ISIJ Membership Renewal for 2024

1. ISIJ Membership Renewal

You are kindly requested to remit us 2024 Membership Renewal Fee by December 28, 2023.

1) Membership fee & Additional Subscription Fee

2024 Membership Renewal Fee (1.1-12.31 (One Year))*
Foreign Members \9,800
Foreign Members (Students)* \3,000
Additional Subscription Fee (1.1-12.31 (One Year))
ISIJ International(Print) \4,727
Tetsu-to-Hagané(Print) \2,500
Ferrum(Print) \2,500

* “ISIJ International” and “Tetsu-to-Hagané” are available for free of charge on online.
** As for access to “Ferrum” Digital Content(Japanese), you are requested your own ISIJ membership ID No. and password.

2) Shipment charge
Sea mail : Free
Air mail : Additional charge is as follows:

Choice Asia Europe, North/Central America, Oceania, Middle/Near East Africa, South America
ISIJ International \9,000 \12,000 \15,000
Tetsu-to-Hagané \5,000 \6,000 \7,000
Ferrum \3,000 \4,000 \5,000
ISIJ Int. & Ferrum \12,000 \16,000 \20,000
ISIJ Int. & Tetsu-to-Hagané \15,000 \19,000 \24,000
Ferrum & Tetsu-to-Hagané* \8,000 \10,000 \12,000
ISIJ Int., Ferrum & Tetsu-to-Hagané* \17,000 \21,000 \27,000


* “Ferrum” and “Tetsu-to-Hagané” are issued on the same day.

2. Additional shipment of “CAMP-ISIJ ”(CD-ROM)

Members may order “Current Advances in Materials and Processes” (CAMP-ISIJ, Abstracts of ISIJ Meeting, Spring and Fall, in Japanese) at Member price. Please complete your ORDER FORM and remit with membership due.

1) Contents
No.1Abstracts of ISIJ Meeting, Spring 2024
No.2Abstracts of ISIJ Meeting, Fall 2024

2) Shipment
No.1 will be published and shipped at the beginning of March, and No.2 at the beginning of September, 2024 by air mail.

3) Price list for year 2024 (No.1 and No.2 CD-ROMs including Airmail charge) is as follows:

Asia Europe, North/Central America, Oceania, Middle/Near East Africa, South America
Foreign Members \8,527 \9,127 \10,127

3. Remittance charge

Bank remittance charge should be born by the remitter. We recommend to pay by credit card.

Credit Card Free
Bank Transfer \4,000

Credit Card Payment

4. Payment

Type of Payment(A or B)

A. Credit card
You can pay by credit card, using our online payment system.

B. Bank transfer
Bank remittance charge should be born by the remitter.(Bank Transfer Remittance Charge: 4,000yen)
Please remit, indicating your ISIJ ID Number, to the account of
The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan
Mizuho Bank, Ltd., Marunouchi Branch,
Account No. 005-1833384 (SWIFT : MHCBJPJT)
(Bank address: 1-5-5 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8176, JAPAN)


When you need a receipt, please download from here. (credit card only*)

Download Receipt

* If you need receipts of other kinds of payment, please contact

You need to login to use this site. Your ID and password are written on the membership renewal letter we’ve sent you dated 6th November, 2003. If you forget your password, please contact