International Organized Session

High Temperature Processes

2007/9/21 Lecture Room 1
Pioneering application of waves and field to materials processing
Chairperson:K.Morita(The Univ. of Tokyo)
9:00∼9:05 Opening address
K.Morita(The Univ. of Tokyo)
9:05∼9:45 Int.1 (Invited Lecture)
Microwave processing of ores:An industrial technology for the future
Univ. of Nottingham *S.Kingman·A.Jones·A.Batchelor·S.Plint, Univ. of Stellenbosch S.Bradshaw
···  709
9:45∼10:25 Int.2 (Invited Lecture)
Structural changes of Mn-Sb hypoeutectic alloys under high magnetic field conditions
Northeastern Univ. *Qiang Wang·Tie Liu·Ao Gao·Chao Zhang·Jicheng He
···  713
10:25∼10:50 Int.3 Behavior of standing wave excited on a liquid metal under imposition of magnetic field
Nagoya Univ. *K.Iwai·S.Asai
···  717
Chairperson:N.Yoshikawa(Tohoku Univ.)
11:05∼11:30 Int.4 New trends of sonoprocessing of materials in liquid state
Nagoya Univ. *M.Kuwabara
···  720
11:30∼11:55 Int.5 Enhancement of gas-liquid reaction rate with ultrasonic vibrating multiple orifices
Nagoya Inst. of Tech. *K.Okumura
···  724
Chairperson:K.Iwai(Nagoya Univ.)
13:00∼13:25 Int.6 Decreasing COD of waste water by means of ultrasonic irradiation and oxygen bubbling
Nagoya Univ. *O.Terakado·T.Ueki·M.Hirasawa
···  726
13:25∼13:50 Int.7 The effects of acoustic cavitation on solidified structure of metal alloy
Nagoya Univ. *K.Yasuda·Jian Yang·Zhongzhu Liu·M.Kuwabara
···  729
Chairperson:M.Kuwabara(Nagoya Univ.))
14:00∼14:40 Int.8 (Invited Lecture)
Al-5Ti-1B master alloy fabricated by high-intensity ultrasonic treatment
Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ. *Jun Wang·Yanfeng Han·Da Shu·Yongbin Dai·Baode Sun
···  733
14:40∼15:05 Int.9 Development of ultrasonically-assisted coating and armouring technology for metals
Tohoku Univ. *N.Hayashi, Nippon Light Metal Co.,Ltd. Sergey Komarov, POSCO San Han Son, Tohoku Univ. E.Kasai
···  735
15:05∼15:10 Closing address
M.Kuwabara(Nagoya Univ.)

Microstructure and Properties of Materials

2007/9/20 Lecture Room 13
Recent progress of nitrogen-bearing steels
Chairperson:T.Tsuchiyama(Kyushu Univ.)
9:00∼9:05 Opening address
9:05∼9:35 Int.10 (Invited Lecture)
A thermodynamic study on the solubility of nitrogen in metals and iron alloys
Czestochowa Univ. of Tech. *Jerzy Siwka
···  1109
9:35∼9:55 Int.11 Creation of nitrogen bearing stainless steel and removal of impurities by pressurized ESR method
NIMS *Y.Kobayashi·Y.Katada
···  1113
9:55∼10:15 Int.12 Mechanical property of cold-worked high nitrogen stainless steel plates produced by partial solution nitriding
Kyushu Univ. *T.Nakanishi·T.Tsuchiyama·H.Mitsuyasu·Y.Iwamoto·S.Takaki
···  1117
10:25∼10:55 Int.13 (Invited Lecture)
Alloy design and material characterization of high nitrogen austenitic stainless steels
KIMM *Sung-Joon Kim·Tae-Ho Lee·Chang-Seok Oh
···  1121
10:55∼11:25 Int.14 (Invited Lecture)
Mechanical properties of nickel free high nitrogen austenitic stainless steels
Northeastern Univ. *Li Hua-bing·Jiang Zhou-hua·Zhang Zu-rui·Liu Fu-bin·Cao Yang
···  1125
11:25∼11:45 Int.15 Microstructure and mechanical properties of Ni-free high nitrogen austenitic stainless steel fabricated by metal injection molding
Univ. of Hyogo *M.Komada·K.Fukaura·Y.Harada·N.Tsuchida, Gauss Co.,Ltd. Y.Kuroda, Sanyo Special Steel Co.,Ltd. R.Murakami
···  1129
11:45∼12:05 Int.16 Microstructure and deformability of (ferrite + Cr2N) eutectoid-structured high nitrogen steel
Kyushu Univ. *T.Tsuchiyama;Graduate Student N.Hirakawa(Now:Nisshin Steel Co.,Ltd.), Kyushu Univ. N.Nakada·S.Takaki
···  1132
Chairperson:H.Yashiro(Iwate Univ.)
13:30∼14:00 Int.17 (Invited Lecture)
Research activities and developments at Bohler Edelstahl GmbH in the field of high nitrogen austenitic steels
Bohler Edelstahl GmbH *Rainer Fluch·Sabine Eglsaer·Gabriele Saller
···  1135
14:00∼14:20 Int.18 Effect of nitrogen on the atmospheric corrosion resistance of iron and 3%Ni-advanced weathering steel
Kansai Univ. *T.Haruna·K.Ichii
···  1139
14:20∼14:40 Int.19 Long duration exposure tests of Mn-free high nitrogen stainless steels in seawater
NIMS *Y.Katada·H.Baba
···  1142
14:40∼15:00 Int.20 Evaluation of corrosion resistance for the high nitrogen steel specimens distributed from EU by ESCA
Kansai Univ. *K.Ichii, Tanaka Nekko Co. K.Oku, Technology Research Inst. of Osaka Prefecture T.Morikawa
···  1146
Chairperson:Sung-Joon Kim(KIMM)
15:10∼15:40 Int.21 (Invited Lecture)
Recent progress on high nitrogen steels in China and in NEU
Northeastern Univ. *Jiang Zhou-hua·Li Hua-bing·Wang li-jun, Chinese Academiy of Sciences Ren Yi-bin·Yang Ke
···  1149
15:40∼16:00 Int.22 Small-angle X-ray and neutron scattering study on tempering process of high nitrogen martensitic stainless steel
NIMS *M.Ohnuma, Ibaraki Univ. & NIMS M.Ojima, JAEA J.Suzuki, Ibaraki Univ. Y.Tomota, Daido steel Co.,Ltd. S.Ueta·T.Shimizu
···  1153
16:00∼16:20 Int.23 Age hardening process of binary high nitrogen austenite at 473K
Univ. of Tsukuba *T.Koyano
···  1154
16:20∼16:40 Int.24 High nitrogen stainless steel as a bipolar plate for proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Iwate Univ. *H.Yashiro, Taiyo Stainless Spring Co.,Ltd. M.Kumagai, Iwate Univ. Seung-Taek Myung, NIMS Y.Katada
···  1156
16:40∼16:45 Closing address Y.Tomota(Ibaraki Univ.)

Process Evaluation and Material Characterization

2007/9/20 Lecture Room 17
Recent advance in analytical techniques for steel-making industry
Chairperson:S.Suzuki(Tohoku Univ.)
10:00∼10:40 Int.25 (Invited Lecture)
Local structure of interfaces/surfaces in nanocrystalline complex oxides studied by nuclear spectroscopic methods
Braunschweig Univ. of Tech. Slovak Academy of Sciences *Vladimir Sepelak, Braunschweig Univ. of Tech. Ingo Bergmann, Leibniz Univ. Hannover Paul Heitjans, Braunschweig Univ. of Tech. Klaus Dieter Becker
···  1310
10:40∼11:20 Int.26 (Invited Lecture)
Local defect structure of oxide materials determined by multinuclear NMR
Tohoku Univ. *H.Maekawa·K.Kawata·T.Yamamura, AIST Yue Ping Xiong·N.Sakai·H.Yokokawa
···  1314
Chairperson:H.Maekawa(Tohoku Univ.)
11:20∼11:40 Int.27 The etching response for identification of plastic deformation zone in carbon steels
Akita Prefectural Univ. *M.Okayasu·K.Sato·M.Mizuno, Akita Research Inst. of Advanced Tech. K.Okada
···  1318
11:40∼12:00 Int.28 Structural characterization of iron oxides and oxyhydroxides formed in aqueous solution using different methods
Tohoku Univ. *S.Suzuki·K.Inoue·K.Shinoda·Y.Waseda
···  1322
Chairperson:K.Wagatsuma(Tohoku Univ.)
13:00∼13:40 Int.29 (Invited Lecture)
Current state of metallugical analytical in Chinese iron and steel industry and its future trends
China NIL Research Center for Proficiency Testing *Wang Haizhou
···  1323
13:40∼14:20 Int.30 (Invited Lecture)
Recent advances in analytical techniques for steel-making industry in China
Baosteel Research Inst. *Yingying Chen
···  1327
14:20∼14:40 Int.31 Chemical separation and pre-concentration techniques for determination of trace impurities in iron and steels
Tohoku Univ. *T.Ashino·K.Takada·M.Ishikuro·T.Itagaki-Sato·F.Sakamoto·K.Wagatsuma
···  1331
14:40∼15:00 Int.32 Development of emission spectrometric technique with three-electrode hollow cathode glow discharge lamp
Nagoya Univ. *K.Kodama, Tohoku Univ. K.Wagatsuma, Nagoya Univ. K.Kitagawa
···  1333
Chairperson:R.Yoshiie(Gifu Univ.)
15:10∼15:50 Int.33 (Invited Lecture)
Spark discharge plasma spectrometry for rapid, quantitative determination of inclusions in steels
Corrosion & Metals Research Inst. *Arne Bengtson
···  1334
15:50∼16:30 Int.34 (Invited Lecture)
Applications of laser|and spark|induced breakdown spectroscopy in mining and metallurgical process control
Univ. of Denver *Amy J.Bauer
···  1337
Chairperson:K.Kitagawa(Nagoya Univ.)
16:30∼16:50 Int.35 Application of laser induced breakdown spectroscopy to on-site analysis of steels
JFE *Y.Usui·T.Ishida·K.Fujimoto, JFE Techno-Research Corp. A.Chino
···  1339
16:50∼17:10 Int.36 Measurement of heavy metals in size-segregated fly-ash particulates
Gifu Univ. *R.Yoshiie·Y.Takojima·M.Fukuchi·S.Uemiya
···  1340
17:10∼17:30 Int.37 Emission characteristics of nickel ionic lines excited by reduced-pressure laser-induced plasmas using various plasma gases
Tohoku Univ. *K.Wagatsuma·S.Nakamura
···  1344

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