The 182nd ISIJ autumn Meeting

Due to worsening situation of COVID-19 infection, the 182nd ISIJ autumn Meeting will be held online.

Instructions for the 182nd ISIJ Meeting

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Participation for ISIJ Meeting

The ISIJ heartily welcomes participants from abroad to attend the ISIJ Meeting. Details of the Meeting are as follows;

  1. Registration Fee :
    The speakers and audience for ordinary sessions, except for invited speakers, are requested to purchase the Abstracts of ISIJ Meeting "CAMP-ISIJ: Current Advance of Materials and Processes” through ISIJ website ahead of the meeting.
    The Price of “CAMP-ISIJ” and the URL of Registration Website are as follows. The 182nd ISIJ Meeting pre-registration fees are included.

    *New registration deadline for the 182nd ISIJ Meeting is Aug. 26, 2021 17:00(JST). (Added on August 18)

    The price of “CAMP-ISIJ” including
    the 182nd ISIJ Meeting pre-registration fee
    Registration Deadline:
    August 19,2021 17:00(JST)
    August 26,2021 17:00(JST)
    Ordinary and Associate member JPY6,200- Register here
    Student member JPY2,100-
    Non-member JPY22,000- Register here
    Non-member (Student) JPY7,000-
    Non-member student (Student poster session presenter) JPY3,000-
    Non-member (JIM’s member) JPY6,200-
    Non-member (JIM’s Student member) JPY2,100-


    *This online registration is available for ISIJ members who have already paid the membership due for 2021 and Non-member.

    *Payment is acceptable via credit card only.

    *If you want to attend only in the symposiums, please apply from the website below by August 19, 2021 August 26, 2021. It's free of charge.

    Joint Symposium Registration of the 182nd ISIJ Meeting New Registration

  2. Abstracts of ISIJ Meeting (CAMP-ISIJ):

    - All abstracts of the presentations except for the symposium are published as “CAMP-ISIJ: Current Advance of Materials and Processes”.

    - “CAMP-ISIJ” will be released on CD-ROM in August 17, 2021. CD-ROM will be delivered after the meeting by postal mail.

    - “CAMP-ISIJ” purchasers will be eligible to download CD-ROM contents from ISIJ website from August 18 to September 20, 2021.

Call for Papers of the 182nd ISIJ Meeting (September 2-4, 2021)

The 182nd ISIJ autumn Meeting will be held online from September 2nd to 4th, 2021.

Change the holding method of ISIJ-JIM Joint Session
The following changes have been made about ISIJ-JIM Joint Session.
・Date: September 14 to 17, 2021
・Venue: Virtual online meeting(Zoom)

* Please click here for Meeting Cancellation Policy of ISIJ Meeting.

Deadline for Registration and Abstract Submission
General Presentation 17:00, May 20, 2021
Abstract: One A4 sized sheet (including text, tables and figures)
File Size: Smaller than 2MB in PDF Format
ISIJ and JIM Joint sessions
International Organized Sessions 17:00, May 6, 2021
Abstract: Maximum four A4 sized sheets (including text, tables and figures)
File Size: Smaller than 5MB in PDF Format
Discussion Sessions
Required Items Access to ISIJ Website and follow the instruction
Abstract Guidance PDF is the only format that we can accept.
Follow the instruction below
Abstract number and Password If your registration is accepted, the abstract number and password are displayed on your computer screen.
They are required when you upload the abstract file.
Notification of Receipt by Computer-generated reply
Copyright The submission of a paper implies that, if accepted for publication, copyright is transferred to The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan

Requests to speakers

  • Please join ISIJ by May 20, 2021, if you are not an ISIJ member.
    ISIJ meeting refuses any non-member presentations except for invited presentations.
    Online Application Form for ISIJ Membership (Individual)
    Enrollment guidance
  • All speakers are requested to pay the membership due in 2021 by May 20, 2021.
     If you have any questions about membership, please send E-mail (
  • All speakers, except for invited speakers, are also requested to purchase Abstracts of ISIJ Meeting “CAMP-ISIJ: Current Advances in Materials and Processes(CD-ROM)” through our on-line registration by August 19, 2021.

Instruction for Preparing Abstract of ISIJ-Meeting

For details, please see the Instruction for preparing abstract of ISIJ-Meeting(how-to-write-e.pdf).
and Abstract Template (CAMP-ISIJ-Temp_WinE.doc).

  • One A4 sized sheet (including text, tables and figures).
    →Discussion Sessions, International Organized Session: Maximum four A4 sized sheets
  • Purposes, results and conclusions should be described clearly.
  • Trade names and jargons should not be used.

Instruction for On-line Submission of Abstract

  1. File Format :PDF is the only format that we can accept.
  2. File Size :smaller than 2MB.
    →Discussion Sessions and International Organized Sessions: Smaller than 5MB.
  3. File Upload :
    Access to ISIJ Meeting Registration Website.
    When you upload the abstract file, Abstract number and Password are required.
    If you upload a revised abstract during the registration period, then the previous version will be overwritten automatically.

We will never accept any abstracts received after the deadline.
We'd like to ask for your cooperation.

Application for Presentation of ISIJ Meeting

Press the button below. Following the instructions on the screen, enter the information into the online form.