Free of Registration Fee for Students at ISIJ Meeting

The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan (ISIJ) is requesting all participants in the Spring and Autumn ISIJ Meeting to purchase the Abstract of ISIJ Meeting "CAMP-ISIJ: Current Advance of Materials and Processes”.

As part of our activities to make steel research more attractive to students, we have decided to make the purchase of the Abstract free of charge for students, in principle, starting with the 185th Spring ISIJ Meeting in the March of 2023, in order to make it easier for students to attend the ISIJ Meeting.

• Changes this time

- The purchase fee for student members will be waived.

- The fee for students (non-members) will be waived if their faculty advisor is a member, but a fee will be charged (3,000JPY) if the faculty advisor is a non-member.

- If you are a student (non-members) and your faculty advisor is a member, the abstract will not be distributed. If a student (non-members) wishes to distribute the abstract, the fee will be charged (3,000JPY).

Registration fee after change