary in hyper-eutectoid steel rods S.K.Cho…1064

221 Effect of residual phase stress on the yield strength anisotropy for a ferrite-cementite steels T.Suzuki…1065

222 Development of dual phase steel for pitting resistant gears by surface hardening process K.Fukuoka…1066

223 Ultra smoothing bar by drawing process with protrusion die S.Kajino…1067

224 Decreasing residual stress by drawing process with protrusion die S.Kajino…1068

225 Effect of moisture absorption on drawability in steel wiredrawing K.Yosida…1069

226 Influence of straightening conditions on the longitudinal geometry T.Kuboki…1070

227 Influence of initial curvature of parent bar on the longitudinal geometry after drawing T.Kuboki…1071

228 Observation of process occurrennce in high-carbon steel wires N..Ito…1072

229 Prediction method of cracking limit in upsetting(Evaluation method for forgeability-1) S.Watanabe…1073

230 Influence of pre-deformation on crack limit in cold upsetting(Evaluation method for forgeability-2) S.Watanabe…1074

231 Influence of working condition on internal cracking occurence in cold extrusion K.Kuroda…1075

232 Bayesian neural network model for estimation of weld properties H.Fujii…1076

233 Development of prediction model for mechanical properties of large-heat-input SAW welds H.Fujii…1077

234 Effect of nitride precipitation on the HAZ toughness of high nitrogen containing Ni-free austenitic
    stainless steel I.Woo…1078

235 Ultra-narrow gap GMA welding process for ultra-fine grained steels K.Hiraoka…1079

236 Deep penetration welding of ultrafine grained steel by 20 kW CO2 laser S.Tsukamoto…1080

237 Numerical analysis of deformation behavior for over-matched weld joints K.Nagai…1081

238 Mechanical properties of welded joints of ultra-fine grained steels H.Qiu…1082

239 Fatigue strength improvement of ultrafine grained steel non-load-carrying cruciform welded joints
   (Introduction of compressive residual stress with low-transformation temperature welding wire) N.Suzuki…1083

240 Development of new explosive welding technique using underwater shock wave for joining thin metal plate
   onto steel K.Hokamoto…1084



Current Advance in Materials and Process, Vol.14 ,No.6

Microstructure and Properties of Materials


241 Formation of ultrafine grains during high temperature deformation of martensite in low-carbon steel N.Tsuji…1161

242 Formation of ultrafine grains in JIS-SS400 plain low-carbon steel by conventional cold-rolling and
   annealing of martensite starting structure R.Ueji…1162

243 Mechanical properties of ultrafine grained JIS-SS400 plain low-carbon steel produced by conventional
   cold-rolling and annealing of martensite starting structure R.Ueji…1163

244 Ultra-grain refinement of JIS-SM490 steel by conventional cold- rolling and annealing of martensite
   starting structure N.Tsuji…1164

245 Change in microstructure and mechanical properties of 36%Ni austenitic steel highly strained by ARB
   process N.Tsuji…1165

246 Change in microstructure and mechanical property by annealing of ultra-low carbon IF steel intensely
   deformed to various strains by ARB N.Kamikawa…1166

247 Nanocrystallization in the surface region of carbon steels by high strain rate heavy deformation N.Suzuki…1167

248 Microstructure investigation on nanocrystallization process in carbon steels by heavy deformation Z.G.Liu…1168

249 Thermo-mechanical treatment for improvement of superplasticity on SUS304 M.Katoh…1169

250 Three-dimensional morphology and influence of Mo segregation on the transformation behavior of
   proeutectoid ferrite in an Fe-C-Mo alloy K.M.Wu…1170

251 Crystallography and interphase boundary structure of upper bainite T.Moritani…1171

252 Morphology and crystallography of intragranular ferrite nucleated on incoherent MnS+V(C,N) complex
   precipitate in austenite G.Miyamoto…1172

253 Crystallographical study of intra-granular ferrite in low alloy steel G.Shigesato…1173

254 Development of high HAZ toughness steel with fine microstructure imparted by fine particles R.Uemori…1174

255 Microstructure of degenerate pearlite in a hypoeutectoid Fe-C alloy K.Sakamoto…1175

256 Precipitation behavior of cementite during slow cooling in medium carbon steel M.Suzuki…1176

257 Investigation on the decomposition of cementite Z.G.Liu…1177

258 The effect of alloying additions on the properties of bulk cementite H.Takaoka…1178

259 The evolution of microstructure in vanadium microalloyed steels Y.Li…1179

260 Precipitation of fine particle sulfide in Fe-Cr-S alloys H.Mitsui…1180

261 Recovery of microstructure and mechanical property in aged duplex stainless steel H.Kuwano…1181

262 Magnetic properties of Fe-Cr-C,and Fe-Cr-C-Ni dual property magnetic materials S.Yokoyama…1182

263 Newly developed electrical steel for high frequency use M.Kawano…1183

264 Effect of boron on workability of 6.5%Si steel sheet K.Fujita…1184

265 The effects of S on magnetic properties of non-oriented electrical steel sheets Y.Oda…1185

266 Effect of frequencies of high-energy boundary in primary recrystallized textures on secondary
   recrystallization of the Goss grain M.Kurosawa…1186

267 Observation of grain growth process of secondary recrystallization in grain oriented electrical steel M.Komatsubara…1187

268 Dynamic observation of grain growth behavior by synchrotron x-ray topography
   (Effect of grain boundary character on selective growth of Goss grain in Fe- 3%Si alloy-1) Y.Ushigami…1188

269 Motion of Goss boundary under pulsive heat treatment
   (Effect of grain boundary character on selective growth of Goss grain in Fe- 3%Si alloy-2) S.Takebayashi…1189

270 Features of texture of the adjacent primary grain to a Goss grains in a secondary recrystallization in
   Fe-3%Si alloy(Effect of grain boundary character on selective growth of Goss grain in Fe-3%Si alloy-3) S.Nakamura…1190

271 Texture and size distribution of primary grains in the vicinity of Goss boundary
   (Effect of Goss boundary character on selective growth of Goss grain in Fe-3%Si alloy-4) S.Suzuki…1191

272 Recrystallization texture formation of high-reduction cold rolled iron H.Homma…1193

273 Properties of the low carbon high nitrogen martensitic stainless steel melted by a pressurized induction
   furnace T.Koga…1192

274 Preparation of Fe-Cr-Mn stainless steel containing high nitrogen using mechanical alloying method R.Okabe…1194

275 Corrosion resistance of Fe-Cr-Mn-N steels produced by nitrogen absorption treatment at solid state M.Fujisawa…1195

276 Effects of N and Mo contents on localized corrosion resistance of high N-bearing stainless steels
   (Development of stainless steel for seawater environment-7) M.Sagara…1196

277 Influence of Ca and S on corrosion resistance of super-low P SUS316L stainless steel S.Iwasaki…1197

278 Atmospheric corrosion resistance of ferritic stainless steels in marine environment K.Shirayama…1199

279 Effect of Cl and S content in synthetic ash on the corrosion resistance of stainless steels to molten salts
   (Corrosion resistance of stainless steels in waste incineration environment-3) Y.Kawabata…1198

280 Effects of Si content on oxidation of SUS304 steels in steam at 1473K M..Hatano…1200

281 Effect of cooling condition on surface oxidation characterization of hot rolled SUS304 K.Tomimura…1201

282 Dissolution behavior of SUS430 with segregated phosphorus in sulfuric-nitric acid M.Tsuchinaga…1202

283 Technology to prevent surface defects of stainless wire rod to introduce of planetary cross rolling mill Y.Oikawa…1203

284 Hot deformation behavior with austenite grain size S.T.Hong…1204

285 The effect of Si content in the high temperature tensile test T.G.Kim…1205

286 Numerical simulation of phase decompositon in Fe-Cr binary and Fe-Cr-Mo ternary alloys Y.Suwa…1206

287 Phase separation in iron-based ternary alloys K.Ochi…1207

288 Grain growth in an (α+γ)region for Fe-Si-Cr-C-X alloys J.H.Park…1208

289 Relation between minor particle dispersion and grain sizes in stainless steels K.Takano…1209

290 The fiber components in the biaxially warm-deformed low-carbon steels F.Yin…1210

291 Texture development during cold rolling and annealing in two type 304 stainless steel cast strips
   (Texture development in strip cast type 304 stainless steels-2) S.Teraoka…1211

292 Deformation history dependence of flow stress for a high nitrogen bearing austenitic stainless steel M.Kanda…1212

293 Effect of solid solution hardening on high speed deformation behavior for ferritic steels J.H.Park…1213

294 Effects of electrodeposited layers/Fe-substrate interface structures on mechanical properties K.Nakai…1214

295 Shape recovery characteristics of ferrous shape memory alloy wrapper tube at three points bending S.Mizote…1215

296 Probability and temperature dependence of cleavage fracture in steel M.Iwasaki…1216

297 Micromechanics analysis of charpy impact test Y.Haramiishi…1217

298 Constraint and size effects on ductility and toughness of Al alloys S.Kanamori…1218

299 Improvement of low temperature embrittlement in Hadfield steel Y.Ono…1219

300 Effect of stress-strain behavior on fracture toughness of ferritic steel T.Handa…1220

301 Significance of ductile crack at notch root on toughness of SM490A steel-2 E.Takeuchi…1221

302 Superconductor of the first kind S.Watanabe…1222

303 Superconductor of the second kind S.Watanabe…1223

304 Influence of Ni contents upon micro-structural changes due to rolling contact H.Nakajima…1224

305 Characteristics of the clean bearing steel melted in the atomosphere T.Kano…1225

306 Role of surface properties in pitting fatigue of carbo-nitrided steel T.Nakamura…1226

307 Influence of microstructure on wear and rolling contact fatigue behavior in rail steels H.Yokoyama…1227

308 Effects of copper and nickel contents on characteristics of cold-forging and aging steel T.Hanyuda…1228

309 Effect of hot deformation on hardness of Cu bearing extremely low carbon bainitic steel K.Hase…1229

310 The microstructures of Cu bearing extremely low carbon bainitic steels K.Hono…1230

311 Effect of grain size on bending strength of Ti or Ti-B doped carburizing steels H.Kinoshita…1231

312 FEM analysis of heat treatment distortions for carburized quenching products H.Imataka…1232

313 Effect of Mg and Ca addition on toughness and machinability of resulfurized free-cutting steel
   (Development of new resulfurized free-cutting steel-1) N.Tsunekage…1233

314 Effect of S content and Mg and Ca addition on the machinability and strength of steels
   (Development of new resulfurized free-cutting steel-2) K.Sato…1234

315 Improvement in cutting tool life by Mg+Ca addition in free-machining structural steels H.Yaguchi…1235

316 Effect of Si content and hardness on machinability of hot working die steels T.Fujii…1236

317 Precipitation behavior of fine MX type precipitates in HAZ of Cr-Mo steels M.Yuga…1237

318 Effects of thermo-mechanical processing on creep rupture properties of MX precipitation strengthened
   low- alloyed steels M.Ozaki…1238

319 Thermo-mechanical processing of MX precipitation strengthened low- alloyed steels for improvement of
   creep strength properties M.Kondo…1239

320 Reverse transformation of C-free martensitic steels K.Yamada…1240

321 Change in transient creep in Cr-Mo-V steel with stress D.Serino…1241

322 Analysis of stress relaxation behavior of 2.25Cr-1Mo steel based on creep deformation behavior T.Ohba…1242

323 Evaluation of creep crack propagation life at steam turbine rotor grooves M.Okazaki…1243

324 Fracture toughness of a retired high-intermediate pressure steam turbine rotor
   (Brittle fracture evaluation for the high and intermediate pressure steam turbine rotor-1) H.Uemura…1244

325 AFM observation of fatigue crack initiation in strengthened low carbon steels Y.Sasaki…1245

326 Fatigue strength of ultrafine-grained steel(Fatigue of ultrafine-grained steel-1) K.Shirai…1246

327 Observation of fatigue crack initiation in ultrafine-grained steel(Fatigue of ultrafine-grained steel- 2) H.Miyata…1247

328 High-cycle fatigue properties of SUS304L electrogas arc welds at cryogenic temperatures T.Yuri…1248

329 Nanoscopic fatigue strength analysis of ferrite-pearlite steels and tempered-martensitic steels H.Hirukawa…1249

330 Giga-cycle fatigue properties for 1800MPa-class spring steel billets T.Abe…1250

331 Frequency effects on giga-cycle fatigue properties Y.Furuya…1251

332 High-cycle fatigue properties for modified-ausformed SCM440 steels-2 Y.Furuya…1252

333 Influence of steel surface property on galvannealing rate on galvanized steel sheet N.Fujibayashi…1253

334 Effect of substrate on the surface defect of galvannealed steel sheet S.Taira…1254

335 Frictional property of pre-phosphated galvannealed steel sheet T.Katagiri…1255

336 Electrodeposition of Zn-Al oxide composite from non-suspended solution K.Shouno…1256

337 Effect of inorganic additives in piclking solution on an electrodeposition of zinc on steel sheets S.Ando…1257

338 The improvement of stone chipping resistance and corrosion resistance of Zn-Ni alloy electrodeposition Y.S.Jeong…1258

339 Improvement of wet adhesion of tin free steel from the surfactant added bath T.Suzuki…1259

340 Influences of surface finish on the growth rate of oxide films on titanium in atmospheric corrosion
   environments N.Hara…1260

341 Effect of artificial fine Fe-rust on formative ability of protective rust
   (New surface treatment for promoting protective rust formation on weathering steels-1) T.Komori…1261

342 Analysis of rust layer structure formed by atmospheric exposure in airborne salt attacking environment
   (New surface treatment for promoting protective rust formation on weathering steels-2) W.Tanimoto…1262

343 Performance and application of new surface treatment to actual structures
   (New surface treatment for promoting protective rust formation on weathering steels-3) T.Komori…1263

344 Corrosion behavior of coated weathering steel T.Matsumoto…1264

345 Corrosion behavior in each part of model structures expoused to outdoor H.Katayama…1265

346 Effect of environmental factor for corrosion of hot-dip galvanized tower steel K.Ono…1266

347 Properties of environmental purification of photocatalyst-coated steel sheet
   (Development of photocatalyst-coated steel sheet-1) H.Nakamura…1267

348 Investigation on zirconia stabilizer in thermal barrier coatings(TBC) T.Torigoe…1268

349 Development of MoSi2 introduced thermal barrier coating K..Sonoya…1269

350 Effect of added ceramic on the Mn reaction resistance of thermal spray coating on hearth roll S..Midorikawa…1270

351 Observation of crack morphology after deformation of Ti film deposited on goss single crystal
   of silicon steel Y.Inokuchi…1271

352 Effect of γ-phase on the recrystallization behavior during hot rolling for 16%Cr ferritic stainless steels Y.Kato…1272

353 Effect of microstructure of hot rolled sheet for ridging of type430 stainless steel sheet J.Hamada…1273

354 Effect of grain diameter of hot bands on r-value of Nb bearing ferritic stainless steel sheets A.Miyazaki…1274

355 Machinability and corrosion resistance of Type 430 dispersed titanium carbo-sulfide K.Ishikawa…1275

356 Effect of sulfer content on continuous blanking workability of high strength austenitic stainless steel S.Suzuki…1276

357 3DAP characterization of tempered Fe-12.5r-15.5Co-2Mo-0.2C high strength stainless steel T.Honma…1277

358 Properties of weld joint of rolled thick plate made of the martensitic stainless steel for water turbine H.Kimura…1278

359 Effect of Si on properties of large-sized duplex stainless steel casting S.Tanaka…1279

360 Effect of Re on the solvus temperature of the laves phase in high Cr ferritic steels M..Kamiya…1280

361 Effect of Cr on the creep strengthening factor of ferritic heat resistant steels
   (The control of long- term creep strength degradation in the high Cr steel-3) K.Miki…1281

362 Modeling of microstructure changes during creep based on the phase-field method
   (Application of the system free energy to the prediction of microstructure evolution in high Cr heat
   resisting ferrite steels-3) T.Koyama…1282

363 Effect of prior austenite grain size on creep deformation behavior in heat resistant martensitic steel Y.Nishihara…1283

364 Effect of boron on recovery and recrystalization behavior in heat resistant martensitic steels T.Kawamura…1284

365 Improvement of creep-fatigue life by heat treatment in high Cr ferritic steel Y.Hirakawa…1285

366 Effect of Co on creep deformation and precipitation behavior of high-Cr ferritic Steels Y.Kadoya…1286

367 Development and production of 10Cr1.5MoVNb steel for gas turbine compressor disk Y.Okamura…1287

368 Evaluation of long-term creep strength of high Cr ferritic creep resistant steels from a viewpoint
   of creep deformation K.Kimura…1288

369 Long-term creep strength and changes in creep deformation of high Cr ferritic creep resistant steels H.Kushima…1289

370 Effect of alloying elements on creep properties of Pd added 9%Cr steels H.Okada…1290

371 Softening behavior of high chromium ferritic steels during creep R.Ishii…1291

372 Effects of C and N on the creep strength properties of pecipitation strengthened 15Cr ferritic steels Y.Toda…1292

373 Effects of C and N on the mechanical property of precipitation strengthened 15Cr ferritic steels H.Tohyama…1293

374 Heat-to-heat variation in long- term creep strength of 12Cr-1Mo-1W-0.3V steel F.Abe…1294

375 Effect of MX type nitrides precipitated on boundaries in low-carbon 9Cr steel M.Taneike…1295

376 Effect of B addition on the creep strength in N free 12%Cr steels T.Azuma…1296

377 High-temperature high-cycle fatigue property of 12Cr-2W ferritic heat resistant steel K.Kobayasi…1297

378 Visualization of distribution of hydrogen during delayed fracture in a martensitic steel at a 1500MPa tesile
   strength level H.Shimoda…1298

379 Detection of deformation induced defects by hydrogen microprint technique T.Ohmisawa…1299

380 Visualization of hydrogen in stress-concentrated region of SUS304 stainless steel by using Ag decoration
   technique E.Akiyama…1300

381 Effect of deformation on hydrogen trapping of dislocations
   (Analysis of hydrogen trapping in high tensile strength steel-2) D.Hirakami…1301

382 Evaluation of absorbed hydrogen distribution in the high strength bolts tightened to various strength by
   exposed test S.Sakashita…1302

383 Evaluation of absorbed hydrogen concentration in high strength bolt by CCT simulating atmospheric
   corrosion S.Sakashita…1303

384 Examination of experimental determination of the shape parammeter m in the Weibull stress for evaluation
   of the hydrogen embrittlement susceptibility of high strength steel S.Takagi…1304

385 Evaluation of the hydrogen embirittlement susceptibility of high strength steel based on the local approach S.Takagi…1305

386 Evaluation of the hydrogen embrittlement for high strength steels with low diffusion coefficient of hydrogen T.Tsuchida… 1306

387 Strength and delayed fracture properties of martensitic steels containing Si,Cr and Mo Y.Kimura…1307

388 Evaluation of effect of vanadium and titanium on delayed fracture of SCM440 steel by SSRT W.Urushihara…1308

389 Delayed fracture properties of SCM440 steel with various strength levels derived through modified
   ausforming S.Terasaki…1309

390 Influence of prior austenite grain refinement on delayed fracture properties of a 1400 MPa class high
   strength steel Y.Kimura…1310

391 Hydrogen embrittlement susceptibility of grain-refined martensitic steel H.Fuchigami…1311

392 Mechanical properties of fully austenitic weld metal at low temperature
   (Low temperature materials used in WE-NET 16) H.Okuno…1312

393 Cryogenic temperature toughness of reduced pressure electron beam weld metal
   of austenitic stainless steels(Low temperature materials used in WE-NET 17) H.Nakagawa…1313

394 Fatigue properties of TIG welds of austenitic stainless steels in liquid hydrogen
   (Low temperature materials used in WE-NET 18) H.Fujii…1314

395 Hydrogen environment embrittlement of SUS316 series austenitic stainless steels at low temperatures
   (Low temperature materials used in WE-NET 19) S.Fukuyama…1315

396 Effect of hydrogen charging on fracture toughness obtained by small specimen of SUS304L steel weld
   at cryogenic temperature(Low temperature materials used in WE-NET 20) T.Ogata…1316

397 Change in back stress during creep deformation of austenitic steel M..Tamura…1317

398 Effect of S segregation and BN precipitation to creep cavities on creep rupture properties J..Kyono…1318

399 Microstructures in SUS304 for long term creep ruptured specimens in 723-973K M.Yamazaki…1319

400 Properties of a 18Cr-9Ni-W,Nb,V,N stainless steel tube after 2 year exposure in a power boiler T.Ishitsuka…1320

401 A role of がprecipitates containing stacking faults in η phase evolution processes
   in a 40Fe-29Ni-22Co-4Nb-2Cr-1Ti-0.5Al-0.5Si superalloy K.Kusabiraki…1321

402 Design of Ni-based superalloys with low thermal expansion-1 S.Isobe…1322

403 Design of Ni-based superalloys with low thermal expansion-2 R.Yamamoto…1323

404 Effect of aging time on mechanical properties and precipitation behavior of
   Ni-16Cr-8.5Co-3.5Al-3.5Ti-2.6W-1.8Mo-0.9Nb alloy D.Saito…1324

405 Stress dependence of creep in Ni-20Cr alloy single crystal with [001] orientation Y.Nakamoto…1325

406 Creep in Ni-20Cr alloys single crystal with [011] orientation at lower stresses T.Yasui…1326

407 Orientation dependence of creep in Ta added Ni-20Cr alloy single crystal Y.Terada…1327

408 Relation between dislocation substructure and tensile directions in single crystal Ni- - based superalloy,
   CMSX-2,crept at 1273K-on [001] - [011] line- J.S.Lee…1328

409 Measurement of the density of super heat-resistance alloy at liquid state and solid-liquid two-phase state
   by a modified sessile drop method K.Mukai…1329

410 Change in dislocation substructure of oxide dispersion strengthened Ni-based superalloy,MA754,with
   creep deformation A.Takahashi…1330

411 Morphology of γ'phase of single crystal Ni-based superalloy,PWA1480,serviced as 1st high pressure
   turbine blade N.Harada…1331

412 Metallurgical Analysis of serviced CMSX2 single crystal gas turbine bucket-2 Y.Yoshioka…1332

413 Creep deformation of single crystal Ti-48at%Al alloy with fully lamellar structure M.Yoshida…1333

414 Collapsing of α2 plate in TiAl alloy with different orientation of lamellar plate to stress axis K.Kubushiro…1334

415 Creep of Ti-48Al with massive structure M.Yoshida…1335

416 Effect of acid rain on discoloration of titanium
   (Discoloration mechanism of titanium in atmospheric environments and development of preventive
   method-1) M.Kaneko…1336

417 Effect of titanium carbide on discoloration of titanium
   (Discoloration mechanism of titanium in atmospheric environments and development of preventive
   method-2) M.Kaneko…1337

418 Improvement of discoloration-resistance in commercially pure titanium sheet
   (Discoloration mechanism of titanium in atmospheric environments and development of preventive
   method-3) K.Takahashi…1338

419 Discoloration behavior of commercially pure titanium sheets pickled in nitric-hydrofluoric acid solutions
   (Discoloration mechanism of titanium in atmospheric environments and development of preventive
   method-4) K.Takahashi…1339

420 The effect of aluminum content on tensile properties and aging behavior of Ti-Fe-Cr-Al alloys M.Ikeda…1340

421 Effect of microstructure on fretting fatigue characteristics of Ti-4.5Al-3V-2Mo-2Fe J.Takeda…1341

422 Effect of βphase stability on mechanical properties in a β-rich α+β type titanium alloy Gunawarman…1342

423 Effect of oxide layer on wear characteristics of surface oxidation treated biocompatible β-type titanium
   alloy in simulated body environment S.Nakamura…1343

424 Microstructual evolution during high temperature deformation in β-titanium alloys Y.Touji…1344

425 Effect of heat treatment on mechanical properties of a heat resistant titanium alloy A.Suzuki…1345

426 Hot tensile behaviour of Mg alloy,AZ91-D S.Fudetani••• 1346

427 Effect of Mg on shape of zinc-phosphate crystal on electro- coated zinc H.Nakakoji…1347

428 Effect of sealing on the properties of Mg contained phosphated electrogalvanized steel sheet K.Hamahara…1348

429 Method to evaluate property of anti-finger printed steel sheets W.S.Jeong…1349

430 Effect of organic coatings on corrosion resistance of galvanized steel sheets N.Yoshimi…1350

431 Properties of various chromated 55%Al-Zn alloy coated steel sheets-3 A.Matsuzaki…1351

432 The effect of oxygen permeation through coating for cathodic delamination of polyethylene coated steel
   pipe M.Murase…1352

433 Effect of boron and chromium additions on the warm rolling behavior of low carbon steels J.J.Jonas…1353

434 Effects of Mo and B on hardenability after hot working H.Asahi…1354

435 Drawing behavior of pearlitic steel wire rods controlled by boron addition in medium carbon steel W.Y.Choo…1355

436 Effects of B and N on graphitization and hardenability in 0.53%C steels T.Iwamoto…1356

437 Investigation of boron distribution in martensitic 9%Cr creep resistant steel P.Hofer…1357

438 Improved utilization of added B in 9Cr heat-resistant steels containing W T.Horiuchi…1358

439 Effect of boron addition on structure and properties of low carbon bainitic steels W.Xuemin…1359

440 Role of boron in Improving creep rupture strength of ferritic heat resistant steels E.El- Kashif…1360

441 Influence of boron on toughness of quenched steel with various carbon contents M..Honda…1361

442 Effects of boron addition on tempering processes in an Fe-9Cr-0.1C alloy martensite S.Kobayashi…1362

443 Effect of boron on copper induced surface hot shortness of a carbon steel C.Nagasaki…1363

444 Effect of boron on the grain boundary segregation of phosphorous and intergranular fracture in interstitial
   free steels E.El- Kashif…1364

445 Determination of boron in steel by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry after closed-vessel
   microwave dissolution and anion exchange separation K.Mizuno…1365

446 Effect of W on creep behavior of martensitic heat resistant steels M.Yoshizawa…1366

447 Effect of new thermomechanical heat treatment on microstructure of high-Cr ferritic heat resistant steels H.Okubo…1367

448 Long-term creep deformation characteristics in high-Cr ferritic steels M.Igarashi…1368

449 In-situ observation of recovery process in high chromium ferritic steel K.Sawada…1369

450 Effect of heat treatment on creep properties of 9%Cr ferritic steels K.Yamada…1370

451 Effect of high-temperature normalizing on creep strength of simulated HAZ specimens of 9%Cr ferritic
   steel M.Matsui…1371

452 Characteristic of crack propergation with martensitic stainless overlaied alloy Y.Satoh…1372

453 Type ‡W fracture on long term creep ruptured GTA welded joint specimen of 9Cr-1Mo-V-Nb steel plate T.Watanabe…1373

454 Effect of aging on creep strength of 11Cr-0.4Mo-2W-V-Nb-Cu steel A.Sasada…1374

455 Precipitation behaviour of Z-phase in mod.9Cr-1Mo steel during creep deformation K.Suzuki…1375

456 Steam oxidation behavior of carbon-free martensitic alloys H.Kutsumi…1376

457 Structure of steam oxidation scale on palladium containing high chromium ferritic steels T.Itagaki…1377

458 Effect of nickel content on creep properties of Fe-Ni-9Co-5Mo carbon-free martensitic alloys S.Muneki…1378

459 Carbon-free martensitic alloys with superior creep properties at high temperatures more over 973K S.Muneki…1379

460 Modelling of creep damage caused by particle coarsening
   (Creep modelling of martensitic heat resistant steels-2) H.Semba…1380

461 Effect of Si and P on the mechanical properties of cold rolled high strength TRIP steels S.J.Kim…1381

462 Effect of microstructure on the formation of retained austenite in C-Mn-Si steel T.Nakagaito…1382

463 The effects of thermomechanical processing on microstructure in low alloyed TPIP steels A.Hayakawa…1383

464 Effect of YAG laser cutting on stretch-flangeability of TRIP sheet steels A.Nagasaka…1384

465 Development of 590MPa grade precipitation hardening type galvannealed sheet steel with superior spot
   weldability K.Osawa…1385

466 Development of hot-rolled sheet steel with excellent strain-age hardenability S.Kaneko…1386

467 Measuring method of mechanical properties in impact tensile test T.Masuda…1387

468 Comparison between experiments and FEM simulation of high velocity tensile test methods to clarify test
   method's influence of high strength steel H.Yosida…1388

469 Effect of boron in solution on anisotropy of r-value of B-bearing Al-killed steel sheets Y.Funakawa…1389

470 Factors affecting texture memory appearing through α→γ → α transformation and its mechanism N.Yoshinaga…1390

471 Effect of hot-band's microstructure on texture formation of cold-rolled high carbon steel sheet N.Nakamura…1391

472 Effects of manganese on hot-ductility of low carbon steel T.Inoue…1392

473 Temperature of initiation of scale failure during cooling of low carbon steels S.Taniguchi…1393



Process Evaluation and Material Characterization


474 Direct determination of boron in iron and steel by reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography N.Uehara…1396

475 Determination of tellurium in steels by high power nitrogen microwave induced plasma atomic emission
   spectrometry coupled with hydride generation method A.Matsumoto…1397

476 Application of the helium microwave induced plasma atomic emission spectrometry to an analysis of
   inclusion in iron and steel S.Tamura…1398

477 Estimation of rolling contact fatigue life due to determination of non-metallic inclusions and impurity in
   bearing steel K.Kizawa…1399

478 Quantitative evaluation of retained austenite in low carbon TRIP steel sheet by saturation magnetization
   measurement and EBSP method H.Akamizu…1400

479 Glow discharge optical emission spectrometry-activities and opportunities in the field of depth profile
   analysis A.Bengtson…1401

480 Characterising the RF plasma source in GD-OES R.Payling…1402

481 Some new advances in material analysis using plasma spectrometry Q.Jin…1403

482 Laser-induced breakdown spectrometry and its coupling with low pressure ICP system for quantitative
   elemental analysis Y.I.Lee…1404

483 Determination of Pb,Ag,Cu and Mn in steel by electrothermal-atomic absorption spectrometry with direct
   atomization of a solid sample,and shapes of absorption signals based on atomization process of the
   elements K.Takada…1405

484 Determination of antimony in steels by high power nitrogen microwave induced plasma atomic emission
   spectrometry with hydride generation T.Nakahara…1406

485 Rapid analysis of steel by ICP-AES and ICP-MS with laser ablation Y.Ishibashi…1407

486 Analysis of size distribution and chemical composition of oxides in steel by optical emission spectroscopy A.Yamamoto…1408

487 Present status of microstructural characterization of steel by analytical methods S.Suzuki…1409

488 Spectroscopic 2D observation of flames in an industrial furnace for steel processing K.Kitagawa…1410

489 Depth profiling of thin surface layers in radiofrequency-powered glow discharge optical emission
   spectrometry associated with amplitude modulation technique K.Wagatsuma…1411

490 The voids analysis of porous materials using NMR imaging and spectroscopy K.Saito…1412

491 Structural analysis of Al-containing compounds using MQMAS and CP/MQMAS NMR K.Kanehashi…1413

492 Analysis of the O-H groups in coals by infrared spectrometry Y.Fujioka…1414

493 Characterization of pyrolysis reaction of coal by generated gas monitoring M.Nishifuji…1415

494 Determination of vapor pressures of PCDD/Fs by Knudsen Method X.Li…1416


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