The presentations on September 21, 2011 which was cancelled due to the influence of typhoon No.15.

All the presentations of Sept. 21, the 2nd day of the 162nd ISIJ Meeting, were canceled due to the influence of typhoon No.15.
However ISIJ Meeting Committee considers that the presentations were made because " CAMP-ISIJ Vol.24 No.2(Report of ISIJ Meeting)" was published officially on Sept. 1.

And the Committee allows the speaker of Sept. 21 to make the same presentation in the 163rd ISIJ Meeting, if he wishes.

[Flow of the Re-entry]
1) Please log-in to the internet application form of ISIJ meeting.
2) Please fill in all the necessary information, and also fill in the lecture number of the 162nd ISIJ meeting in the column, "Comments".
3) The re-submission of the abstract is not necessary. The abstract of the 162nd ISIJ meeting to be appeared again on CAMP-ISIJ Vol.25 No.1.

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