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Announcement of a faculty position (Assistant Professor, Full-time (Nontenured)) at University of Toyama.

1. Institution: 
University of Toyama, Section of Nano Materials and System Design, Field of Nano and Functional Materials Sciences, (Faculty of Engineering, Department for Engineering of Materials Functions)

2. Position: 
Assistant Professor (Full-time (Nontenured), maximum of 5 years since the day of the appointment, but extendable for the tenure position, by passing reappointment examination.)

3. Starting date: 
the earliest possible time on or after June 1st, 2014

4. Research field(s): 
Controlling and analysis of micro- and nano-structures in non-organic materials, mainly light metals and their alloys.

5. Subjects to be taught: 
The Graduate School Subjects (Ph.D. and Master course) and Faculty Subjects about Introduction of functional materials engineering, and controlling of microstructures in materials, particularly metals and their alloys, and some corresponding classes.

6. Qualifications
(1) Candidates must have a Doctoral Degree (Ph.D.) by the date of scheduled employment.

(2) Candidates must be active in the research fields noted above, and need to be able to teach both classes of the undergraduate and postgraduate schools in Japanese or English.

(3) Candidates must be active for academic societies and social contributions.

7. Deadline for applications: 
20th March, 2014

8. Application materials to be submitted:
(1) Standard Curriculum Vitae including educations since high school in English with an attached photo taken within the last 3 months.

(For example; DD/MM//YY: enter to high school, DD/MM/YY: graduate from high school, DD/MM/YY: enter to University, DD/MM/YY: graduate from University…….)

(2)Research Activities

Please make lists about the following subjects in English:

①Ph D thesis, ② Textbooks, ③Papers with judgment , ④ Presentation for the international conferences (including abstracts and proceedings), ⑤Other papers (without judgment), ⑥Overview or review papers, ⑦ Patents, ⑧ Obtained research budgets and other research projects. (for example, national science foundation), ⑨Awards, ⑩ Contributions at academic institutes.

All of subjects must be included; (i)title of paper (or project’s name), (ii)author(s) (or researchers), (iii)publishers (or institutes), (iv)published date or supported duration (YY/MM – YY/MM), and (v) page numbers for Scientific papers, and (vi) total amount for research budgets.

(3) Separate copies (photocopies acceptable) of five key papers.

(4) Past research activities (approximately 500 words in 1 page of A4 paper).

(5) Your ambitions for future education and research in English (approximately 500 words in 1 page of A4 paper).

(6) The names and contact information (e-mails and phones, address) of two persons who know you well. (We will contact to them, if we need.)

9. All application materials must be submitted by 20 March 2014 as follows;
Prof. Atsushi Saiki, Department Chair,

Department for Engineering of Materials Functions, Faculty of Engineering, University of Toyama, 3190, Gofuku, Toyama, 930-8555, Japan.

Phone and FAX: +81-76-445-6827

Please write on the envelope in red, “Faculty of Engineering, Department for Engineering of Materials Functions, “Assistant Professor”, and “Application documents inside”.

Please send by registered mail or international express mail (EMS). Fax and email applications are never accepted.

10. Other remarks
(1) There is the possibility for asking to candidates about other documents if necessary.

(2) The interview will be asked to final candidates if necessary. The applicant is responsible for their own transportation costs in that case.

(3) Submitted application documents are not returned.

(4) Incomes will be asked to the following affair:

Affair of Enrollment, University of Toyama, phone: +81-76-445-6523

University of Toyama is an equal opportunities employer.