The 183rd ISIJ Spring Meeting

General Presentation

The 183rd ISIJ Meeting will be held on March 15 to 17,2022, at The University of Tokyo, Komaba Campus. The ISIJ Meetings, held every year in spring and autumn for 3 days, provide members an opportunity for presenting and discussing their research.
The topics at the Meetings cover core subjects of iron and steel and multidisciplinary areas of current importance in the science and technology of materials and processes. The ISIJ receives many participants from home and abroad including non-members. Over 600 papers for regular presentations and discussions and a lot of papers for symposia with about 10 special themes are presented each year.

The ISIJ heartily welcomes participants from abroad to attend the 183rd ISIJ Meeting in paper presentations. Details of the Meeting are as follows:

1. Date :
March 15-17, 2022
2. Venue :
The University of Tokyo, 3-8-1 Komaba, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-8902, Japan
3. Guidelines for Abstract Submittal :
See the Call for Papers of the 183rd ISIJ Meeting
4. Participation for ISIJ Meeting :
See the Participatipn for ISIJ Meeting
5. Instructions for Presentation :
  1.  Subject :Original studies on iron and steel, and multidisciplinary areas in the science and technology of materials and processes.
  2.  Time : 20 min (including 5 min discussion) per one presentation.
    If you wish to give three consecutive presentations, you may have 60 min (45 min presentation and 15 min discussion).
  3.  Language : English or Japanese (no translation service provided)
  4.  PC : Please bring your own PC that charges it enough. For details, please see the Oral Presentation Guidelines with a PC Projector in ISIJ Meeting (presentation.pdf).
  5.  Abstract : For details, please see "Instruction for Preparing Abstract". All abstracts of paper presentations are published as a "CAMP-ISIJ(CD-ROM) Vol.35(2022) No.1".
  6.  Speaker must be an ISIJ member.
    If you are not a member, see ISIJ website or ask ISIJ secretariat for membership application form by January 11, 2022. Please note that the authors of a paper must be six people or less in number, while half of them or more must be ISIJ members.
    Detail information about the presentation including time, date, lecture number will be sent to the speaker after the program is fixed (in early February).