The 154th ISIJ Meeting

September 19(Wed.)-21(Fri.), 2007  Gifu University

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High Temperature Processes
Social Engineering on Iron and Steel Industry
Instrumentation, Control and System Engineering
Processing for Quality products
Microstructure and Properties of Materials
Process Evaluation and Mechanical Characterization
Environmental and Energy Technology
Discussion Session
International Organized Session
ISIJ and JIM Joint Session

The Timetable of the 154th ISIJ Meeting

   Sep.19(Wed.) Sep.20(Thurs.) Sep.21(Fri.)
a.m. p.m. a.m. p.m. a.m. p.m.
Room1 Young engineer in ironmaking1
/In-furnace measurement

Young engineer in ironmaking2
/Sintering phenomena
/Sintering operation

(D)New cokemaking technology for high strength and high reactivity coke
(Int.)Pioneering application of waves and field to materials processing
Room2 Refractories1·2
Interaction between refractory and steelmaking reaction1·2
/Initial solidification·Solidificationstructure

(D)Progress in control of solidified structure of steels
Mold flux
/Surface cracking·quality

Control of non-metallic inclusions
Room3(JIM Z) Fundation of reduction
/Mathematical modeling of ironmaking process

/Transport phenomena1·2

Ironmaking process suitable for clean environment
/New iron source

ISIJ and JIM joint session
Fundamentals and application of microwave processing1·2

(4) [J41-45](13:20-15:30)
/Novel processing
Secondary refining
Mold flow·Macro segregation
Room4 Thermophysical property measurements for advanced  materials science and processing1·2
Thermophysical property measurements for advanced  materials science and processing3·4
Refining in steelmaking by multi phase fluxes1·2
Young engineer session of cokemaking
Operation of coke oven
/Development of coke oven equipment

Room5 ---------- Young scientist forum
Talks on a histories of the iron making process and culture in central erea, Japan
Holonomical application in designing, manufacturing, employing, and maintaining technological system4
/Technology analysis

Room6 ---------- ---------- Application of hydrothermal reaction to make value-added  materials1·2

---------- ----------
Room7 ---------- ---------- ---------- Instrumentation/Control/System
(D)Recent trends on system technologies for the maintenance and development of the gField Forceh in steel plants
Room8 ---------- (D)Latest technology on tube forming and tube formability test
Development of micro-deformation analysis and practical technology in temper rolling for cold rolled steel sheet
(9:00-17:00)[Member 2,000yen,Non-member 6,000yen]
---------- ----------
Room9 ---------- Deformation of micro-defect and oxide scale layer on the surface in rolling

---------- Controlling technology for superior machinability1·2
/Forming of pipe & sheet

Recent and future trends of leveling process1·2
Room10 ---------- Fine grain steel/Lubrication·Cooling
/Manufacturing technology of high quality and high functional bar and wire

Technology and simulation for advanced powder compaction & sintering1
Technology and simulation for advanced powder compaction & sintering2·3·4
---------- ----------
Room11 Stainless steel1
Stainless steel2·3
Strength, deformation behavior1·2
---------- Modeling on phenomena
/Phase diagram

Plate & Pipe
Room12(JIM Y) Hot-dip coating
/Surface technology

What's the most effective way to utilize the scrap ?
---------- ISIJ and JIM joint session
Titanium and titanium alloys1·2
(6) [J25-33] (9:00-12:10)
Titanium and titanium alloys3·4
(6) [J34-40] (13:00-15:30)
Room13 ---------- (D)Effects of magnetic fields on formation of microstructure in phase transformations
(Int.)Recent progress of nitrogen-bearing steels
Hydrogen embrittlement1·2
Machine structural steel
Room14 Heat resisting steel·superalloy1·2
Heat resisting steel·superalloy3·4·5
Heat resisting steel·superalloy1·2
Heat resisting steel·superalloy3·4·5
Ultra low carbon steel sheet
/High strength steel sheet1

High strength steel sheet2·3
Room15 New evolution of beta-type titanium alloys
Phase transformation

/Surface Stracture

Thermo mechanical process and microstructure1·2
Mechanical property1·2
Electrical steel
Room16 Fundamental research for analysis standardization of hydrogen state
(D)Evaluation of materials properties and current status of research & development of hydrogen energy related structural materials
---------- ----------
Room17 Instrumental analysis
Speciation·Separation analysis
/Structural analysis

(Int.)Recent advance in analytical techniques for steel-making industry
---------- ----------
Room18 ---------- Development of new recycling technology based on the high temperature process in the steel works
/Analysis on the behavior of environmental regulated substances
/Flow of alloying element for steel

Hydrogen production and utilization of waste heat and materials1·2
---------- (D)Progress in steel research and development toward more common metals and greener process
JIM E ---------- ISIJ and JIM joint session
Ultrafine grained materials--fundamental aspects for ultrafine grained structures1·2·3·4
(6) [J1-10] (9/19  13:00-16:50)
Ultrafine grained materials--fundamental aspects for ultrafine grained structures5
(6) [J11-14] (9/20  10:00-11:20)
Ultrafine grained materials--fundamental aspects for ultrafine grained structures6·7·8·9
(6) [J15-24] (9/20  13:00-16:50)
---------- ----------
   Get--together party
Gifu grand hotel
   Poster session for students
ISIJ Beer Party
     (4);(5);(6)Issue No. of CAMP-ISIJ
[    ]:Lecture Number
(    ):Lecture Time
pink:ISIJ and JIM joint session
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